Can I play local / online co-op, & VS multiplayer in Samurai Warriors 5?

A new game in the Samurai Warriors series is released after a long wait of 7 years.

It overhauls the historical period that was shown in the first game of the series. The graphics of the series have been overhauled since the series birth, now extra officers, & new fighting methods, are available in the most recent game of the series.

You can play as officers who have been redesigned, along with new officers, which adds to become 27 officers that will be playing in the warzone.

You will like the excitement of sending rivals flying that made the series popular.

Each raid can be completed by the new skill to unleash Ultimate Skill attacks on rivals. They are extremely powerful actions that can be used during fights, & gamers can use up to 4 types of Ultimate Skills at a time.


Samurai Warriors 5 Multiplayer Table:




Local / Couch Co-op


Online Co-op


Local / Couch PVP Multiplayer


Online PVP Multiplayer



Samurai Warriors 5 Local Co-op:

Local co-op lets gamers play on the same display with their family members. Every user will help each other using a separate gamepad.

Fortunately, Local co-op is supported by Samurai Warriors 5.


Samurai Warriors 5 Online Co-op:

Online co-op allows gamers to play with online gamers who will help you from their homes with the help of the internet.

Luckily, Samurai Warriors 5 offers online co-op.

Samurai Warriors 5 Co-op / VS Multiplayer
Samurai Warriors 5 Co-op / VS Multiplayer

Samurai Warriors 5 Local VS Multiplayer:

Local VS multiplayer allows users to play in competition with others on the same screen. Another name of VS multiplayer is PVP multiplayer.

Sadly, local VS multiplayer mode is not available in Samurai Warriors 5.


Samurai Warriors 5 Online VS Multiplayer:

Online VS multiplayer allows gamers to play in contests with others who are connected together via the internet.

However, online VS multiplayer mode is not added to Samurai Warriors 5.

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