Kingdom of the Dead: Cross Play / Cross Platform Multiplayer, Cross Gen Play, Cross Progression:

Go deep in a terrible horror planet, & force the hordes of the undead to leave this world.


Cross Play:

If you desire to form a network with your buddies in spite of using a different platform, then Cross Play can make this possible.

Does Kingdom of the Dead Support Cross Play?
Does Kingdom of the Dead Support Cross Play?
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Can players play with cross platform players using Cross Play in Kingdom of the Dead?

Sadly, Cross Play or Cross Platform Multiplayer is not present in Kingdom of the Dead because this game only supports one player story campaign.


Cross Gen Play:

If you are looking to play multiplayer with your mates despite using a different generation, then Cross Gen Play will help you.


Can gamers play with cross generation gamers using Cross Gen Play in Kingdom of the Dead?

Sorry, Cross Gen Play is unavailable in Kingdom of the Dead because it just provides a single player story campaign.


Cross Save:

The purpose of Cross Save is to upload your save data to an internet account. If you begin playing on a different platform, then your game progress will resume automatically.


Can gamers use the Cross Save or Cross Progression feature in Kingdom of the Dead?

Unfortunately, Cross Save or Cross Progression is not added to Kingdom of the Dead.


Cross Gen Save:

Cross Gen Save fulfils your desire of shifting your gameplay data easily from the previous to the next gen.


Can players use Cross Gen Save for transferring their data to another generation in Kingdom of the Dead?

Sadly, Cross Gen Save is not available in Kingdom of the Dead.






Cross Play


Cross Gen Play


Cross Save / Cross Progression


Cross Gen Save



King of the Dead Gameplay:

  • Discover eight sites & beat the armies of undead.
  • All the arts are drawn by hand.
  • There are eight weaponries to choose from, twenty-two rivals as well as bosses.
  • This game feels like horror games of the 1990s, with diverse objectives at every difficulty level.
  • The Endless mode of the Kingdom of the Dead lets you face endless hordes of undead.
  • Wipe out the planet overwhelmed by undead.
  • Force the monsters to leave this world.

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