Ripout: Local Couch / Online Co-op, PVP Multiplayer, Cross Play, Cross Save:

An online cooperative first person shooter & horror game that will let you rip through a series of enemies in procedurally generated ruined ships. The mutated enemies can customize their bodies. Players can endure with their loyal Pet Gun ally, gather plunder, & modify their hero to suit their gameplay style.

Does Ripout Offer Local / Online Co-op Multiplayer?
Does Ripout Offer Local / Online Co-op Multiplayer?
Image Credit: Pet Project Games

Ripout (Multiplayer Modes):

Ripout is a single player game. This game does not offer any type of multiplayer modes.


Ripout does not offer Local Couch Co-op.

Ripout provides Online Co-op.

Ripout does not support Local Couch PVP Multiplayer.

Ripout does not include Online PVP Multiplayer.

Ripout does not offer Cross Play / Platform Multiplayer.

Ripout does not support Cross Save / Progression.


Ripout Gameplay:

Ripout is set on an empty ship where mutated aliens are living. The goal of Ripout is to gather plunder, & modify your hero to find the survivors. It is up to you whether you achieve success, or die like other humans.

Start your quest & discover the ships either solo or with your friends using the co-op multiplayer mode.

Battle aliens who can re-modify their bodies to become stronger & add little mutated beings to their bodies. You can expect anything from your rivals.

Players can beat their enemies using their Pet Gun, & use the strength of the biotechnology to try it against their enemies.

Players can modify their weaponry & select b/w multiple hero specializations to discover the best combination for their gameplay style.

Players can discover many abandoned ships in small quests that last up to 20 minutes, & they should be ready for the unknown; the horrors that are waiting for players are beyond their expectations.

Ripout offers a never-ending replay ability & suspense because these stages are generated procedurally.

Squads of every size can expect a dare because this game hardens as the player progresses.

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