Differences between WRC 10 vs Dirt Rally 3.0 vs Dirt Rally 2.0 vs Dirt 6 vs Dirt 5:

WRC 10 consists of ancient vehicles, fresh tracks, & the handling of rallies has been enhanced. Ancient, legendary, & new rallies are included. Special stages are added. Official teams have joined who will be part of the 2021 WRC season.

Dirt is an exciting, enhanced, off road arcade racing title. Players can play a star-studded career mode, livery editor, & there’s more cool content in the game.

Differences between WRC 10 vs Dirt 5
Differences between WRC 10 vs Dirt 5
Image Credit: Nacon | Codemasters

WRC 10 vs Dirt 5:

The major competitor of Dirt is WRC. The latter is improving in graphics & consists of many circuits.

Choose the rally & compete with your rivals in WRC 9. Historic & new rallies are available. WRC is attempting to become the perfect simulation of rally.

Career of WRC 8 was welcomed by fans, & the sequel enhanced it even more. There are tech enhancements in WRC 9. Career of WRC 9 was solid because it improved the good aspects of WRC 8. A livery editor is added to the career in WRC 10. Livery editor lets players build a squad & tune their rallies. Much like WRC 10, Dirt 5 has a livery editor too, & the career of Dirt 5 is admired with a mentor who instructs you during the journey.

WRC 10 is smoother on PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X/S. Dirt 5 looks spectacular on the next-gen hardware.

Driving in WRC 10 feels more intuitive & gives a real experience. The environments offer realism, & have a greater detail. This game includes 52 official teams.

In both Dirt 5 & WRC 10, players have a long career which will make them popular from nobody. Both of them consist of many modes where gamers have the choice to enter different race events. There are many wonderful sites & rallies, & performance & appearance of rally can be customized to suit your style.

In WRC 10, more importance is given to handling rallies. More precision & actuality is added, & players have better control over their rallies.

If you play WRC 10 with a controller, then still you will have more intuitive driving experience. The game physics in WRC 10 has been upgraded. Players can enjoy a better turbo & braking system that will make the rally experience even more real on any surface.

Vehicle sounds have been tweaked to a higher degree. Audio feels real because creators have recorded the audio of real rallies. Audio of rally collisions is more satisfying. WRC 9 faced criticism because of its fake rally sounds.

WRC 10 has focused more on actuality, as well as enhancing graphics & vehicle handling. Both Dirt 5 & Dirt Rally 2.0 have done a remarkable job in enhancing the graphics & there are plenty of modes, & you can see spectacular sites in the rally of your choice. Dirt 5 has dynamic weather that changes & has an impact on the ride.

Differences: Dirt 5 vs Dirt Rally 2.0
Differences: Dirt 5 vs Dirt Rally 2.0
Image Credit: Codemasters

Dirt 5 vs Dirt Rally 2.0:

Dirt 5 offers many racing modes, & the game contains a fresh & engaging career mode. In-game presentations & graphics are awesome. Players can enjoy fun driving physics.

Dirt Rally 2.0 offers daring & pleasing driving. Many choices are available for rally fans.

Dirt Rally 2.0 is testing you to drive through a selection of iconic rally sites across the globe, in the amazing & challenging off-road rallies ever made.

In Dirt Rally 2.0 & Dirt 5, players can race on numerous circuit tracks & there are plenty of race types included. Your terrain may be covered with ice, snow, sand or gravel. Also, you can enjoy diverse types of rides such as rallies, trucks etc. Both games contain a cool weather system but the weather of Dirt 5 has an influence on your race. Both Dirt Rally 2.0 & Dirt 5 have a day / night cycle & a dynamic weather.

Both games consist of a detailed career but the career of Dirt 5 is better. In Dirt 5, you can learn from the good advice of the mentor.


Dirt Rally 3.0:

Dirt Rally 3.0 is in development with a new mind setup because a new passionate team is working on it. Codemasters wants to offer a new touch to the game, & are looking forward to achieving glory with their next title. The upcoming title “Dirt Rally 3.0” seems remarkable.

So far, nothing has been revealed except the confirmation that a new Dirt Rally game is in development by a new passionate team.


Dirt 6:

Dirt 6 seems to be a more compelling title from Codemasters. It looks like it will receive a major upgrade in the career mode, plus there seems to be new features & upgrades. So far Codemasters is quiet about Dirt 6 & hasn’t even confirmed if the game is in work.

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