Does Forgive Me Father Let Me Use Cross Play / Cross Platform Multiplayer, Cross Gen Play or Cross Save / Cross Progression?

Discover the game world that contains side regions & hidden sites, & reveal the full narrative to crack the secrecy of this mad location.

The world of this game is crafted by hand, & it contains many exciting rivals from haunted people to creatures.

Decide one from 2 characters. Each character has a different upgrade tree. Play the narrative from the view of a priest or a reporter.




Local Offline Co-op Multiplayer


Online Co-op Multiplayer


Local Offline VS / PVP Multiplayer


Online VS / PVP Multiplayer


Cross Platform Multiplayer / Cross Play


Cross Gen Play


Cross Progression / Cross Save


Cross Gen Save



What is Cross Play?

Cross Play is a new multiplayer mode that supports users from any supported platform. Cross Play allows you to join the match with your friends who are using different platforms.

Does Forgive Me Father Offer Cross Play?
Does Forgive Me Father Offer Cross Play?
Image Credit: 1C Entertainment

Does Forgive Me Father Support Cross Play / Cross Platform Multiplayer?

Sadly, Cross Play / Cross Platform Multiplayer is not supported by Forgive Me Father.


What is Cross Save?

Cross Save is a nice feature that creates an internet account for storing game data & stuff in the player’s inventory. Users can begin playing the game on any supported platform, & their progress is automatically saved in the internet account. Upon changing their platform, their progress is automatically loaded on the new platform.


Does Forgive Me Father Offer Cross Save / Cross Progression?

Alas, Cross Save / Cross Progression is not available in Forgive Me Father.


What’s Cross Gen Play?

Cross Gen Play gives users a chance to play the game with users of cross generation. Such as Xbox Series X/S players can connect with Xbox One players. Also, PS5 players can play multiplayer matches with PS4 players.


Does Forgive Me Father Provide Cross Gen Play?

Sorry, Cross Gen Play is not offered by Forgive Me Father.


What is Cross Gen Save?

Cross Gen Save lets players transfer their data from previous to next-gen consoles. The data includes save files & statistics so if you want to switch to next-gen console, then Cross Gen Save will let you continue your progress on the new console.


Does Forgive Me Father Support Cross Gen Save?

Sadly, Cross Gen Save is unsupported by Forgive Me Father.

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