Pros and cons of 2D vs 3D Mario - Benefits of Mario Games:

Mario games made more money in 2D as compared to 3D platforms. Even though lots of work had been done to make a better Mario for 3D platforms but still gamers like playing it in typical style. I think both 2D & 3D Mario games have benefits but they are both different in gameplay.


Benefits of 2D Mario Games:

Advantage of 2D Mario: Enjoy simple controls:

2D Mario offers lesser controls & you can easily control the character using sleek Joy-Con controls when playing it on Switch. The controls are not complex when playing this game on 2D. You can only use 2 controls (left & right) for traversing Mario through the game environment. Children can play this game together with parents because of the easy controls. Mario seems to be a good game for family by offering local co-operative mode in 2D.

Mario is more fun when it is played in 2D because of its arcade style control. Players find it difficult to control Mario on 3D platform. 2D games can still shine if creators do things right.

When you play Mario in 2D, there are 3 controls to worry about: run, jump, & throw fireballs to eliminate enemies. The game includes puzzles that you must solve, & there are also obstacles in your path that you need to overcome, & collect goodies which help you.

Pros and cons of 2D vs 3D Mario
Pros and cons of 2D vs 3D Mario
Image Credit: Nintendo

Pro of 2D Mario: More levels:

Mario when played in 3D is complicated & it is hard for Nintendo to include many levels in it. Many levels are available when it is available on 2D, & it seems easier to add levels in 2D.

It takes lesser time to create a 2D Mario game due to its simple nature, & Nintendo does not need to worry about new & complicated elements to program in.


Advantage of 2D Mario: Easy to achieve high score:

3D Mario games have many elements that make it hard & it takes time to gather all of the little points to achieve a bigger score.

If you have played Sonic the Hedgehog, then you will know that you can get additional points for finishing faster as compared to picking collectibles & beating all of the enemies before finishing the stage. In 2D Mario games, there is no need to worry about how much time has elapsed & it is easy to gather collectibles before finishing the stage.


Benefit of 2D Mario: It doesn't need a narrative:

No narrative is required when playing Mario in 2D, but for 3D games, narrative is very important. 3D game must be different, big & beautiful to make profit so it needs to have an exciting narrative.

2D Mario game begins fast & does not need to worry about narratives. Players like platforming when playing Mario in 2D which consists of collecting goodies & avoiding obstacles that come in your way.


Pro of 2D Mario: Low Cost:

2D Mario is cheap as compared to 3D Mario
2D Mario is cheap as compared to 3D Mario
Image Credit: Nintendo

Price of 2D Mario is low as compared to 3D Mario. Creating sprites & characters for 2D Mario does not cost much when it is compared to 3D Mario. 2D Mario games are available for low price when they are compared with 3D Mario. 2D Mario has a bigger & better franchise, & fans still love the classic Mario.  

Benefits of 3D Mario Games:

Advantage of 3D Mario: High Detail Surroundings:

3D Mario offers detail environment & this is the main reason why it is amazing. Mario in 3D provides flashing & stunning surroundings. The popularity of Mario is because of its bright & dazzling colors. The developers have done a great job to animate cartoony graphics that are enjoyable.

There is no chance of seeing high detail colors or world when playing 2D Mario games.


Benefit of 3D Mario: Better Camera Controls:

3D Mario has better camera controls
3D Mario has better camera controls
Image Credit: Nintendo

You can simply plan out a jump when playing 3D Mario because it is possible to spin the game camera & watch more space. This option is not available in 2D Mario as in most of 2D Mario games you need to stop & hold in a button to watch a little forward, which halts the game when you are planning for a jump.


Pro of 3D Mario: Bigger World:

3D environments offer exploration & it provides different ways to play out such as you can enjoy mini games & a number of upgrades are also available to gamers.

2D Mario games do not offer much exploration because your game world is reserved in 2D space & you can explore the game world when playing Mario in 3D. There are greater versatilities & opportunities in 3D space, & gamers can play the game for many hours before facing the final boss.


Advantage of 3D Mario: Easy Multiplayer Mode:

Playing Mario with a friend can be hard because it gives you a small space to move around & you can’t leave your friend & move around.

Visibility in 3D Mario is greater when it is played in multiplayer because it allows players to watch clearly where they are heading & enjoy more flexibility as compared to 2D Mario.


Pro of 3D Mario: Highly Detailed Characters:

3D Mario helped in defining what gamers think of Mario. Beautiful world has assisted gamers shape the look of characters that they like. 3D graphics are much better than 2D.


Which Mario is Better? 2D or 3D:

Which Mario is better? 2D vs 3D
Which Mario is better? 2D vs 3D
Image Credit: Nintendo

I think that 2D Mario games are better than 3D because they are cheap & offer easy controls as compared to 3D Mario which has more refined characters, but still players like the classic Mario.

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