Maglam Lord Couch / Online Co-op, PVP Multiplayer, Cross Play, Cross Gen Play, Cross Progression:

Maglam Lord is a fantasy action role-playing game offering hack & slash battles with pretty heroes. Maglam Lord only supports a single player story campaign.

Does Maglam Lord support Co-op Multiplayer?
Does Maglam Lord support Co-op Multiplayer?
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Maglam Lord - Multiplayer Modes:

Maglam Lord does not support Local Co-op Multiplayer.

Maglam Lord does not offer Online Co-op Multiplayer.

Local PVP Multiplayer is not included in Maglam Lord.

Maglam Lord does not provide Online PVP Multiplayer.

Cross Play / Cross Platform Multiplayer is not supported by Maglam Lord.

Cross Save / Cross Progression is not included in Maglam Lord.

Cross Gen Play is not included in Maglam Lord.


Maglam Lord Key Features:

Players will control a devil in this game, & their body will act as a weapon that can help in restoring their previous skills.

Players can make & modify their weaponries.

Players can discover their soul mate as they battle together with their friends.

Players can decide b/w a male or a female character.


Maglam Lord Story:

You will awake on a fresh planet. You are the last of the devil survivors.


Maglam Lord Gameplay:

Control a devil lord who has lost his powers. Start a mission to recover your powers, & get back your previous magnificence.

You can discover the world of this game, as well as make weaponries, & build relations. Beat strong creatures in quick fights as you regain your lost skills. Discover the planet to save other devils.

Make powerful weaponries, & improve them. Enhanced weaponries will assist you in combat. You can enhance your attack, get sound effects, & customize your character using ingredients.

Maglam Lord is about exploration, & the gameplay focuses on real time battle. Players can make weaponries, & establish relations with others. Different disciplines are nicely merged in Maglam Lord.

Make amazing weaponries & improve them to meet your needs. When you customize weapons, it gives you many advantages. Meet amazing NPCs during gameplay, & you can make friends.

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