Comparison & contrast of Outriders vs Anthem:

Outriders will have to fight rivalries in order to find a top spot in the looter shooter genre. The biggest rivalries of Outriders include Destiny 2 & The Division. It seems like Outriders offers very smooth gameplay experience than the other top contenders. In-game gearing, crafting, story-telling, & more aspects that express your character, seems a lot more satisfying. However, Destiny has done shooting very well than others, but players who want to play something different can play Outriders which does things a little deeper than others.

There is another top contender for Outsiders, & it is Electronic Arts’ Anthem. Like Anthem, Outriders’ strength is its gameplay. In this game you are not just fighting from cover. Sliding in & out of cover as you fight against enemy is a feature similar to The Division 2. Outriders is more than a cover shooter & it features more action oriented combat than it seems. Third person weapons of Outriders seems satisfying too.

Comparison of Outriders vs Anthem
Comparison of Outriders vs Anthem
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Anthem did not cover things well outside of fight. It is in hibernation & will relaunch in future, & hopefully will recover from the issues it had.

Outriders is featuring a full looter shooter when it releases. Outriders offers twenty chapters, & forty hours of narrative, which sets its goal ahead of Anthem. Anthem is not interesting outside of fight, & the game had technical problems or it seems boring once you finish it. If Outriders does things right & make game interesting even you replay it, then it is possible for People Can Fly to beat Anthem.

Both Outriders & Borderlands 3 have similar features because they offer similar world tier difficulty system & they encourage gamers to play the game on higher difficulties after finishing it.

Outriders launches on PS4, PC, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X on 2 February, 2021.

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