Comparison: Similarities and Differences of Just Dance 2022 vs Just Dance 2021:

A dance rhythm video game created by Ubisoft. Just Dance 2022 is set to be released on 4 November, 2021 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch & Google Stadia. Every year we get a new installment of the popular Just Dance series. Just Dance 2021 was released last year.

Just Dance 2022 offers more than forty fresh tracks. There are multiple modes that can be enjoyed. Sweat mode is a popular mode of Just Dance series, which will make you sweat while performing dance exercises with tracks. You can make a squad with your buddies to play the game cooperatively. For kids, Just Dance once again presents kid-friendly mode that contains 8 fresh tracks that are designed for kids.

Just Dance 2022 is offering an app for mobile phones & tablets that can work together with the main game.

Just Dance 2022 is the 13th installment of the famous Just Dance franchise.

Differences of Just Dance 2022 vs Just Dance 2021
Differences of Just Dance 2022 vs Just Dance 2021
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What’s Different in Just Dance 2022 vs Just Dance 2021:

The latest game in the popular dancing series contains fresh universes as well as more than forty exciting fresh songs from latest to classic tracks.

There will be more fresh tracks as well as seasonal content that will be launched after the release of the game.

You can get 700 additional tracks if you subscribe to Just Dance Unlimited that will let you move your body with tracks. Just Dance Unlimited will also contain songs of the previous Just Dance games. Buying Just Dance 2022 will give you one month of free subscription.


What’s Similar in Just Dance 2022 vs Just Dance 2021:

Just like earlier games in the series, you need to copy the dancer’s choreography to the selected track via motion controllers or mobile app. Just Dance 2022 has copied many modes of Just Dance 2021.


Quickplay Mode:

Just Dance 2022 lets you dance with the random playlist in the Quickplay mode.



It lets you make a squad with your buddies to make scores together.


World Dance Floor:

It lets you compete against other dancers from across the globe in many amazing competitions. You can play with gamers who have the similar level as you so you won’t be playing against veterans.


Sweat Mode:

Get motivation with daily exercises to lose your weight & learn dancing.


Kids Mode:

Your kids can enjoy 8 routines that are designed for them.


Enjoy More Entertainment:

Just Dance offers a mobile app that can be connected to any platform & it will track the scores of up to 6 gamers.

Get score by precisely moving your body to the musical track & indicators.

You can make custom playlists that will help you dance with the songs of your choice.

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