Monday, 16 April 2018

Benefits of Online Cricket Games

Benefits of Online Cricket Games

Significant Benefits of Cricket Games:

Cricket games are played online in browser using laptop, desktop, ipad or mobile phone. This article would explain the Benefits of playing cricket games online. No software installation is required and Gamer can open a browser to type in the particular link of the cricket game they want to play. Adobe flash player browser plugin is the only requirement which can be added on for free. Game loading is really fast and there is no lagging. Graphics are up to standards and there is no delay during game play, some games would also show replay of the shots played and provide a realistic gaming experience. Sound quality is fairly good, you can hear the noise when bat hits the ball and cheering from crowd when a boundary is hit or wicket is taken. Game controls are pretty basic and a complete description is included in the game screen. Most of the games are played using keyboard and some with mouse. Joy stick can also be attached to laptop or desktop. Cricket games available online are free to play, gamer do not have to pay any money to buy, download and play games. Which makes online cricket games the ultimate choice for cricket lovers.

Cricket games are played in different formats; a five day test game, 50 overs one day game and a 20 overs T20 game. Introduction of domestic Twenty20 tournaments have also increased interests of cricket lovers. Indian Twenty20 tournament IPL, Australian KFC BBL, Pakistani PSL, Bangladeshi BPL and West Indians Hero CPL are among the top. Due to popularity of cricket game around the globe especially Europe, a lot of game developers have focused on developing cricket games. Mandatory cricket games format available are Test cricket game, ODI cricket game and T20 cricket games. Few developers have also developed games for Twenty20 tournaments like IPL cricket games, PSL cricket games, CPL cricket game, BBL and BPL cricket game. 

Significant Benefits of Cricket Games

150 cricket games or over are available online to play and more are under construction. Cricket games specifically developed for ICC tournaments like World Cup, T20 world cup and Champions Trophy are high on demand. Cricket games based on rivalry between teams like Ashes, India v England, Pakistan v Australia and India v Pakistan are favorite. In most of cricket games, gamer are allowed to select their favorite team, players in the team and chose opponent team. Coin is tossed up to decide who gets to call bat or bowl. Some games are 50 overs, 20 overs, 10 overs or 5 overs. Some games would give player a challenge that has to be achieved in order to win the game. Such challenges are based on scenario e.g., score 20 runs in 2 overs with 2 wickets remaining. There are also some learning games that helps youngsters to learn cricket laws, policies, rules by solving puzzles or answering questions. Main benefit of cricket games online is that players can play games for free with same level of entertainment that can be achieved after buying the game. Online cricket games save players money and also offer them a variety of games to play.

Advantages of Online Cricket Games

Family and friends can invest some time and play games online for entertainment. Some of the games allow multi player mode and high score can be submitted online. Multi player mode allow multiple players to play the same game at the same time. Cricket games bring families and friends close together even if they are in different part of the world. It is a source of social connection for the gamer and a good way to make new friends who share same interests. Cricket games are beneficial for mental health. Most of the games requires quick reflexes and playing regularly or occasionally gives player an opportunity to keep improving their reflexes and brain development. Some cricket games would allow player to set their own field and decide their own bowlers based on seam, swing and spin qualities. Cricket management games help player build their career by upgrading their skills and joining cricket leagues. Over 115 CRICKET GAMES can be played here.

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