Kingdom of the Dead: Local Couch / Online Co-op, PVP Multiplayer:

This game will put you in the shoes of an Agent, who works for a secret organization called Gatekeeper. The main purpose of the organization is to beat the hordes of undead & force them to go back to the underworld.

Start a thrilling escapade, battle against the cruel mighty bosses that you will encounter from time to time.


Local (Couch) Co-op:

Local or Couch Co-op games give extreme excitement because you are playing with the support of your family / friends. Every player needs a separate gamepad to team up with his or her partners.

Can gamers play Local Couch Co-op Multiplayer with their family in Kingdom of the Dead?

Sadly, there is no Local Couch Co-op Multiplayer mode in Kingdom of the Dead.

Does Kingdom of the Dead offer Co-op Multiplayer?
Does Kingdom of the Dead offer Co-op Multiplayer?
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Online Co-op:

Online Co-op is an exciting multiplayer mode that is usually included in new games. You can team up with your friends who are not present with you. The Internet is required for connecting with your mates.


Can users play Online Co-op Multiplayer with their friends in Kingdom of the Dead?

Alas, Online Co-op Multiplayer mode is not included in Kingdom of the Dead.


Local (Couch) PVP Multiplayer:

Local or Couch PVP Multiplayer gives a lot of fun because your rivals are not AI but they are your family members or friends. A separate gamepad is required for each player for connecting to the same system / console. Multiple players can share a common display.


Can players battle against their family via Local PVP Multiplayer in Kingdom of the Dead?

Sorry, Local PVP Multiplayer mode is not present in Kingdom of the Dead so players can only play solo.


Online PVP Multiplayer:

Online PVP Multiplayer is used in modern games. You can choose from tough, weak or intermediate online competitors.  


Can players compete with their friends via Online PVP Multiplayer in Kingdom of the Dead?

Unfortunately, Online PVP Multiplayer is not available in Kingdom of the Dead.




Multiplayer Mode


Local Co-op


Online Co-op


Local VS / PVP Multiplayer


Online VS / PVP Multiplayer


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