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Play Online Nick Cricket Academy Game:

Nick cricket academy game is also known as cricket academy Motu and Patlu game. Academy cricket game is a quiz game and it would be good game for learning cricket game rules. If you answer any question wrong then screen will show you correct answer. Learn from your mistakes and correct them when you play cricket academy game. It is a samosa break time in Nick cricket academy. Win a samosa for Motu so he can eat it during break by answering quiz questions correctly in this cricket game. 

Motu and Patlu cricket academy game consist of an informative quiz. Cricket lovers can play this game to learn cricket laws and rules. You need to answer 10 multiple choice questions in this cricket quiz game. Each question must be answered in 30 seconds only. Choose correct answer from list of 4 probably answers. Earn maximum points (30 points) by answering question in 20 seconds. Answering question after running out of time will earn you only 5 points. Play this informative cricket learning game online.

Nick Cricket Academy Game Instructions: Use mouse to play Motu and Patlu cricket academy game. Read the question and click on correct answer in multiple answer section. Press done and screen will show you if answer is correct or wrong. Press next button and screen will take you to another question.

Play Motu and Patlu cricket academy game

Online Nick Cricket Academy Game

We will keep updating Nick cricket academy game by adding new photos, walk through and cricket game videos. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Play CMAT - Cricket Trivia Game:

Test you knowledge of cricket game, history, rules and legends by playing Cricket Trivia game - CMAT (Cricket Mein Awaal Test). Take these tests and show it to the world that sitting on couch, munching on chips and watching cricket is an educational experience. If you fail the test, you might as well go back to work. Answer every question in 20 seconds, do not take help from others while taking test.

Play Cricket Trivia Game online

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game and answer multiple choice questions. Answer each question with in 20 sec. Your score will be displayed in the end.

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Online Cricket Umpire Decision Game:

In Cricket umpire decision game you play as an Umpire in a live cricket game. You have to make decisions in real time, your decisions needs to be precise and fast. You have only got 3 lives, means game will finish if you make 3 wrong decisions. After every delivery, you choose umpire decision icon on game screen. If you miss out or not sure then you can always watch a reply. If you take too long and make a correct decision then you won't get any points. Before you play actual game, you can always test your skills out in practice mode. Umpire decision game is a good test of reflexes and cricket knowledge.

Play Cricket umpire decision game

Cricket Umpire Decision Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game, mouse click on decisions icons at the bottom of game.

Play Umpire Test Cricket Game:

Play Umpire Test game to test your Umpiring knowledge and decision making ability. You will be asked a series of questions regarding rules about Cricket or a scenario would be given to you and as an umpire you have to make decisions. If you believe you can do umpiring job then make sure you give this game a go and see how good you are. If you don't know much then this game will help you to learn cricket rules and umpiring decisions. Correct answer would be displayed if you answer any question wrong, which gives you an opportunity to correct yourself in future.

Play online Umpire Test cricket game

Game Instructions: Use your mouse to play this game, select correct answer to these multiple choice questions. Its a game against time, correct answer with in 30 sec will award you 10 points, answer within 10 sec will award you 20 points. In case of Time out, you get no points.

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Play Typer Cricket Online Game:

Play this fun game by guessing Cricketer's name, you can use Hint option to help you crack the puzzle. Launch a counter attach against the jumbled names. This game is a real test of cricket and players knowledge. If you believe you know a lot about players then give it a go. If you want to learn about players then this is a best ever source you can find online.

Play online Typer Cricket game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to point to text box and use keyboard to type in name of player and press enter. Click on Hint option if you want to know first letter of name.

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