Comparison and improvements of Nintendo Switch 2 Pro vs Original Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch 2 Pro is a portable device capable of running all Nintendo Switch games & newer games with ease. Switch 2 Pro is capable of supporting 4K resolution like PS5 & Xbox Series X.

It might not be able to offer ray tracing & 8K resolution, but still has taken a big leap from original Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch 2 Pro is the most powerful Nintendo console & it releases in 2021.

Nintendo Switch 2 Pro is capable of supporting 60 FPS with a 4K resolution but when you play games on console screen, then it can only provide 1080p which is improved from original Nintendo Switch which can just offer 720p.

Nintendo Switch Pro is based around a fresh Nvidia Tegra custom chipset. It offers a higher storage of 128 GB which is a big improvement as compared to storage of Nintendo Switch ’32 GB’ for saving games. Nintendo Switch 2 Pro offers an 8 GB RAM, which is double than the original Nintendo Switch.

Switch 2 Pro is fully upgraded in comparison to Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s Switch Lite is a cheap version of Switch which offers less features but it looks solid & beautiful. Nintendo has also released Switch V2 which has the same price as original Switch but its battery life is longer.

Nintendo Switch 2 Pro is the newest console which can play 4K games at 60 FPS. However, there is no built-in 4K display, but it can only play games at 1080p on its own display which is better than the original Switch display ‘720p’. Enjoy a full HD internal display on new Switch Pro.

Comparison of Nintendo Switch 2 Pro vs Nintendo Switch
Comparison of Nintendo Switch 2 Pro vs Nintendo Switch
Image Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch 2 Pro is backward compatible with Nintendo Switch & it is able to play games of original Nintendo Switch at high speed, better resolution & higher frame rate. There will be low loading times when you play Nintendo Switch games on the latest version. Also games on Nintendo Switch 2 Pro will be playable on Nintendo Switch. Features of video games on Switch 2 Pro are enhanced.

I hope that the battery life of Nintendo Switch 2 Pro will be better which is the main advantage of Nintendo Switch V2 which has around 4.5 to 9 hours battery life based on the type of game you are playing. Graphically enhanced games can drain battery faster as compared to games having medium resolution graphics. Big AAA games can deplete battery quickly & for such games you can roughly expect battery life of about 5 hours. Nintendo Switch V2 is much better & can offer higher battery life than original Nintendo Switch which is capable of offering 2.5 to 6.5 hours battery time when fully charged.

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