Does We Were Here Forever support Couch Split Screen and Online Co-op | VS Multiplayer | Cross Play?

The 4th installment of the puzzle adventure game. Players need to cooperate with a buddy to complete missions together.

Does We Were Here Forever support Co-op Multiplayer?
Does We Were Here Forever support Co-op Multiplayer?
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We Were Here Forever just supports Co-op mode. Both users need to use a separate PC with mic & internet in order to communicate with each other.

Both players need to work together. The riddles of the game need cooperation from 2 users. Both users play a separate role in cracking the puzzles. They can talk to each other.

We Were Here Forever only supports an Online Co-op. Local Split Screen Co-op is not supported by We Were Here Forever. Both Local Split Screen & Online PVP Multiplayer are unavailable in We Were Here Forever. Cross Play is not included in We Were Here Forever.


Multiplayer Mode


Couch Split Screen Co-op


Online Co-op


Couch Split Screen VS Multiplayer


Online VS Multiplayer


Cross Play (Cross Platform Multiplayer)



We Were Here Forever Gameplay:

This game is no different from the earlier games in the series. The in-game action can be seen from FPP. It lets you discover the game world & complete many puzzles that require collaboration with your buddy. Cooperation is very important in this game. We cannot see our ally but we can talk to him using a walkie talkie. Offering info. & instructions properly & understanding them is required for progressing through the gameplay.

We Were Here Forever lets players play cooperatively with an online buddy.

When the player & his buddy wake up, they discover themselves in Castle Rock. Can you, along with your buddy, fight against the horrors of this place? Can you escape this place alive?

To escape the castle, you need to crack puzzles & find a way out. Find the secrets of this place. Things are weird so find an escape route by solving the mystery of this castle.

When the player & his buddy wake them, they find themselves trapped in the dungeons. Work along with your mate to find a way out.

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