Comparison and differences of World Rally Championship WRC 9 vs Dirt 5 in gameplay and graphics:

World Rally Championship is more than just a game & I think it is the most exciting rally game of 2020. Dirt series has made a big leap & every year it is improving with Dirt 5, no doubt an amazing rally experience with awesome new cars & tracks. Both FIA World Rally Championship 9 and Dirt 5 are competitors in rally racing but when I compare WRC 8 with WRC 9, I think WRC 9 has improved tremendously as compared to Dirt 5.

There are a number of official vehicles of this year World Rally Championship. Also you can compete in 13 official events across the world.

World Rally Championship 7 and World Rally Championship 8 has seen huge enhancements, but World Rally Championship 9 is the very intense, atmospheric & daring rally racing game of this year.

Comparison of WRC 9 vs Dirt 5
Comparison of WRC 9 and Dirt 5
Image Credit: Nacon | Codemasters

Dirt 5 is a changed rally game when compared to earlier 3 games in the series. Dirt 5 is an arcade style racing game which has left the simulation genre & it would be a bad news for those looking for a simulation experience but I think it is the right turn from Codemasters because they have created it well. You can race in many countries & tracks, & there are a number of rallies to choose from. The game has variety & has improved in graphics & gameplay as compared to Dirt Rally 2.0 and Dirt 4.

Differences in Dirt 5 vs World Rally Championship WRC 9 in Gameplay:

World Rally Championship 9 is difficult to play even experts have difficulty in controlling the rally & avoiding obstacles that come in their way. However, WRC 9 is a novice friendly game with a lot of focus on making the simulation beginner friendly by familiarizing new comers with rally control. A lot of focus is on the career ladder, as you will start as an unknown & jump the ladder in career mode to become expert. There is a huge enhancement in WRC 9 & most of them are visible in the career mode.

A number of events & dares offer long term motivation to the gamers. New employees are hired on regular basis, & players can attract sponsors, & start to make a name in World Rally Championship.

Gameplay differences of Dirt 5 vs WRC 9
Gameplay differences of Dirt 5 vs WRC 9
Image Credit: Codemasters | Nacon

The total number of diverse types of vehicles in Dirt 5 are 13 which has different handling, & a variety of tracks & locations to really have diversity in gameplay. You can enter online races or play create a track mode. Fun modes are also included in online mode such as ‘Vampire’, which consists of 2 squads of vehicles attempting to tag or avoid each other. Quick match of the game is very exciting.

In the creation mode you can enjoy multiple potential frameworks, such as score attack, gate cash, or exciting classic races. There are a number of amazing content available such as the esoteric gate crash creations.


Compare Graphics of WRC 9 vs Dirt 5:

World Rally Championship wipes out almost every criticism we had with World Rally Championship 8. Graphics of WRC 8 was not as good as Dirt Rally 2.0 but that issue has been resolved as WRC 9 offers tremendously improvement in graphics.

Special effects of World Rally Championship 9 are amazing, offering high detailed vehicle models & very chic weather effects. World Rally Championship 9 is also released on Xbox Series X & PS5 just like Dirt 5. WRC 9 is able to offer 120 FPS on PC. Also audio in the same felt good & realistic.

Dirt 5 is exciting & amazing rally experience. I played this game on my computer, which has an Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU & Ryzen 7 2700X CPU, & it works great, & I can play it in b/w 50 to 65 FPS at 1440 p in mid to high settings.

Track design looks very mystifying & it improves the look of Dirt 5. You can enjoy varied in-game environments & you can change season & weather, & there are beautiful vistas that makes it difficult for you to focus on the track. The roads of Dirt 5 are innovative & stunning too.

Dirt 5 vs WRC 9: Which Rally Game is Better?

Based on above comparison, we conclude that WRC 9 has improved tremendously as compared to WRC 8. It has almost overhauled every criticism that WRC 8 had. Dirt 5 on the other side has improved when compared with Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally 2.0, but improvement is not that huge as WRC 9. So I can conclude that WRC 9 is better than Dirt 5 in terms of improvement.

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