Can you play mobile / phone games on PlayStation 4 – PS4:

Mobile is a very useful thing designed for video games, apps, chatting, calling & using web browser to get connected to the world. Many video games launch on mobile, mainly on Android or iOS, or both. People like playing video games on smartphone to avoid boredom. They like to enjoy games at office or schools, or when they are outside waiting for bus at bus stop. The major drawback of playing games on mobile is that old phones can’t handle modern games well even new phones have problem while running graphically extensive games. Many console / PC games have mobile port, but only limited features are available for mobile users. But smartphone can play big games too like PUBG or Fortnite, & you can play games using a controller. New smartphones are advanced & have high processor, bigger RAM, & large storage for playing big games.

Can you play smartphone games on PS4
Can you play smartphone games on PS4
Image Credit: Naughty Dog

PS4 is an old hardware available for playing console games. Still many people use it for playing games even though there is an upgrade / new console available. PS4 is able to play mobile games with ease because it is much faster as compared to phone & offers a number of quality features. You can connect Dual Shock 4 with PS4 for playing games with ease using controller & play games on bigger screen: TV or monitor.

Play smartphone games on PS4 because many games launch on multiple platforms. You can play mobile games on console which runs games faster than mobile & have a smooth gameplay experience. Video games are best played on consoles that are optimized for playing games. This way you can enjoy them even more.

If you are looking for playing smartphone games on PS4, then you need to buy game from store. Download game to console & play it on PS4 using a TV with controller.

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