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Play Learn to Fly 2 Online Game for free:

Learn to Fly 2 Game Description:

You were capable enough to learn flying, but Icebergs stopped you from realizing your dreams. Now you are back.



A/D or Left/right arrows to steer, space bar for boost. In the option menu controls can be customized.

Play Learn to Fly 2 Game
Learn to Fly 2 Game

Play Hobbit Launch Online Game for free:

Hobbit Game Description:

You are Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit enduring a tough life and in the hopes of amassing a massive fortune you need to steal smaug’s gold. Launch yourself out of a cannon and go for the steal.



  • Use LEFT key or A key to Slow
  • Use RIGHT key or D key for Boost
  • Use DOWN key or S key for Super-Gravity Mode for finishing flight quickly
  • Use SPACEBAR for jetpack
Play Hobbit Launch Online Game
Play Hobbit Launch Game

Play Winged Bullet Game:

Winged Bullet Description:

Bullet having wings can travel far. In the game fly through the cave and gather the energy of its populations to get energy in your wings!

Evade colliding with floor or ceiling. Ride into flowers, jellyfish and bugs to refill the energy in your wings or lose lift!


Winged Bullet Instructions:

Only make use of mouse buttons to play the game. Hold the mouse button to fly, release mouse button to move down.

Play Winged Bullet Online Game
Play Winged Bullet Game

Play Tap Rocket Game:

Tap Rocket Description:

Runner game where you can run, jump and make flight! Dodge dropping into the abyss, and look out for UFOs, asteroids and unstable ground. Gather power ups.


Tap Rocket Instructions:

Click on the mouse button or press the space bar key for JUMP. Hold the mouse button or hold the space bar key to FLY.

Play Tap Rocket Game
Play Tap Rocket Game

Play Flying Cookie Quest Game:

Flying Cookie Quest Description:

In the game you have to take Rocket Panda into the Cookies land.

Using the service of hang gliding sheep, low hovering sharks and Rocket Badger overthrow the dominant Biscuit Head?

You have to conquer all the opponents of cookies in the game.


Flying Cookie Quest Instructions:

Only use the mouse button to play the game!

Play Flying Cookie Quest Game
Play Flying Cookie Quest Game


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