Babylon’s Fall: Local Split-screen / Online Co-op, VS Multiplayer, Cross Play, Cross Progression, Cross Gen Play, Cross Gen Save:

An action RPG playable from the 3rd person view. It uses a hack n slash combat system, where you will play as a Sentinel, who needs to traverse a huge tower.

Does Babylon’s Fall Support Co-op Multiplayer?
Does Babylon’s Fall Support Co-op Multiplayer?
Image Credit: Square Enix

Square Enix has confirmed that Babylon’s Fall will offer Cross Play b/w PC, PS4, & PS5. With Cross Platform Multiplayer, up to four players can play cooperatively with each other. Babylon’s Fall does not support Local Split-screen Co-op Multiplayer. There is no Local / Online PVP Multiplayer in Babylon’s Fall. Babylon’s Fall does not support Cross Save & Cross buy. Players’ progress cannot be shared b/w platforms. If you buy Babylon’s Fall on PS4, then you won’t get a free copy for PS5.

Babylon’s Fall Gameplay:

You can interact with others, buy stuff for yourself, or improve your equipment, & complete missions. Every mission can be completed alone, or with three other gamers using a co-op multiplayer mode. You need to reach the top of the tower & in every mission, you will traverse 3 to 4 floors. You will find plunder that improves your hero.

Every sentinel wields two weaponries. You will also be able to use a special equipment that lets you hold two additional spectral weaponries. You will not be able to use these weaponries once the spectral energy meter is drained, although this meter will refill gradually. You can use five diverse types of weaponries. At the termination of every level, you will gain plunder & gear. Gear’s quality will be based on your performance in a level. You will get enhanced performance by using different styles of attacks, wiping out rivals hurriedly, & avoiding opponent hits.



Babylon’s Fall only supports Online Co-op Multiplayer. There is no PVP Multiplayer in this game.

Cross Play is supported by Babylon’s Fall. Players of PC, PlayStation 4, & PlayStation 5 are able to play with each other using Cross Platform Multiplayer.

Cross Progression & Cross Buy are not available in Babylon’s Fall. Players will not be able to share the game progress between platforms. You won’t get a free copy of Babylon’s Fall for PS5 if you purchase the game on PS4.


  1. Might be of interest to some that the part about "no PS4 to PS5 cross buy" is not correct. It states on the game's PSN Store page, for bot SE and DDE, that it is unless you buy a disc PS4 version of the game and only have a Digital Download PS5.


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