Will Twelve 12 Minutes Launch on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna, Android, iOS, & Google Stadia?

12 Minutes is a point & click thriller that launches on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, & PC. 12 Minutes is an Xbox exclusive game which means that it will not be released on other platforms excluding PC. Timed exclusive games release on other platforms after a year gap of its initial launch. So, it seems like Twelve Minutes might hit other platforms including PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, Android & iOS after a year gap. Right now, I don’t know on which platforms 12 Minutes might launch after its exclusivity period terminates. I will update you if anything confirms.

Twelve 12 Minutes
Twelve 12 Minutes
Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive

12 Minutes Story:

12 Minutes is playable from top-down view. It is set in a flat where a husband & wife lives. This game will let you control a man using your mouse, & he can perform multiple actions using point & click. After the 12 minutes period, cops enter the flat, & they blame his wife for killing, & then they beat the man, & kill his wife. Again, game rewinds, & now you need to perform certain actions because you know that your wife is suspected of killing your dad in the past, so now you need to find out the way to stop cops from arresting her, or perform better actions in the 12 minutes. There is no objective assigned to you in this game. You need to find it on your own. Discover the apartment & find a way to solve this mystery. Only you know what happened in the previous loops & you can use this info. in upcoming loops to solve this case. You know that cops are after your wife & they want to arrest her & in the following cycles you know what’s happening but your wife does not know. One loop terminates in about 12 minutes but the entire game could take from 6 to 8 hours to finish.

When you wake up from the beating then the game goes back to the moment when you opened the front door. Your wife does not know what happened but you know everything.


12 Minutes Release Date:

Twelve Minutes is set to be released on 19 August, 2021 on PC, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S. Twelve Minutes will hit Xbox Game Pass on the first day of release.

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