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Online Turbo Cricket Game:

Turbo Cricket game offers you with an opportunity to practice your batting skills. Timing and angle of the shot is really important to get runs. To get maximum runs; you have to time your shot really well. Get score with every shot you play, you won't lose anything by missing a hit. But if you see bails flying then you lose some score. Target would be given to you in start, score runs in limited number of balls. If you like Top Spiner game then you would definitely love playing Turbo cricket game.

Play Turbo Cricket Game Online

Turbo Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use space bar on keyboard to play the shot. Get the angle and timing of your shot right to get maximum runs. Every wicket you lose cost you runs.

credits to cricketgame me

Play Smash 'em Cricket Challenge Game:

Smash 'em cricket game is a tribute to Australian cricket legend Michael Clarke. Play as Clarkey and smash ball around the ground for maximum runs. You can choose to play 2 modes. Classic mode is for the cricket purists out there who know the value of defence and like to accumulate their score over time. You can play unlimited balls and bat for as long as you can. You don't get any bonus multiplier in classic mode. Play Arcade mode if you like smashing quick runs, this style of game is for big hitters. You can only face 6 balls and your total score is what you get from your shot and all the bonus items you collect. If you like Michael Clarke then play his Smash'em cricket challenge game for free.

Online Smash'em cricket game

Play online Michael Clarke cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play online Smash 'em cricket challenge game. The faster you move the mouse, more force would be in Michael Clarke's shot. Look out for the obstacles and hit the multiplier bonus that will increase your score.

credits to cricketgames247

Online Cricket Pinch Hitter Game:

Cricket pinch hitter game has 5 levels in total, clear first level and it will open door to next level. Read line and length of the ball and get ready to play your shot. It is really important that you position direction of your shot and hit it with good timing. If you like batting then this game is for your, practice your shots and smash ball all over the ground.

Play Cricket pinch hitter game

Cricket Pinch Hitter Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game, move mouse left and right to choose direction of your shot. Click once to hit the ball, good luck.

Online SmashTastic Cricket Game:

Create your own batsman and play games in different modes over 6 tournaments in this Smashtastic cricket game. Batsman will gain skills after scoring more runs and winning matches. Modes available in this game are Career mode, Slog mode, Practice mode and Power mode. You will be playing as a batsman and master your skills in each mode. Choose any country you want to represent in this game. Detailed skill list are provided in the game, its a fun game to play so give it a go.

Play Smashtastic cricket game

Smashtastic Cricket game

Game Instructions: Use keyboard to play this game, press space button to activate the bowler. Batting stamina meter shows how hard you can hit the ball, playing defensive shots will help build up your stamina again. Z is for defensive shot, X is for ground smash and C is for air smash. Click on small image below and detailed game play instructions will enlarge for you.

SmashTastic game instructions

credits to cricketgames me

Online Score Maximum Cricket Game:

Score Maximum is a new cricket game added in our batting category. You only get one life as a batsman to bat. While bowler throw the ball, a red marker will appear on the pitch. Click on the marker at the right time to hit the ball. Timing is very important just like a normal cricket game played in the ground. A miss could make your bails flying in the air. Enjoy some cool and colorful graphics in this game.

Play Score Maximum cricket game

Score Maximum Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Press space bar to begin the game and then use mouse to play the game. Left click mouse on the marker at right time to hit the ball.

Online Cricket The Batsman's Game:

Cricket the Batsman's game is all about your batting skills and if you can bat your way to victory. Select your team and select overs and score to chase. This game gives you option of choosing 5, 10, 20 or 30 overs and select a target to chase (50, 100, 150, 300 runs). After every over, bowler will change and new bowler's stats will be displayed on screen that will tell you if he is a leg spinner, off spinner or a fast bowler.

Play Cricket the Batsman's game online

Cricket The Batsman's Game

Game Instructions: Select your team, number of overs to play and target to chase down. Use mouse to play this game, move mouse to move player and use left click of mouse to hit the ball.

credits to cricketgames me

Play Online Turbo Cricket Pro Game:

Turbo Cricket Pro is a new version of Turbo cricket game. Choose your match of either 1 wicket, 3 wickets or a 5 wickets game. Unlike Turbo cricket where u don't have to worry about wickets, all you care about is achieving runs in limited balls. In Turbo cricket pro game, you have to set up your best score with limited number of wickets in hands. Playing Turbo cricket pro online game is very easy, simply beat the best by your superb timing and angle of your shot.

If you like the challenge and want to set up your own high score then play this amazing new Turbo Cricket pro game. We have also uploaded a walk through of turbo cricket pro online flash game. Scoring runs is not that easy as it might seem to you. Rhythm and concentration is very important to play this flash cricket game. Set up your best score and have fun in playing online turbo cricket pro game for free.

Online Turbo Cricket Pro Game
Online Turbo Cricket Pro Game

Turbo Cricket Pro Game Instructions: Use keyboard to play this game, use space to hit the ball. Timing is very important to get maximum score of the board. If you miss, ball might fly over the wickets or could wreck them.

Turbo Cricket Pro Game Walkthrough:

Two and half minutes walk through of online turbo cricket pro game is uploaded for our gamer. Watch the video and if it is something you are interested in playing then give this cricket game a shot. Don't lose concentration, once you get in a rhythm of scoring runs then this game gets very easy. Timing of shot selection and fast reflexes to analyse pitch of ball would be very handy to play Turbo cricket pro game. Have fun watch walk through of Turbo cricket pro game.

We will keep updating online turbo cricket pro game by adding more description, game controls, new game photos, new cricket game walkthroughs and videos to make it easy and entertaining for our game fans. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Online Top Spinner Cricket Game:

Top Spinner cricket game might not look appealing to you in the start but it is really addictive if you play it few times. Play some really stylish stroke and act like a first class cricket batsman. Challenge your self and hit ball in right direction and get maximum score on board, can you hit a century in this game? How many sixes and fours can you hit in one innings? Its perfect opportunity for you to find it out now.

Play Top Spinner game online

Top Spinner Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game, hit ball in right direction and hit score levels to get maximum score. Try to hit max sixes to boost your scores. Left right movement of mouse will give you required elevation to hit ball straight and up.

credits to cricketgames me

Online Top Spinner Blitz Game:

Top Spinner is back and this time it is against the clock. Give it a crack and see how much runs can you score before timer runs down to zero. Spinner Blitz is an updated version of Top Spinner game which is also available on this site. Total time given to score runs is 45 seconds, hit the ball and aim it towards score on the wall. Of course, maximum would be 6 like in any other cricket game. Hit more 6s and 4s and be the champion. If you think you can do well as a batsman then why don't you test your skills in this game.

Play Top Spinner Blitz game

Top Spinner Blitz game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game, move it from center to forward to play the shot. Adjust elevation to get maximum score.

credits to cricketgames me

Play Online Cricket Batter Challenge Online Game:

Challenge six different cricket teams in this epic batter challenge game. Represent Australia, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa or Sri Lanka. Choose your opponent team to flex your batting arms and follow game instructions to get started playing cricket game. Look for the marker on the pitch and play shot when it goes green. You get reward for your shot based on timing of shot. There are three rewards, Good, Great and Excellent. Too early to play a shot or too late to hit a ball will cost you a wicket. Only three batting chances are available in online Cricket batter challenge game.

Boost up your scoring run rate by hitting well timed shots. Lack of concentration and missing out on hitting shot on time will get you bowled. Score as much as you can with only three wickets in hand. If you are a batter and up for a challenge then play this amazing batting game online for free.

Cricket Batter Challenge Game Instructions: Use keyboard to play batting challenge game. Watch for marker on the pitch and use arrow keys on keyboard to play your shot. You can use left, up and right arrow keys for shot. Timing of shot is very crucial to get maximum score.

Cricket Batter Challenge Game
Cricket Batter Challenge Game

We will keep updating online cricket batter challenge game by adding more description and walk through. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Play Online Practice Cricket Game:

Practice cricket is a batting practice game that you can play online for free. You only get 1 chance to bat, if you miss and get bowled out then you are gone. Start a new game and try to score as many runs as you can. Hit markers on the side of screen to get maximum runs. Play defensive shot when required and smack the ball when you get a loose delivery. Hit for six, hit for 4 and don't forget to take singles. Every run count in this game. Enjoy playing this free online Cricket Practice game and share with your friends

Online Practice cricket game

Online Practice Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game, click on the ground (lower area) to play defensive shot. Click on higher area to play an aggressive shot.

credits to justonline games

Online Fantacy Cricket Game:

Fantacy cricket game is more like a backyard cricket where you get along with your friends and do some batting practice like professional players. Enjoy the cool graphics of game and play some amazing shots. Challenge is to get best possible result in a row of 30 shots. The key to perform well is good time and a big swing of bat and be watchful of the power meter.

Play Fantacy cricket game

Fantacy Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse and keyboard to play this game. Move your batsman around with arrow keys on keyboard. Use mouse to select the direction and keep the left mouse button clicked and release after desired power in power meter.

credits to cricketgames 247

Play Online Keymon Ache Cricket Game:

Keymon cricket game is a challenging batting game. You and your monkey Keymon will be playing this cricket game in the streets. Score as many runs as you can with only 3 wickets in hands. Hit sixes all over the ground and smash windows of buildings around you. Keymon Ache cricket game is a sort of street cricket game or a gully cricket game. Keymon cricket offers some really good graphics. Play some powerful shots by building up your power meter.

Keymon cricket game offers some really good graphics. Bowling is at its best, pace bowling with a lot of swing gets very dangerous. Adding monkey to this cricket game makes it full of fun. Its entertaining hitting the ball hard while power meter is up to the peak. Smash windows all over street buildings. Earn 6 runs plus bonus runs by hitting banner across the road. Build your confidence meter by hitting consecutive boundaries. If you love batting then this challenging batting game is developed for you. Have fun and score as many runs as you can by playing Keymon ache cricket game online.

Keymon Ache Cricket Game Instructions: Use keyboard and mouse to play Keymon cricket game. Use arrow keys on keyboard to move batsman while use mouse to select direction. Keep the left mouse button clicked and release after selecting the desired power in power meter.

Online Keymon Ache cricket game

Online Keymon Ache Cricket Game

Keymon Ache cricket game will be updated occasionally. We will keep adding more game description and new game photos. We will also add Keymon cricket game walk through and videos. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Online Hit Cancer for a Six Game:

It's not every day that a player hit 6 sixes in an over. It's not every day that someone fight cancer successfully and snatch back life. Show us, how much of Yuvraj Singh can you be? Answer by hitting 6 sixes in a row, same way Yuvi did. This game is related to Yuvraj Singh, Indian all rounder. If you are real fan of Yuvi then give this game a go. Watch the demo and try to play same shots as Yuvraj Singh played against England in T20 (hitting 6 sixes in an over against Stuart Broad). Play online Yuvraj Singh cricket flash game.

Play Hit Cancer for a Six Game
Hit Cancer for a Six Game

Game Instructions: Hit space bar to begin the game, Use arrow keys to select the position and then press space bar to hit the ball. 

credits to ungrounded

Online Cricmania Game:

Cricmania game is absolutely perfect game for batting practice. Easy to play yet hard to finish challenges. Game offer two modes, High score mania where you try to get your high score and a Challenge mania where you accept challenge and try to achieve it. Achieving one challenge will unlock yet another challenge but bit harder than the first one. Hit the ball with some perfect timing and get runs by hitting scores on the boundaries of the screen.

Play Cric mania game

Cricmania Game

Game Instructions: Game starts really fast so make sure you always have your finger on space bar; which is the only control used in this game for hitting the ball.

credits to cricketgames 247

Quick Cricket Game Description:

Quick Cricket is a simple online game where shots played with timing cross the fence. Pad up & wait for the right ball & smash it using arrow keys towards the boundary. You can hit the ball for a six if you judge the ball quickly & hit it towards the area that gives you maximum runs. Play Quick Cricket & go for the big shots.

Are you in a hurry, if so quick cricket is the only game for you. Go in to bat and hit power shots which sends the ball over the boundary for 6.  Quick Cricket ends after 10 overs or until you have lost all 10 wickets.

Quick Cricket is a skill based cricket game. You can play a variety of shots just using four keys & it depends on when you attempt to hit the ball. Too quick & you won’t score enough runs of that delivery or too late & you probably will miss it. Hit the right key at the right time & you will send the ball sailing over the fence for a maximum.

Also you need to understand that the bowler will deliver the ball towards off side, stumps or leg. You won’t get maximum runs out of the ball if you do not hit the right key. For example you cannot hit an off side ball towards leg side & if you attempt to do it, you will miss it by a mile.

Quick Cricket controls:

Use arrow keys to hit the ball.

Play Quick Cricket Game
Play Quick Cricket Game

Online Chota Bheem Target Cricket Game:

Chhota Bheem, Chutki and Kaalia wants to play cricket but sadly most of their buddies cannot make it. They are waiting for their friends and started playing a practice match amongst themselves to have a better grip on bat. Select your character in the game and click start button to begin the game. The aim is to hit the target and score runs in this Target cricket game. Chhota Bheem Target Practice game allows players to practice cricket batting skills.

Play Chhota Bheem Target Practice with Chhota Bheem, Kaalia and Chutki
Chhota Bheem Target Practice Game

Game Instructions:

Move mouse to choose direction and left mouse button to play the hit.
Move player with Z and X key. 
Hit fence, tree and heaps of grass for bonus points.

credits to cricketgames net


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