Rugby 22: Cross Play / Platform Multiplayer, Cross Save / Progression, Cross Gen Play:

A sequel offering many enhancements that improves the gameplay. You will play matches & control a single player from the selected squad. Fresh official teams & tournaments are available in Rugby 22. Play Rugby 22 matches with present Rugby players.


Rugby 22 Feature


Cross Platform Multiplayer


Cross Gen Play


Cross Platform Save


Cross Gen Save


Local Split-Screen Co-op


Online Co-op


Local Split-Screen VS Multiplayer


Online VS Multiplayer



Cross Play:

Users playing from cross platforms for example: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo & PC, can play together via Cross Play.

Does Rugby 22 Provide Cross Play?
Does Rugby 22 Provide Cross Play?
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Can I play Rugby 22 with my mates using Cross Play / Platform Multiplayer?

Sorry, Cross Play / Platform Multiplayer is not available in Rugby 22.


Cross Save / Cross Progression:

User’s data is stored online, & it works on any supported platform connected to the internet. Therefore, if a user changes his / her platform, then the game will resume on the new platform.


Can I send my save files to any supported platform via Cross Save / Progression in Rugby 22?

Sorry, Cross Save / Progression feature is not supported by Rugby 22.


Cross Gen Play:

Gamers playing from cross generation for example: PS4 & PS5; can play with each other via Cross Gen Play.


Can I play Rugby 22 with players from another generation using Cross Gen Play?

Unfortunately, Cross Gen Play is not featured in Rugby 22.


Cross Gen Save:

It is easy to transfer user’s data b/w both generations via Cross Gen Save. Therefore, a user has a chance to change his / her console generation, without worrying about losing his / her data.


Can I send my progress to another generation of the common console family using Cross Gen Save?

Alas, Cross Gen Save is not available in Rugby 22.


Rugby 22 Improvements:

New enhancements are available in Rugby 22 such as better & real artificial intelligence, better difficulty adjustment based on gamers’ abilities, enhanced faces of athletes, etc. There are official teams & tournaments that make Rugby 22 stand out from the earlier titles. It seems like the full version of Rugby.

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