Does Retreat to Enen support Local & Online Co-op Multiplayer | Cross Play?

Retreat to Enen is set in 3600 CE. The humans have saved themselves from annihilation, & now they have changed their focus from battle, & living a life of peace. Players must learn how to attain inner peace in this game. This game is set in Enen where players need to discover, forage, hunt, construct & achieve inner peace through meditation in order to live a peaceful life.

Does Retreat to Enen support Co-op Multiplayer?
Does Retreat to Enen support Co-op Multiplayer?
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Retreat to Enen does not support both Local & Online Co-op. Retreat to Enen does not offer both Local & Online PVP Multiplayer. Retreat to Enen does not support Cross Play or Cross Platform Multiplayer. Cross Progression is not available in Retreat to Enen.




Couch (Shared / Split Screen) Co-op


Online Co-op


Couch (Shared / Split Screen) VS Multiplayer


Online VS Multiplayer


Cross Play / Cross Platform Multiplayer


Cross Gen Play


Cross Progression / Cross Save



Retreat to Enen Story:

After numerous battles, & climatic disaster, humans were on the brink of annihilation but they have narrowly escaped death & now living a peaceful life.


Retreat to Enen Gameplay:

Humans need to heal themselves, find inner peace, & discover the game world. Players will require tools & resources for building. They need to collect wood for setting fire, hunt & cook their meal. As the world heals, each person who reaches maturity must learn how to survive & attain peace on this beautiful island.

Players need to reach the beautiful isle to learn the true meaning of life. They will enjoy peaceful coordination with nature by enduring on their own, exploring the isle’s mysteries, & learning how to master medication to attain mind peace.

Retreat to Enen is an exciting & appealing endurance game, where mind peace is required for progressing through the gameplay.

Search the isle, find resources, hunt wildlife, & gather stuff required for building a beautiful home.

Search the old remnants & attain medication points to know the mysteries of humans.

Journey through the big, different biomes. Discover a beautiful submerged sea by diving into the water.

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