Check out if Griftlands supports Local (Split / Shared Screen) / Online Co-op, Cross Play & Cross Save:

A deck building game which lets you negotiate, battle, rob or convince people to get your way. Choices are very crucial in this game.


Griftlands Local (Split / Shared Screen) Co-op:

Local (split / same screen) co-op allows gamers to assist each other. Local co-op lets gamers play a game on the shared / split screen. Another name of local co-op is offline co-op.

Sadly, local co-op is not added to Griftlands.

Griftlands Local / Online Co-op Multiplayer
Image Credit: Klei Entertainment

Griftlands Online Co-op:

Online co-op is an advanced multiplayer feature that connects the player to the world. Using the internet, players can play with anyone around the world.

Sadly, online co-op is not available in Griftlands.


Griftlands Local PVP Multiplayer:

PVP is an acronym of player vs player. Players can play against each other using VS multiplayer mode on the same display.

Unfortunately, local PVP multiplayer is not available in Griftlands.


Griftlands Online PVP Multiplayer:

Online PVP multiplayer connects players to the online gamers around the globe. Players can play against other online gamers.

Sadly, Griftlands does not support online PVP multiplayer.

Griftlands Cross Platform Play / Cross Save
Griftlands Cross Platform Play / Cross Save
Image Credit: Klei Entertainment

Griftlands Cross Platform Play:

Cross Platform Play lets gamers connect with the same & other platforms’ gamers.

Sadly, Cross Platform Play is not available in Griftlands.


Griftlands Cross Gen Play:

Cross Gen Play gives players the freedom to play with both same & old generation players.

Unfortunately, Cross Gen Play is not added to the Griftlands.


Griftlands Cross Save:

Cross Save gives gamers the opportunity to start the game on one platform & continue from the auto save on another platform. All of your data including saves & inventory items are shared among multiple platforms. Another name of Cross Save is Cross Progression.

Sadly, Cross Save is not included in Griftlands.


All Multiplayer Modes of Griftlands:




Cross Play


Cross Gen Play


Cross Save


Offline Co-op


Online Co-op


Offline VS Multiplayer


Online VS Multiplayer


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