Comparison: Differences in Star Wars Pinball VR vs Original:

If you are a big fan of Star Wars & Pinball games then Star Wars Pinballs VR is something that will delight you. It launches on all big VR consoles on 29 April, 2021.

The original Star Wars Pinball released in 2013, & it consists of pinball tables inspired from Star Wars movies. Now you have a chance to play on those pinball tables in virtual reality as well as enjoy new content.

Enjoy 8 tables, along with a new The Mandalorian & Star Wars Classic Collectibles tables, as well as 6 best tables of the original game.

Enjoy everything at the table level with the Total Immersion Mode, & play 360-degree minigames on your VR console.

Comparison of Star Wars Pinball VR vs Original
Comparison of Star Wars Pinball VR vs Original
Image Credit: Zen Studios

Play on VR:

Play on your VR headset & enjoy exclusive features of the VR console. In-game action will take place in a completely customizable ‘fan cave’, which provides space for your virtual pinball table along with other objects.


Classic collectibles plus extra valuable objects:

Classic collectibles in Star Wars Pinball VR allows players to gather old game action figures as they finish quests. These figures will come to life & there is an option to unlock extra valuable objects.


New Tables:

Star Wars Pinball VR consists of 8 tables. 2 of the in-game tables are fully new.


Customizable Fan Cave:

A customizable Fan Cave can house your belongings & table. You can improve the appearance of Fan cave with blasters, helmets, light sabers & more objects that can be gathered during the gameplay.

Star Wars Pinball VR lets you begin with a new table, & full-sized characters & vehicles will join you.


Enhanced Minigames:

Star Wars Pinball VR features minigames playable on the table. All action can be watched from a 360-degrees. All mini games of Star Wars Pinball are improved to provide a total immersion mode.


More Content:

More content will be added to Star Wars Pinball VR in future updates.


Star Wars Pinball VR Release Date:

Star Wars Pinball VR releases on 29 April, 2021. It supports Oculus Quest 1 & 2, Steam VR, & PS VR.

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