Does Madden NFL 23 support Local Split Screen and Online Co-op | PVP Multiplayer | Cross Play | Cross Gen Play | Cross Progression?

The game lets players control athletes & teams with a goal to win matches. Multiple modes are available in Madden NFL 23.

Does Madden NFL 23 support Cross Play?
Does Madden NFL 23 support Cross Play?
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Every Madden edition supports Cross Gen Play so players of Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S can play together as well as players of PS4 & PS5 can play with each other. However, Madden NFL 23 does not support Cross Play. Hence, Cross Platform players cannot play matches with each other.

Madden NFL 23 supports both Local and Online Co-op so players can take help from their family or friends. Users can use Co-op in ‘Superstar KO’ mode. In this mode, users always have access to their Superstar X-Factor skills & can modify the game regulations.

Madden NFL 23 offers both Local and Online PVP Multiplayer, so players can play matches against their family or friends.

It seems like Madden NFL 23 does not support Cross Progression or Cross Save.

Multiplayer Mode


Couch (Shared / Split Screen) Co-op


Online Co-op


Couch (Shared / Split Screen) VS Multiplayer


Online VS Multiplayer


Cross Play / Cross Platform Multiplayer


Cross Gen Play



Madden NFL 23 Gameplay:

Madden NFL 23 offers evolved gameplay compared to earlier games. Athletes have improved behaviour & players can have fun through the new features available in the game. Athletes can be hired through the contracts. The wealth invested on athletes will result in the effort they will put into winning matches.

Users have extreme control over the players’ actions. They can make different tactical plays & replicate every action from the real sport. Playing action will drain the stamina of players that decide their gameplay effectiveness. Every athlete has their own original statistics that decide their abilities in a given area.

Players have better control over gameplay due to a new FieldSense mode. The player actions such as movement & behaviours are more authentic due to an enhanced athlete mode.


Madden NFL 23 Release Date:

Madden NFL 23 is set to be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, & PC on 19 August 2022.

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