Comparison and differences of Riders Republic vs Steep:

Riders Republic is very similar to Steep in gameplay which lets you have a great adventure on bike & now you are riding your bike on slopes & flat terrains. Riders Republic developers have learned from the experience of Steep & now things are different. Both of the games have different gameplay, Riders Republic is about fun while Steep had serious gameplay & it was about mountaineering.

In Riders Republic, 50 players controlled by users can be seen on the screen, in the game world at any time on PS5 & Xbox Series X. Player vs Player events will have 2 squads of 6 in a contest against each other. If you are using Xbox One & PS4, then users controlled players number will be reduced to 25. Riders Republic will feature cross play & cross-generation as well.

Comparison of Riders Republic vs Steep
Comparison of Riders Republic vs Steep
Image Credit: Ubisoft

Also Riders Republic will support single player mode for those who want to enjoy this game alone.

Steep has lots of ramping terrain but in Riders Republic, about fifty percent of the total terrain is flat.

You can find wingsuit & snowboard of Steep in Riders Republic along with a collection of motorcycles & a rocket suit will be available to gamers.

The map of Riders Republic is set in USA, which consists of 7 places. It includes a mix of playgrounds from steep mountains to dirty places to amazing terrain formation called canyons.

You can seamlessly switch b/w sports such as you can use your motorcycle to reach a certain place, then switch to a different motorcycle on the fly to ride on a rough ground then switching to a wingsuit for jumping off a cliff.

Differences of Riders Republic vs Steep
Image Credit: Ubisoft

You can have a fluid & seamless experience while riding your bike in Riders Republic.

Riders Republic is set to be launched on Xbox Series X, Series S, PC, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 & Google Stadia on 25 February 2021.

Riders Republic is a single game merging features such as skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit diving & riding motorbike. The game features dirty terrains as well as snow mountains of Steep. You can explore an open world that is focused on national parks in United States.

Riders Republic focuses on 50 players controlled by users on screen. PvP races will let you play with many players racing with each other.

You can also ride bicycles in Riders Republic.

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