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Online Vertical Hit Game:

Vertical Hit game is a fun game based on cricket, hit the ball as high as you can and keep hitting it so it can stay up in the air. If you drop the ball, you loose a life. You have only 3 lives to score your maximum runs. Hit any obstacles in the air to score more runs, you can also get boost and life support; so try to hit obstacles if it is safe to do so.

Play Vertical hit game

Vertical Hit Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game. Click on start button and then move mouse left or right to control bat movement.

Play Online Just Not Cricket Game:

Just not cricket is online cricket strategy game. While you are playing a real game on the field; there is a sudden outburst of little monsters coming out of ground and killing players. Save your self and save players of opponent team, every ones life is in your hands. You can kill monsters by hitting them with your bat, be quick to hit and move away from them if you get surrounded by too many. Every new level will more difficult than the previous one.

Play Just not cricket game

Just Not Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game. Use mouse to move batsman and bowler. Hold mouse button down to hit the ball while click the mouse button to bowl.

Play Online Yorker Cricket Game:

Yorker is a run down version of Angry Bird game. Graphics are not that good but still okay to play Yorker game for fun. It is very easy to play cricket game, Aim at the helmets on the other side of wood pile and knock it off. Adjust trajectory of shot so it can knock of helmet in one hit. Difficulty level of the game will keep getting harder and harder as you play. Only 3 turns are allowed in each level, accuracy will come after playing few games of Yorker. You can continue the game even if you lose and your score will keep adding on top of your high score.

Yorker Game Instructions: Use mouse to play yorker cricket game. Left click and position and aim using mouse. Once ready release left click and ball will shot up in the air.

Play online cricket Yorker game
Play online cricket Yorker game

We will keep updating online Yorker cricket game by adding more text and graphics. Yorker game walk through and videos will be added soon. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Play Online Cricket Invasion Game:

Cricket invasion game is a shooting game and game mode is based on Angry Bird game. The ship wrecked pirates must fend off the natives using nothing but cricket balls. Play this cricket game with just ball and snatch the golden bat by winning. You only get 18 balls in each level and you have to hit natives 3 times to kill them. Aim with confidence and shoot with force to hit them as hard as you can. As cricket invasion game progress, levels will keep getting harder and harder. Use power meter to shoot ball further. If you are good in shooting then play cricket invasion game and use balls as your only ammunition.

Cricket Invasion Game Instructions: Use mouse to pay cricket invasion game. Aim at native by moving your mouse up and down, click and hold and let the power meter build up. Once you are okay with level of power then release the click and gun will shoot the cricket ball.

Play Cricket Invasion Game Online

Play Cricket Invasion Game Online

Cricket invasion game will be updated by adding walk through and videos of cricket game. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Play Online Cricket Fielder Challenge Game:

Fielder challenge game is all about catching the ball. Choose your favorite team from a list of six cricket teams (Australia, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka). Select your opponent team and kick start the game. You as a wicket keeper will be defending the wickets. Ball will be hit towards you with speed and different trajectories and directions. Strong reflexes are vital in moving your hands towards the direction of ball. Catch the ball and keep yourself alive in the game.

Control wicket keeper's glove by moving your mouse. It is a very challenging wicket keeping cricket game. Strong reflexes will be necessary as you won't get much time once ball is hit. Every catch will earn you points so take as many catches as you can. This cricket game will only give your 3 chances, game will end if 3 lives are used. Fielder challenge is a free online wicket keeping game.

Cricket Fielder Challenge Game Instructions: Use mouse to play fielder cricket challenge game. Move keeper's glove by moving your mouse. If gloves are properly align with ball then catch will be taken automatically. Keep taking catches and score runs.

Online Cricket fielder challenge game

Online Cricket Fielder Challenge Game

We will update this game in future by adding some more description and fielder challenge game walk through and cricket videos. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Online Cricket Fatka Game:

Cricket Fatka game allows you to test your strength by hitting the main base. The machine is an inspiration from striker machine in game zone. The machine in this game will display all the cricket rules. You can see overs on the display screen, runs scored or Out (when you lose wicket), time of play is only set as 2 overs. You can either chose a Single match or a Challenge match (select easy, medium or hard), enter your name and name of your team. Score runs by slamming base hard with the hammer and have fun.

Cricket Fatka Game

Game Instructions: Use only left and right arrow keys on keyboard to raise the hammer.

credits to cricketgames 247

Ashes 2 Ashes Online Cricket Game:

Play Ashes 2 Ashes, 75th anniversary, Lord's  whacking edition game. Do not panic, that Australian team has turned in to flesh eating zombies. You can still beat them by protecting your wicket. Swing your bat and hit the ball hard on the bounce close to the dotted line and aim at zombie. Kill zombies before they can get to you first. You can upgrade your bat and train bowler to bowl fast or getting hard hitting batsman and a bat. Its a thrilling zombie cricket game and full of fun and entertainment. 

Play zombie cricket game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game, swing your bat and hit on bounce with mouse left click, close to the dotted line. Hit it nearer the sweet spot for the hardest hit. Decapitate shots = 4 : Explosive Decapitation = 6

credits to cricketgames me

Play Online Dhoni Dhamaka Cricket Game:

Its now IPL fever and your favorite star MS Dhoni is once again on fire. Try to catch as many balls as you can with in the time duration. As the game progresses, balls will start coming towards you faster and faster. Dhoni dhamaka is a wicket keeping skills test game, move your gloves fast and take as many catches as you can. This game is dedicated to good leadership and legendary wicket keeping skill of Mahindra Singh Dhoni. Game play and graphics are not that good but still worth a try to test your reflexes. Make sure you use left click of mouse to catch the ball otherwise ball would just drop and you won't make any score. This game is only added for MS Dhoni fans, enjoy playing Dhoni dhamaka cricket game online for free.

Dhoni Dhamaka Game Instructions: Use mouse to play Dhoni dhamaka cricket game. Move mouse to guide wicket keeper gloves and left click to catch the ball.

Online Dhoni Dhamaka Cricket Game
Online Dhoni Dhamaka Cricket Game

We will be updating Dhoni Dhamaka cricket game in future to add a walk through and video of this cricket game. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Online Book Cricket Game:

Chota Beem Book cricket game is fun game for both kids and adults; it is really easy to play and you don't how to know any rules apart from what this game abide by. A tournament is set in Dholakpur. Beem has a magical 'Book of Cricket' that can control teams. He is all set for fun, are you with him??? If yes then click play button, select your team and opponent team. Select either 5, 7 or 10 overs and you are set to toss the coin. If you win the toss then select to bat or ball. Follow game controls and instructions and have fun

Play Chota Beem Book cricket game

Book Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Click on Play to start flipping pages, click again to score runs. The numbers at unit's place represents your score. Like 2 = 2 runs, 4 = 4 runs, 6 = 6 runs, 8 = 3 runs and 0 = out.

credits to cricketgames 247

Online Casino Cricket Game:

Casino Cricket is roulette based cricket game that you would mostly see in Casinos. Playing this game is very easy, select mode (easy, medium, hard) and then you have to pick your team and opponent team. Computer will automatically give you a challenge that you have to achieve before you lose all your lives. Casino board contains runs and outs. Every time it stop on some number; it will add to your score. If it stops on out or run out; you loose one wicket. Give it a go and you will love it.

Play Casino cricket game

Casino Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Spin the wheel of fortune by clicking on Gamble button and it will start spinning the wheel. Stop the spin by clicking anywhere on the wheel. You will get rewarded after stopping it. Every spin is a gamble, you either get points that adds up to your score or you lose you wicket.

credits to cricket-games

Online Cricket on Cards Game:

You would have played cricket in ground, in nets or in street but never heard of playing cricket on cards. Well this game allows you to do so, you don't need any batting or bowling skills to play this game. However, to play cricket on cards game, you do need some knowledge of players, like if they are/were good batsman, max score, good bowlers, batting/bowling average etc. In this game you will get a card with player name and photo and player's stats, you have choose one of the stats and beat player on opponent card.

Play Cricket on cards game

Cricket on Cards Game

Game Instructions: Only mouse could be use to play this game, mouse click to flip card and mouse click to bet on player's stats.

Play School Cricket Online Game:

An other boring day at school since teacher is away today. You have a free class and all the freedom in the world to do anything you like. Convert your bulky math book into a bat and start playing cricket in your class. Scoring big is not the objective in school cricket, it is time to take revenge from those studious students who always complain to the teacher about you. Hit them as hard as you can. Smash the window glass, and bring those pedestal fans down to the ground.

Play online school cricket

Game Instructions: You have to hit maximum target to get maximum score. Use arrow keys to hit it in direction you want. You can hit further by proper timing and power in the shot. Early hits will carry ball over longer distance.

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Balance The Bat Cricket Game:

Play Balance the bat online cricket game and show us how good you are in balancing a bat. While you balance your bat, you can get scores as well. Hit all the scores dropping from sky without dropping bat on the ground. You will lose a wicket by collecting OUT or dropping the bat. Try not to get out and make as many runs as you can.

Play Balance the Bat Game
Balance the Bat Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse and balance your bat by moving left and right. Meanwhile collect as many runs as you can. Avoid hitting Out or dropping your bat.

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Online Cricket Open Championship Game:

Cricket open championship is a fun cricket game influenced by Australia open. You can choose your favorite cartoon character and play this game. Select ground as either grassy or made of clay. Select number of overs you want to play, choose either 2 overs, 4 overs or 6 overs game and you are ready to go. Play online cricket game in a tennis court with a net in the middle. Score more runs by hitting marking on the ground.
Play this fun game of cricket in tennis court, enjoy playing online cricket open championship game for free

Free Cricket Open Championship Game

Game Instructions: Open championship cricket game is a 2 player cricket game. Click on the image below for enlarged game instructions.

Cricket open Championship control
Game Instructions
credits to gamerightnow

Free Online Super Fielder Cricket Game:

Keep you eye on ball, feet on the field and aim to win in this thrilling online super fielder cricket game. Start with survival mode or go ahead with a challenge mode, super fielder will keep you on your toe the whole time. In survival mode, you get only 3 lives but unlimited time; get your best score on board. In challenge mode, reach the target and get through all the levels to become the Super Fielder of cricket game.

Play Super Fielder cricket match

Play Super Fielder cricket game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play Super Fielder game. Move mouse to catch the ball and wait for the red marker to reach they yellow spot on the wicket to throw the ball.

credits to cricketgamescricket

Play Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cricket Match:

Danger is around. With the null void projector stolen by Mojo Jojo, it will not be long before Aggregor unleashes the aliens. Train the super squad in this fun cricket game to develop faster reflexes to battle the odds. Ben10 ultimate alien funny cricket match is a practice catching and fielding game to develop quick reflexes. Look at the marker for the next throw and click on the relevant character to score.
In Ben10 ultimate alien cricket game, we have added special cartoon characters to add more fun to Ben10 free online cricket game. 

Online Ben10 Ultimate Aliend funny cricket match

Ben10 Ultimate Alien Funny Cricket

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game, look at marker to know where next throw will go. Click on the character to field or catch the throw.

credits to justonlinegames

Slog Cricket Game Online:

If you think you are a better in slogging than Shahid Afridi, Chris Gayle or de Villiers then this game is for you. Select your team and choose scenario you want to play, read instructions carefully and catch the spinning fun in this entertaining game. Make sure you slog ball all over the ground and get as many runs as you can to win the game.

Play Slog Cricket Game Online
Slog Cricket Game Online

Game Instructions: Use arrow keys (Up and Down) to move the bat and cover wickets. Use forward arrow key to start swing of bat, tap right again to loft the ball over the ground.

credits to cricketgames me

Free Online Cricket Tap Catch Game:

This online cricket tap catch match offers you to play 2 different modes. In Arcade mode, you have to catch more than 5 balls to advance to next level starting game with level 1. In Timed mode, you have to catch as many balls as you can in only 4 minutes. Ball will come towards your really fast with no delays, so be ready. If you are looking for a challenge wicket keeping game, then you are on the right page. Cricket Tap catch game will test your reflexes, the fast you can see the ball and move your gloves, the more chances you have got to catch the ball.

Play cricket tap catch game online

Play online Cricket tap catch Game

Game Instructions: To play cricket tap catch match, you will have to use mouse. Move mouse to get in line with ball and it will catch it on its own. 

credits to justonlinegames

Play Online Cricket Wicket Game:

Play cricket wicket game to sharpen your wicket keeping skills, so get behind the stumps and grab the ball. Cricket wicket game allow you to do a practice session to get use to the game before you can play a challenge match. Select you favorite pair of gloves and select challenge to achieve. Every challenge match will give you a challenge to defend score and wickets to take. Any ball miss, will end up overthrow score. So make sure you leave no stone unturned in catching and stumping the wickets. Wicket keeping games lover should try play this free online cricket wicket game.

Free online cricket wicket game

Play Free Cricket Wicket Game Online

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play Cricket wicket game, move mouse to catch the ball. Left click the mouse when needle is over w to stump the wicket. Missing a ball will end up costing you runs in form of an overthrow. 

credits to justonlinegames

Online Catches Win Matches Cricket Game:

This cricket game is all about taking catches. Every cricket team needs a good wicket keeper who does not miss even a single catch. We know that catches win matches. Test your skills as a cricket team keeper in this online cricket game where you will dive to catch every single ball. No one can be a good good cricketer if he does not have safe hands. You can play either 5 overs, 10 overs or 20 overs game of cricket catching practice. Play this fun cricket game for free 'Catches win matches'.

Catches Win Matches Online Cricket Game
Online Catches win Matches game

Game Instructions: Use mouse and move the pointer upward, downward and sideways to catch the ball.

credits to cricketgames me


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