Can I play Local / Online Co-op, & VS Multiplayer Mode in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite is set to be launched in July, 2021 on Switch & later this year September, the game will hit iOS & Android. It is a free game but includes microtransactions.

Play cross platform play b/w Nintendo Switch & smartphones. Cross play lets Switch players play the game with mobile players. Also, you can enjoy cross platform save between Switch & Smartphone platforms which lets you synchronize the progress between platforms.

This game is set on a mythical island. You will discover a committee on this isle, which hosts Unite Battle contests. In these fights, you will make a squad of 5 & fight against others & the one who gets the most points will be declared the winner. You will find a new energy. This energy will evolve Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite Local / Online PVP Multiplayer
Pokemon Unite Local / Online PVP Multiplayer
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company

All Supported Multiplayer Modes of Pokemon Unite:




Local / Couch Co-op


Online Co-op


Local / Couch PVP Multiplayer


Online PVP Multiplayer


Cross Play


Cross Save



Pokemon Unite Local Co-op:

Local co-op is best played with home mates using separate gamepads on the same screen.

Sadly, local co-op is not supported by Pokemon Unite.


Pokemon Unite Online Co-op:

Online co-op lets users enjoy playing with anyone using the internet. If you need cooperation then invite your friend to join you.

Alas, online co-op is not added to Pokemon Unite.


Pokemon Unite Local VS Multiplayer:

Local VS multiplayer mode will allow you to improve your skills by choosing your family members as your opponents.

However, local VS multiplayer mode is not available in Pokemon Unite.


Pokemon Unite Online VS Multiplayer:

Online VS multiplayer will let you refine your skills by playing against your online mates using the same device.

Fortunately, 10 players can play in teams of 5 vs 5 using online VS multiplayer mode of Pokemon Unite.

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