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Play Deadly Neighbors Online Game for Free:

Deadly Neighbors Description:

In this turn based action fighting game, you have to Customize your own Family, then arm your family with one of over 75 weapons, and fight with other families in the vicinity. In the multiplayer mode you have the option to export your family to help other gamers.



Use Mouse to play.
Use 1-3 keys to select a family member and use space key to end the turn.

Play Deadly Neighbors Online Game
Play Deadly Neighbors Online Game

Play Battle Beavers Online Game:

Battle Beavers Description:

The game features beat them up along with elements of Role Playing Game - RPG. Game is about a beaver named Bold who is on a journey to overthrow Rangor the Terrible.

The game contains a lots of enemies with whom the player has to fight. You can unlock equipment, upgrade player stats, & use special moves and even more.


Battle Beavers Instructions:

  • Use Arrows to move
  • Use A for attack
  • Use S for heavy attack
  • Use D for defend
  • 1-6 are special attacks (need to be unlocked first)
  • Use P for pause
Play Battle Beavers Game
Play Battle Beavers Game

Play Dragon Fist 3D Game:

Dragon Fist 3D Description:

One on one fighting game that is centered on chinese kung fu style. You have to battle your way through a number of adversaries to ultimately fight the power full Dragon Master.


Dragon Fist 3D Instructions:

For jump press W, for walk left press A, for walk right press D, for block press S, for quick punch press I, for quick kick press O, for power punch press K, for power kick press L.

Play Dragon Fist 3D Online Game
Dragon Fist 3D Online Game