Comparison and differences between Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020:

Just Dance 2021 launches with lots of gameplay content that can hook you up for weeks. It is time to make a group with buddies for extra excitement in co-operative mode of the game. Friends can make scores together in this mode & can prove to be the real dancers.

Kids can have fun too in the Kids Mode. This mode lets kids to play the game with 8 hit tracks designed specifically for children, & have more excitement while dancing with rhythm songs designed specifically for children.

Fresh Quickplay mode offers more stylish experience & now you can play random playlist & rule the dance floor.

Just Dance 2021 is a dancing game that releases on 12 November 2020. Just Dance 2021 is from Ubisoft & it releases on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X /S, & Google Stadia.

Monitor & enhance your dancing. It is time to beat your friends & enemies on the dance floor. Make sure you score higher than your friends.

Comparison of Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020
Comparison & differences of Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020
Image Credit: Ubisoft

All features of Just Dance 2020 are available in Just Dance 2021, along with a collection of fresh songs & visuals. Any number of gamers from 1 to 6 can join the game. Just Dance 2021 can be enjoyed solo, players can play it with a buddy, or can enjoy with a bunch of friends too.

It is the best dance game with 40 exciting songs. Enjoy Just Dance 2021 the way you like by making your custom playlists.

Fresh music composers have joined the game. Over 40 songs are available, as well as fresh quickplay mode is available for players who wish to enter randomized playlist. The World Dance Floor comes back with enhancements, that can let you compete against other gamers on the dance floor.

Compete against other players across the globe during permanent tournaments. You will face other gamers of similar level as yours for a fun dance fight.


New Features of Just Dance 2021 as compared to Just Dance 2020:

Fresh tracks are available in Just Dance 2021 along with fresh modes & an overhauled World Dance Floor mode. More than 40 new tracks & universes are included. Everybody can enjoy the tracks such as “all good girls go to hell” by artist “Billie Eilish”, & “Don’t Start Now” by artist “Dua Lipa”.

It is more enjoyable to start dancing with the fresh quickplay mode. If you want to start dancing without going through the lengthy process, just choose to dance on the randomized playlist from the game start menu.

In the enhanced World Dance Floor, you can compete against other dancers across the globe during permanent tournaments. This way only gamers of the similar skill level like yours can compete you in dance fight.

Differences in Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020
Differences in Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020
Image Credit: Ubisoft

You can access over 550 tracks with dance on demand subscription streaming service. If you purchase the game, then you can have a 1-month free access.

Exciting stuff goes on with the game. Ensure you check out World Dance Floor to have an online party with Just Dance mates whenever you want to.

Have a never ending party with Just Dance Unlimited. You can enjoy more tracks & content that will be available to have more fun.

No extra gadgets are needed if you want to get connected. Install game app in your mobile phone & you are good to go.

Using mobile phone can help navigate songs, hit your moves, there is no need of a camera, Kinect or PS Move controllers for this purpose. Up to 6 friends can join via smartphones at the same time.

Just Dance Unlimited features classic & popular songs like ‘1999’ by Charli XCX & Troye Sivan, ‘Sucker’ by Jonas Brothers, & more classical hit songs by famous singers.


Comparison of Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020: Improved Features:

You might be wondering if it is possible to play the latest version of Just Dance 2021 on Google Stadia, because the cloud streaming platform only offer controller & keyboard / mouse controls. On Stadia, you can use your mobile phone to send your motions during dancing to online servers & hence Ubisoft has made it possible to use a smartphone app for playing Just Dance 2021 on Google Stadia.

It is possible to enjoy modes from Just Dance 2020 including co-op, sweat mode, & Kids mode. These modes are improved for Just Dance 2021.

Calorie Tracking Sweat Mode returns in Just Dance 2021, which can help you reduce weight by burning your calories through a number of exercises, but every mode of the game is the best workout. Kids & co-op mode returns too, & you can once again use your smartphone for tracking dance moves.

Improvements in Just Dance 2021
Improvements in Just Dance 2021
Image Credit: Ubisoft

It is the best time to dance. It is up to you whether you want to enjoy best songs, classic songs that family loves to hear, viral tracks from the internet or new singers who want to shine with their stylist tracks: you can have abundance of everything you are looking for.

Dancing has never been so exciting if your aim is to burn your calories & build immunity. It is time to start your routine using the Sweat mode & enjoy dancing while reducing your weight & the time you spend while dancing on your favorite tracks.

Gather stickers during the gameplay with the sticker album.

Joining seasonal events can help you participate in challenges, & enjoy tracks that are temporarily available for free.

Create your personalized custom playlist by selecting your favorite tracks & use them to make your own playlists.

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