Pros and cons of Everspace 2 – Benefits of the game:

Everspace 2 has a different playstyle as compared to Everspace. Unlike roguelike, the sequel features open space exploration.

Amazing work can be seen in the development of Everspace & Everspace 2. Everspace offers sharp visuals & responsive controls, & because its play style is roguelike, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I am deeply inspired by diverse missions & many options available for customization of flight vehicle in Everspace 2. After seeing the demo of the sequel, I think it will attract more fans than Everspace, due to its change of gameplay genre from roguelike to open space exploration, & it seems like a solid change from Rockfish Games.

An amazing tale is behind the sequel which seems like the main reason for altering genre. In Everspace, you can control a different pilot clone on each quest through the world of the game which is roguelike, & offers exploration, & confronting enemies & committing mistakes can be lethal. In Everspace 2, you are controlling a pilot that these clones were modeled after, & you don’t have any other chance through cloned lives. However, Everspace 2 offers you a chance to auto save your gameplay progress, & despite surviving through repeated slices in the world offering roguelike, you have the chance to face the full breath of the planet as you are allowed to finish your quests about exploring the secrets, & your clones’ actions will have penalties so be careful.

Pros and cons of Everspace 2 – Benefits
Pros and cons of Everspace 2 – Benefits
Image Credit: Rockfish Games

Everspace 2 allows you to discover larger & more frequent locations & sites, the game is not designed to play in a big interconnected universe. New locations are bigger, have varied sites & amazing.

Everspace 2 offers a no. of objectives & interactive elements scattered around the planet, & there are opponents that you must confront too.

Everspace 2 allows you to explore a large open world, but controlling & traversing the flight vehicle has not changed because the sequel allows you to have fun with piloting the similar zippy flight vehicle maneuvering, & use the weapons of that vehicle, but you can use new weapons too. The game not only offers customization of weaponries but you can also improve the flight vehicle such as alter its wings, engine & flight vehicle body that lets you make your own space vehicle.

It looks like Everspace 2 will be different & difficult because your actions will have consequences. Open world games are difficult to develop & need high effort. Financially Everspace 2 costed double money as compared to Everspace. Everspace was a big success & got 8 / 10 rating, we need to see how much Everspace 2 will score.

Everspace 2 Key Features:

  • GENRE: Action, Indie, RPG, Simulation
  • RELEASE DATE: Steam Early Access January 2021

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