Does NBA 2K22 Support Cross Gen Play, Cross Progression or Cross Platform Play?

Players will have better offensive & defensive moves in NBA 2K22. It depends on the talent of players, how they score the ball, & perform combos. Scoring ball is no longer based on the dice roll elements but needs players’ skill, & the same emphasis has been given to defensive moves.




Cross Play / Cross Platform Multiplayer


Cross Gen Play


Cross Save / Cross Progression


Cross Gen Save / Cross Gen Progression



What is Cross Gen Play?

If you wish to enjoy the game with your friend who is using a different version of the same console family, then it is only possible via Cross Gen Play.


Does NBA 2K22 Support Cross Gen Play?

Alas, Cross Gen Play is not supported by NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22 Cross Progression / Cross Play
NBA 2K22 Cross Progression / Cross Play
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What is Cross Gen Save / Cross Generation Progression?

A single Save file can work on both generations of the same console family that stores your game progress & inventory items. If you switch to a different generation, then it is possible to load game progress & other relevant data from the Save file.


Does NBA 2K22 Support Cross Gen Save / Cross Gen Progression?

Cross Gen Save is available in NBA 2K22 such that players of both generations can share their MyTeam progress, & collections b/w different generations inside the same console family. Cross Gen Save is also known as Cross Gen Progression.


Does NBA 2K22 Support Cross Play?

Sadly, Cross Play is not included in NBA 2K22.


Does NBA 2K22 Offer Cross Save?

Alas, Cross Save is not available in NBA 2K22.


NBA 2K22 Key Features:

NBA 2K22 Seasons:

Extended seasons are available in NBA 2K22 that will be available throughout the length of the game. More content will be available as well as more rewards, & the updates will carry new ways to play NBA 2K22.


NBA 2K22 MyTeam:

An advanced experience offers players of MyTeam extra ways to make & challenge others with their created team. Seasons are new & innovative because they contain new challenges, rewards & events.


NBA 2K22 The City:

The City has been redesigned to become livelier, & it is now occupied by NPCs. Buildings are more interactable now.


NBA 2K22 Neighborhood:

Neighborhood is available on the current gen consoles, Switch & PC, that will let players contest in a fresh Neighborhood set on the large decks of a sailing ship.

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