An interview with the worthy developer and founder of Monster Finger Games, James:

Monster Finger Games is a renowned indie game development company. It is currently run by two gifted developers. Their first commercial title “Ouya” was released in 2013, followed by multiple smartphone games for Apple Play Store, and recently their survival horror title “Alien Scumbags” is launched on Steam.

Across the years, Monster Finger Games has created several games including Mr Monocle’s Travels, Rush Hour Mayhem, Dash Tank Fever and Super Renegade Response.

Intelligent and inspiring streamers, marvelous game developers and publishers are interviewed by us since January 2020. We have approached the developer and founder of Monster Finger Games, Mr. James. He obliged us by his time.

James, Founder and Developer of Monster Finger Games
James, Founder of Monster Finger Games

The interview session proceeds as:


Q1. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your studio and your work.

Hi I’m James from Monster Finger Games, we are a two-person team creating PC games, we started in 2013 creating games for the Ouya, then created some mobile games for the Play Store and most recently have released Alien Scumbags on Steam.

Alien Scumbags
Alien Scumbags

Q2. What has inspired you to step into the gaming work?

I have always wanted to make games and started making them for real at 15, I am now 34 and still love it as much as I ever did. I love seeing my creations/ideas come to life.


Q3. How has your family and friends supported you?

My partner and children have been instrumental in me doing what I do, I have a great community of people of Twitter and FB that have really helped me, especially in darker times.

Q4. Do you prefer to work alone or in team?

I always prefer to work in a team as I love to bounce ideas off other people.

Alien Scumbags Gameplay
Alien Scumbags Gameplay

Q5. What is the fun factor of your work and what makes your work unique?

As a team we love what we do and I think that shows in our work, I love retro games and play a lot of them so our games are usually made for people with a love of older games.


Q6. Which improvements did you make in your work over years?

During the years of creating games I have learnt a lot! As an example, Alien Scumbags started out as a game jam title and looked and played very different to what it does now, during the 3 years of development I have created a new lighting engine which has really given it a unique look.


Q7. Will you explain the gameplay of Alien Scumbags to readers?

Alien Scumbags is a 2D horror shooter with a unique blend of laughs and scares, it straddles the line between action and horror and takes a lot of inspiration from classics such as Doom, Duke Nukem and Aliens.

James, Founder of Monster Finger Games
James, Founder of Monster Finger Games

Thank you James for sharing information about yourself and your work. I'm impressed by your abilities and passion for work. I have great wishes for you.

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