Does Outriders Worldslayer support Local Split Screen & Online Co-op | PVP Multiplayer | Cross Play?

According to Square Enix, the developers are not interested in adding a Couch and Online PVP Multiplayer mode in Outriders Worldslayer. In its place, they have added top solo & co-op modes.

Outriders Worldslayer does not support Local Split Screen Co-op. Fortunately, Outriders Worldslayer supports both Online PVP Multiplayer & Cross Play.

Players can either play alone or make a squad with up to two of their buddies to confront the horrors of a dangerous world.

Does Outriders Worldslayer support Cross Play?
Does Outriders Worldslayer support Cross Play?
Image Credit: Square Enix

Outriders Worldslayer supports Cross Play or Cross Platform Multiplayer.

Multiplayer Mode


Couch Split Screen Co-op


Online Co-op


Couch Split Screen VS Multiplayer


Online VS Multiplayer


Cross Play (Cross Platform Multiplayer)



Outriders Worldslayer Story:

Humankind’s final hope of endurance lies on the players’ adventure deep inside the cradle of Enoch’s nation.

The action of the expansion is set on the planet of Enoch. New regions are available along with new types of rivals, new armour sets per class, weaponries & mods.


Outriders Worldslayer Gameplay:

Make a team to fight the very daring Altered that humankind has ever confronted.

Players can play Outriders Worldslayer alone or connect with up to two of their buddies in Co-op mode as they face the horrors of this game.

Players can modify the appearance & performance of their playable characters with apocalypse items & mods. Apocalypse items have an extra third mod slot for customization of players’ load out to suit their gameplay style. In addition, a complete & fully free Transmog system is available for every item.

  • Players receive plunder for facing new horrors in the massive endgame in the old metropolis.
  • Players can modify & improve their characters with fresh & powerful items, & mods.
  • Receive incredible plunder as players confront fresh horrors.
  • New variations of rivals are added to Outriders Worldslayer along with some fully new foes & bosses.
  • New gears are added to this game including new weapons & armour.

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