Pros and cons of Monster Hunter Rise – Benefits of the game:

Control a monster hunter in Monster Hunter Rise & use weapons, tools & environment to beat monsters. Sometimes the game gets a bit tedious & boring because you can’t directly hit monster in face but wait till, he ends its move, then you can hit him in the back. Also, you look for weak spots of the creature, & try to hit him on that spot, & there is no other way around. The game seems turn based because you must wait for the monster to end its turn before your turn starts. Your weak character is unable to survive many hits from the monster. However, beating the monster seems rewarding because it needs lots of hard work. After completing the quests, you will receive useful stuff such as monster parts which can help in making powerful armor & weapons. Just like earlier games in the series, you will once again face powerful creatures as you progress in the game. New monsters will be available along with old ones. All weapons used in earlier games in the series including Monster Hunter Generations & World are available in Monster Hunter Rise.

Pros and cons of Monster Hunter Rise – Benefits
Pros and cons of Monster Hunter Rise – Benefits
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Maps of Rise utilize vertical movement more than previous games. Rise means going up so there is more vertical scaling using the new tools. Dog shape creature can be ridden which does not lose stamina. It can help you in vertical scaling as he can easily scale cliffs & perform attacks while fighting monsters. There is a new cat like creature too which can also help you in missions. A new object named Wirebug is used to grapple & swing across gaps or higher regions when needed. You can interact this object variably with all types of weapons, which provides more moves & combos to your weapon.

You can enjoy solo or online co-op multiplayer when playing this game. Four gamers can make a squad & beat enemy together. You can use dog & cat like creatures in single player mode. While in multiplayer you must decide either dog or cat to help you in missions.

Rise can utilize cross compatibility with Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin, which releases after Rise.

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