Comparison including similarities & differences between Persona 5 (P5) Scramble The Phantom Strikers vs Persona 5 (P5) Royal in Gameplay:

Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers is the next-installment in the Persona 5 & it releases in the west on 23 February 2021 on PS4, PC Windows & Nintendo Switch. It is the first role playing game in Persona 5 series. The game has a fresh narrative & it is set 6 months after Persona 5 events.

P5 Strikers is a next-installment in the Persona series & is launches after P5. You need to beat large crowd of rivals at a time. The game falls into action role playing game genre.

After the events of Persona 5, once again you need to crack the puzzle behind fresh change of heart cases that are happening in Japan.

Baton Pass is another playable character.

New Jails allows you to switch controls b/w heroes at any time. Complete your gameplay in your own style because you have diversity of heroes that can be chosen in unique circumstances.

The playable character for Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers is Joker, & it combines the button mashing real time battle with typical P5’s turn-based combat. You can select a squad of 3 heroes to help the protagonist as he discovers a narrative set half year after the events of P5.

P5 Strikers features main spoilers of P5, so it is suggested to finish P5 or the initial 9 months of P5 Royal before you play P5 Strikers.

P5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers has a mix combat featuring hack & slash combat from Dynasty Warrior’s & role playing combat from Persona series. The game features on field combat in real time instead of featuring turn based combat. When you are choosing skills from the game menu, the game will automatically pause, letting for tactical positioning. It is possible to control every character of the Phantom Thieves both in & out of combat.

Comparison: Persona 5 Scramble Phantom Strikers vs P5 Royal
Comparison of Persona 5 Scramble Phantom Strikers vs Persona 5 P5 Royal
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Group mates can learn special moves that can be executed through command inputs b/w 2 buttons.

If a group mate fills ‘Showtime’ bar by beating rivals, they can execute a devastating Showtime attack.

You can gather Personas that will be dropped when you beat opponents in combat, & you can fuse them in the Velvet Room.

The Band system lets all group mates to access & update important perks, by interchanging with special points that can be gathered after triumphing combats. When completing story campaign, more skills can be unlocked.

In P5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, playable character is able to equip multiple Personas, which can be accumulated through random drops or by beating mini bosses in dungeons. You can bring those Personas to the Velvet Room, where fresh Personas can be made by fusing them. The Confidant system from P5 is not available. It has been replaced by Requests, which is a form of side missions, & the BAND system, where enhancements in level can offer gamers bonuses including statistics enhancements. You can increase BAND levels through interacting with group mates, win fights, & hit milestones during the gameplay.

Gamers can make an active group of max. 4 mates, but you can’t remove Joker from your party. Outside combat, you can interchange active group mates with the standby group mates. You can play as Joker but any other group mate freely when discovering the dungeons. Discovering dungeons is alike P5, where stealth can be used to evade opponents or you can crack puzzles to progress in the game. Third Eye is also available which is the feature available in P5, which allows you to highlight rivals’ strength & interactive items. Leaving dungeons will not advance time like P5 & earlier games in the series, & you won’t suffer in any way if you leave the dungeons.

Fights are mainly initiated when you come in contact with the rival, where you can execute a surprise attack to get a fight benefit if the rival has not seen them. Combats of the game are in the form of real time battle system. But you can use command based abilities menu when you are using the abilities of Persona. If group can cause a critical damage or cause damage that opponent is weak to, then the rival may be knocked out for an ‘All-Out Attack’ that causes lots of damage. If all group mates are knocked out in fight, then you will see a game over screen.

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