Similarities & Differences between Persona 5 (P5) Strikers vs Persona 5 (P5) Royal:

Persona 5 Strikers is a new game in the Persona series & it launches after Persona 5 Royal on 23 February 2021 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch & PC. Persona 5 Royal is the only RPG in the series history. It features a new story & the events of P5 Strikers are set six months after P5 events.

In P5 Strikers, you will fight against a massive number of enemies at a time. Also, you will solve puzzles to uncover an odd thing occurring in the country.


New Features of Persona 5 Strikers:


Fresh Narrative & Locations:

P5 Strikers offers an immersive story campaign & exciting battle. The game features six locations across Japan.


New Jails:

You can switch controls between playable characters using new Jails. It is up to you how you choose to finish the game because you have many options in selecting characters.


P5 Strikers uses hack & slash & turn based combat:

Control Joker in this game, & it combines the hack & slash battle of Dynasty Warriors with the original Persona 5 turn based battle. 3 characters can be selected as playable characters.


Advanced menu of P5 Strikers:

While players decide abilities from the game menu, the game will auto pause, & offer tactical positioning. Players can control every character of Phantom Thieves.


Confidant System has been replaced:

The Confidant system of Persona 5 has been removed in Persona 5 Strikers & it has been replaced by Requests which consists of side missions, & the Band system, where enhancing its level can give you bonuses such as stats improvements. The Band levels can be improved through collaboration with team members, winning fights, & achieving milestones during the gameplay.

Differences of Persona 5 Strikers vs Persona 5 Royal
Differences of Persona 5 Strikers vs Persona 5 Royal
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Band System:

Band system of the game allows every team member to access & upgrade crucial perks, by swapping with special points that you can collect after beating others in battle. After finishing story quests, you can unlock more abilities.


Active Team:

Players are able to create an active team of maximum four members, but you must include Joker in the team. When you are not involved in the combat, the game lets you swap active team members with the waiting members. Play as Joker but other members of the team can be chosen when exploring the dungeons.



Unlike Persona 5, leaving dungeons will not advance time, & players will not suffer when they leave.


Cook Recipes:

You can cook local recipes.


Stylish Combat:

Persona 5 Strikers combines punishing action battle with pause & plan sequences to choose your next tactical move. Trap opponents to get an advantage over them, hit them on their weak spots to knock them down, & execute a finishing attack.


When Battle Starts:

Battles trigger when you approach a foe, or attack opponents silently when they are not paying attention. The game features a real time battle but you will use command-based menu skills when using Persona skills.


Special Moves:

Team mates can pick special moves that you can perform via command inputs using 2 buttons.


Showtime Hit:

If your team mate’s showtime meter fills up, then they are able to perform a powerful Showtime hit.


Improved Features of Persona 5 Strikers:



P5 Strikers lets you collect Personas. Heroes can use many Personas in the game. You can use old Personas to make new Personas.


Exploring Dungeons is very similar to Persona 5 Royal, where you can use stealth to avoid foes or puzzles can be solved to progress in the game. Third Eye returns from Persona 5, which lets players mark enemies’ strengths & interactive objects.

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