Comparison & Differences between Tour de France 2021 vs Pro Cycling Manager 2021:

Tour de France 2021 & Pro Cycling Manager 2021 are both top of the line racing, simulation, strategy, & sports video games. NACON & Cyanide have released Pro Cycling Manager 2021 on Microsoft Windows PC, & Tour de France 2021 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & Windows PC. Tour de France 2021 & Pro Cycling Manager 2021 releases on June 03, 2021.


Tour de France 2021:

Tour de France 2021 is the official video game of the Tour de France in which as a player, you play with the teams participating in the Grande Boucle with their official jerseys. In Tour de France 2021, there is a new revamped objective system, a redesigned My Tour mode with more customisation options, much more accurate peloton behaviour, fresh recovery mechanic & many more fresh features included in the game. The game also includes the 21 stages of the Grande Boucle, plus other official races.


Modes in Tour de France 2021:

As a player, you can also create your own competitions in My Tour mode. In Pro Leader mode in Tour de France 2021, players can build their own cyclist, pick cyclist speciality & develop cyclist skills over multiple seasons. In Pro Team mode, as a player, you control a whole team of cyclists: switch between teammates during races, develop strategies & recruit new cyclists. Player also has the option to enable a first-person camera. Tour de France 2021 also includes a redesigned Time-Trial mode.

Tour de France 2021 vs Pro Cycling Manager 2021
Comparison Tour de France 2021 vs Pro Cycling Manager 2021
Image Credit: NACON

Pro Cycling Manager 2021:

In Pro Cycling Manager 2021, the player is a manager in the Career mode. First, you have to pick a team, then manage cyclists’ training, schedule races, ensure better equipment, recruit talent, & sign contracts with new sponsors. Set objectives for all of your riders but keep one thing in mind that too many objectives in a season can have an adverse effect on the fatigue & morale of your riders. So better, try a balance. Weather has an impact on fatigue levels of riders' morale. Some races have a greater level of risk attached to weather. The dashboard in Pro Cycling Manager 2021 provides better visibility & assistant manager with planning the race schedule.

Tour de France 2021 Trailer:

Watch Tour de France 2021 trailer:

Tour de France 2021 Trailer

Pro Cycling Manager 2021 Trailer:

Watch Pro Cycling Manager 2021 trailer:

Pro Cycling Manager 2021 Trailer

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