Does Lemnis Gate support couch / online co-op, & VS PVP multiplayer?

From the beginning till the very end, you can expect anything in this game. Every match is a new opportunity to devise an unstoppable fresh tactic or recover from a previous mistake. Guess enemies’ paths, infiltrate rival lines, & make complex game plans by collaborating with yourself.

Choose from one vs one, & two vs two competition, either via the internet or local. Choose your gameplay mode between 3 exciting turns on conventional genre staples. Retrieve XM mode will give you a chance to scramble & gather dangerous matter, & bring it back to your gate; Domination mode is about contending to seizure zones; & Seek & Destroy will let you try to crash your enemies’ resistors. You can either make a squad with a buddy using offline VS multiplayer, or fight against others online players using online VS multiplayer.



Couch Co-op


Online Co-op


Couch VS / PVP Multiplayer


Online VS / PVP Multiplayer



Lemnis Gate Couch Co-op:

Couch co-op is playable with home mates. Every player must use a separate controller to aid each other during the story missions. Other popular names of couch co-op are local / offline co-op.

Sadly, couch co-op is not available in Lemnis Gate.


Lemnis Gate Online Co-op:

Online co-op is offered for those who want to play from their own device with the aid of the internet. Users must aid each other during the in-game campaign if online co-op is supported.

However, online co-op is not included in Lemnis Gate.

Lemnis Gate VS / PVP Multiplayer
Lemnis Gate VS / PVP Multiplayer
Image Credit: Frontier Foundry

Lemnis Gate Couch PVP Multiplayer:

Couch PVP multiplayer mode is playable on the same unit, & players will offend each other. Another name of PVP is VS.

Fortunately, Lemnis Gate supports couch PVP multiplayer mode.


Lemnis Gate Online PVP Multiplayer:

Online PVP multiplayer mode allows users to connect from their homes with the help of the internet. Players will play offensively via online PVP multiplayer.

But online PVP multiplayer mode is missing from Lemnis Gate.

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