Comparison of Nekopara Volume 4 vs Nekopara Volume 3 in story, gameplay, graphics and release date:

Nekopara Volume 4 continues the story of series main character Kashou Minaduki & his patisserie La Soleil. The protagonist’s wants to do a different job from the family’s business, which affects the relation of son & dad. After watching her brother depressed by father’s disagreement, Shigure advices her older brother to visit hot springs resort for relaxation.

Protagonist’s buddies Cononut & Azuki is in favor of resolving the dispute between dad & son, while Cinnamon & Maple wants holding off. They suggest him to visit France to get advice from his dad’s tutor, who helped in making sweets.

Nekopara Vol. 4 starts as Kashou & Shigure, along with buddies travel to France to seek advice of Kashou’s father teacher. When they arrived at France, they find a strange cat girl. Volume 4 is set in France & there is something strange about their new friend cat girl.


Nekopara Volume 4 and Nekopara Volume 3 Gameplay:

Just like Nekopara Volume 3, & earlier games in the series, Volume 4 is a visual novel too & the gameplay has not changed. Just like previous Vol. 3, the game is more narrative focused. You will progress through the narrative & can enter dialogue choices just like other visual novels, & at times certain crucial choices will be required that will shape the story. Those choices will change the line of course of game narrative. Based on your choices, one of the ending will play. You can replay Nekopara Volume 4, & just like Volume 3, there are multiple story paths & endings.

Comparison of Nekopara vol. 4 vs Nekopara vol. 3
Comparison of Nekopara volume 4 vs Nekopara volume 3
Image Credit: Sekai Project

Nekopara Volume 4 and Nekopara Series Graphics:

Graphically Nekopara Vol. 4 is better than Nekopara Vol. 3, & there is a new sweet track “SweetxSweet” from talented musician KOTOKO. You can enjoy beautiful character sprites that can bring a new life into every character. When you unlock all photos, then there is an option to watch them again as they are stored in the CG Gallery mode.


Nekopara Volume 4 Voice Overs:

You can decide from complete Japanese voice acting for every character, excluding leading characters. The text dialogue contains English, classical Chinese & Japanese.


Nekopara Vol. 4 vs Nekopara Vol. 3 Release Date:

The sequel release after 3 years from Nekopara Vol. 3, which launched in May 2017. Due to high popularity of Nekopara Vol. 3 & the series, many adaptations are released including manga series, smartphone game, OVA, & an OVA 12-episode anime adaptation.

Nekopara Volume 4 is set to be released on 26 November 2020 on PC.

Nekopara Volume 4 Key Features:

  • GENRE: Adventure, Casual, Indie
  • PUBLISHER: Sekai Project
  • RELEASE DATE: 26 November, 2020

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