Biomutant Cross Save, Cross Platform Play, & Coop Multiplayer Mode:

Biomutant is an action role playing game. It is set in an open world. It offers a large map that needs to be explored. It includes monsters, missions, secret locations, & there are stuff that you need to find & unlock.


Biomutant Coop Multiplayer Mode:

Biomutant only offers a single player mode. Coop multiplayer mode is not included.


Biomutant Cross Save:

Cross save lets players save game progress on one platform & continue the game on another platform. The saved file is stored on an online server & supported hardware has access to it.

Cross Save is not available in Biomutant.


Biomutant Cross Platform Play:

Cross platform play allows players of different platforms to play together. For example, users of PC can play a game with users of Xbox & PlayStation if it supports Cross Play.

Biomutant does not support cross platform play.

Biomutant - Cross Save and Cross Play
Biomutant - Cross Save and Cross Play are not included
Image Credit: THQ Nordic

Open World:

The world of Biomutant is large but not every region is accessible. Certain areas will need a gear if you want to access them. Some of the regions will need warm clothes. Other areas will have dangerous gases so you will need a gas mask for endurance. Even though, map of the game is restricted, the full world map is available for exploration.


Third Person Perspective:

It is a third person video game. Third person will allow you to see your hero & you can watch him when he mutates after changing his DNA. It is a fun game which needs you to unlock the skills, gear, & you can watch your fresh stuff as you change your character into another form.


Third Person View Pro:

Third person view is a top choice for melee battle. First person mode is not available in Biomutant.


Character Customization:

Biomutant allows you to choose your hero’s features. You can upgrade your character’s features to make him stronger.

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