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Dead by Daylight Review:

Dead by Daylight is a survival horror game developed by Behavior Interactive & published by Starbreeze Studios. The game was released on PS4, PC & Xbox One in June, 2016.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer video game where one player will become killer & the remaining friends are survivors, who will try their best to run away from the killer while the killer will plot & punish if being caught.

Dead by Daylight Review
Dead by Daylight Review

Dead by Daylight Gameplay:

Survivors will play Dead by Daylight from third person perspective to have better awareness while the Killer can see only in first person & will be more focused on their prey.

The Survivors aim to run away from the killing ground without being caught by the Killer but it is not that easy because the surroundings will change every time you play Dead by Daylight.

There are number of ways to play Dead by Daylight. Survivors can either help one another in order to escape or they can be selfish & run away on their own without caring for the rest of the Survivors. You can make a team or you can play alone. Just stay focused not to enter the trap of the Killer as he will slay you in no time.

Every level is generated randomly, giving no chances for you to understand the killer ground. You will also be unsecure while playing Dead by Daylight & the environment will be more risky than you think every time you play this game.

The game draws from all corners of the survival terror planet. When you begin as a killer you can proceed from a cruel slasher to frightening psychic entities. You will be familiar with the arenas & learn each killer’s original powers to hunt down & kill your prey.

Dead by Daylight Gameplay
Dead by Daylight Gameplay

Every Killer & Survivor have their self deep progression system & several unlockables that can be customized to match your own personal tactics. Experience, abilities & familiarizing with the surrounding are vital to be able to chase the Survivals or escape the slasher.

The random levels & almost real human response to survival horror makes every session an unpredicted setting. You will not be able to judge how it’s going to turn out. Ambience, music & frightening surroundings merge into a horrifying experience. There is plenty of time available that will let the Killer find out who is hiding in the fog.

Dead by Daylight Specifications:

Release date: 14 June 2016

Developer: Behaviour Interactive

Engine: Unreal Engine

Producer: Mathieu Côté

Genre: Survival horror

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC & Android

Dead by Daylight PC System Requirements:

Dead by Daylight Minimum System Requirements:

Operating Systems: 64-bit Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1)

Processor: Intel Core i3-4170 or AMD FX-8120

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: DX11 Compatible GeForce GTX 460 1GB or AMD HD 6850 1GB

DirectX: Version 11

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 15 GB available space

Sound Card: DX11 compatible

Dead by Daylight Recommended System Requirements:

Operating Systems: 64-bit Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 or above)

Processor: Intel Core i3-4170 or AMD FX-8300 or higher

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: DX11 Compatible GeForce 760 or AMD HD 8800 or higher with 4GB of RAM

DirectX: Version 11

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 15 GB available space

Sound Card: DX11 compatible

Dead by Daylight Gameplay Walkthrough:

Watch Dead by Daylight Gameplay Walkthrough (No commentary).

Dead by Daylight Gameplay Walkthrough

Oxenfree Review:

Oxenfree is a 2016 survival horror game developed & published by Night School Studio. Oxenfree was released on PC Windows, OS X & Xbox One in January 2016. The PS4, Linux & iOS version of Oxenfree was released later.
Oxenfree Review
Oxenfree Review

You will control Alex in this game who makes a tour to a Local Island. On her trip something strange will happen & she along with her friends with uncover the mysterious of that island.

Oxenfree Reception:

IGN reviewed Oxenfree as an emotional escapade video game you should know about

Polygon reviewed Oxenfree as a blend of freaks & geeks & the top movie of the 80s era

Kill Screen reviewed Oxenfree as it is a part drama & part freaking phantom tale.

Oxenfree Story:

Oxenfree story begins with a horror thriller video game that narrates the story of a bunch of friends who accidentally open a ghostly rift. You can begin Oxenfree as Alex who is a young girl, celebrating an overnight party with her stepbrother Jonas on an old military island. The night takes a frightening turn when she accidentally opens the door to the phantom world. It is now up to you how you proceed further in a spiritual world full of dangers. There are numerous strange weird & creepy monsters that you will face in Oxenfree.
Oxenfree Story
Oxenfree Story

You will proceed through the story of Alex in Oxenfree while discovering Edwards Island, as you delve deep in to the base’s dark history.

Oxenfree Gameplay:

Oxenfree will let Alex use new communication system that will alter the tale & her friendships based on the choices that you make. A strange radio that let’s Alex talk to bizarre specters that influence her planet.

There are multiple storylines & endings in Oxenfree that depends on the selections that you make. There is always an easy way out that can be accomplished using communication. You can delve deep into troubles if your communication skills are not good. Oxenfree offer several mysterious to uncover, across decades & lifetimes. Oxenfree is motivated by few events of World War 2.
Oxenfree Gameplay
Oxenfree Gameplay

Oxenfree is a story driven video game without cutscenes that let players to freely roam the surroundings. Oxenfree was appreciated by fans on its release & its copies are available on different platforms. The characters & story of Oxenfree is outstanding & it seems the developers have put a lot of efforts in making this game. 

Oxenfree Specifications:

Oxenfree specifications are shown below:

Release date: 15 January 2016

Developer: Night School Studio

Genre: Adventure game

Engine: Unity

Designers: Kevin Riach, Spencer Stuard

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC Windows, Linux, iOS

Oxenfree System Requirements:

Your system should meet the requirements in order to play Oxenfree. We have added Oxenfree minimum system requirements & also recommended requirements for PC in order to play the game.

Oxenfree Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7

Processor: Intel i3 2.0 GHz

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: 1GB Shader Model 3.0 Compatible (DirectX 9.0c)

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Storage: 3 GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible

Oxenfree Recommended System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit
Processor: Intel i5 2.5 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / Radeon HD 6750 (or higher)
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 3 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible

Oxenfree Full Game Walkthrough:

Watch Oxenfree full game walkthrough in HD. We have added Oxenfree full playthrough that will take 4 hours to finish so please sit back & relax & keep watching Oxenfree movie. In the meantime you can leave your comments about this article & check out rest of the walkthroughs on this website.

Oxenfree Full Game Walkthrough

Alone in the Dark Illumination Review:

Alone in the Dark Illumination review begins with the 6th part of the survival horror game series published by Atari interactive and developed by Pure FPS. The game is released on 11 June, 2016 for PC Windows. This new installment has a multiplayer mode and can be played online.
Alone in the Dark Illumination review
Alone in the Dark Illumination review

Alone in the Dark Illumination Gameplay:

Alone in the Dark Illumination review states that the game can include up to 4 characters who play the game together in a cooperative environment to crack the puzzles and shoot the beasts. Few players can equip weapons while remaining can use their magical skills. Characters can create their path through stages with arbitrarily created elements such as opponents spot, protected gates or even room layouts to create their path to a protection zone at the finish of the stage. Alone in the Dark Illumination review continues as throughout the game the characters can use arsenal to hit the creatures and use torch to beat them.

Alone in the Dark Illumination Story:

Alone in the Dark Illumination story brings characters to a vacant city of Lorwich, Virginia. It was a booming modern city with a busy trade produced by the local mines. The flood destroyed the mining industry and finally the good days come to an end. The tragedy required an instant migration and people started leaving the city. Alone in the Dark Illumination story persist after years since the disaster, the city is still abandoned.

The reason of the tragedy is still not known and people are afraid so much of the city that they don’t even dare to step in the city for fear of what lies inside. There have been reports of bizarre monsters and dark mist within the city. Alone in the Dark Illumination story proceeds with the dark that is said to cover everything in its course and can expose itself in many ways such as smog, ghosts and monsters.
Alone in the Dark Illumination story
Alone in the Dark Illumination story

Alone in the Dark Illumination Players:

There are 4 Alone in the Dark Illumination players in this game.

1. Alone in the Dark Illumination players begins with Theodore "Ted" Carnby (The Hunter) who is a successor of Edward Carnby, the hero of the unique Alone in the Dark and 3 of the follow-ups. He equips three usual arsenals as his major arms. He also has a flamethrower joint to each main gun that can be used to flame rivals, making them exposed to harm. Ted Carnby’s secondary guns are a couple of pistols, which shoot more slowly than the rest of the players secondary weaponry.

2. Alone in the Dark Illumination players include Sara Hartwood (The Witch) who is the great granddaughter of Emily Hartwood, the female player of the unique Alone in the Dark game. She is an associate of a coven of witches, who has entered Lorwich looking for three of her lost friends. She can clash with a revolver and can use many supernatural skills, such as throwing a bolt of lightning, charming light sources so that they blaze close rivals, and firing a wave of power that moves along the land. She can also release an area of effect electrical burst that deals modest harm and will turn on any close electrical light sources.

3. Alone in the Dark Illumination players take in Gabriella Saunders (The Engineer) who is a novel player with no link to earlier games. She has come to Lowrich looking for her lost father who was serving in mine. Besides her revolver used as secondary weapons, her major arsenal are double baralled shotgun, a tesla coil that when place on the land can damage nearby rivals and a throwing CD that can be activated to blow up. Being an engineer she can fix power sources after they have switched off due to some problem.

4. Alone in the Dark Illumination players include Henry Giger (The Priest) who is one fresh player having no link to earlier players of the Alone in the Dark series. He is sent by Vatican to search the city of Lowrich. He has a couple of dual wields revolvers, and can also use abundance of holy skills, such as firing a power filled bullet that shocks an opponent and turns it into a light beam, calling a ray of light from the sky which blow up, and generating a burning flare-up around himself. Alone in the Dark review proceeds as Henry’s close combat hits also put rivals on flames and leave them susceptible to harm.

Alone in the Dark Illumination Development:

Alone in the Dark Illumination development had been in progress by Pure FPS under the name Alone in the Dark for an undefined time. The game was prepared to be announced in May 2014 but due to some cause its announcement was delayed up to 20 August, 2014. Alone in the Dark Illumination was released on 11 June, 2015.

Alone in the Dark Illumination Price:

Alone in the Dark Illumination PC Price: $19.99

Alone in the Dark Illumination Specifications:

Following are the Alone in the Dark Illumination specifications:

Developer: Pure FPS
Publisher: Atari Interactive
Series: Alone in the Dark
Platform: PC Windows
Release date: 11 June, 2015
Genre: Third person shooter
Mode: Single player, Multiplayer

Alone in the Dark Illumination Full Walkthrough:

Watch Alone in the Dark Illumination full walkthrough. We have posted Alone in the Dark Illumination full walkthrough including all chapters for gamers who don't want to miss anything.

Alone in the Dark Illumination full walkthrough

Layers of Fear Review, Price and Walkthrough:

Layers of Fear is a psychological survival horror video game developed and published by Bloober Team. The game is released on 16 February, 2016 for PC Linux, OS X, Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. Before you purchase Layers of Fear, you need to read its game review.

Survival horror video games are identical with the predators that hunt them. Layers of Fear have deadly ambushes and phantoms waiting in quarters that can slay player if he comes too near to them. Being dead is only a harsh cutscene in this game. You have no chance to neither cover from ghosts nor interact with them past your immediate finish. They will not aim you or jump at you or not gonna flee at all that is a bit disappointing for Layers of Fear fans. You will realize that there is only 1 lively creature in the game who is sitting next to monitor.
Layers of Fear Review
Layers of Fear Review

Every better survival horror video game requires a sole twist and this game gives that fairly factually through artistic ability. You are an artist who has recently returned to his home and studio to end his master piece. Your only guide at the beginning is to complete your masterpiece. Later on you roam the large hallways in first person perspective, working out for yourself what to perform and how to accomplish. The time is set during mid 20th century.

The dare comes in mysteries which need the character to search out the surrounding for hints. The home seems normal at first look but it keeps on changes as you discover it in first person.

I saw my reflection in a mirror and was expecting some monster to appear in the mirror but luckily an ordinary person was only visible. 

Disaster tempers the story in the ending. There exist clues all through from disturbed posts on the walls to a sketch of a depressing look appeared on a child's doll.

Layers of Fear is split into 6 episodes with various objects for you to discover in order to end this job. There is stuff that exposes some features of the artist’s past. While finishing the picture, there is a letter in bits that is joined together, which demonstrates the source of his masterwork, and stuff which clarify the covert of the artist through conversation flashbacks.

The artist comes back to his house from a court inquiry. After momentarily walking around his vacant home he starts working on his master piece in his workshop. Once he puts in the initial layer, he begins having delusions about his past life.
The artist used his wife as a painting model in Layers of Fear
The artist used his wife as his painting model

The artist was an ambitious youth painter who used his wife as his painting model. Soon they have a daughter and he starts working hard on his paintings, have no time for his family and soon his wife started raising their infant all alone. He bought a dog and soon he started to have drinking problems due to high stress and noise outside his painting workshop. He fastened a muzzle to his family dog, but soon mice begun to put more pressure on him. His ability begun to gradually perish and his dream for artist became warped. He soon got free of the mouse swarm by sinking them or cutting their bodies and executing them in the underground room. He soon stopped using his partner as a representation in his work of art. After an extended era of ignoring, his partner decided to put fire to his arts, including his most appreciated work. His wife left with her daughter after he has beaten her. He tried calling his partner many times but unsuccessful to settle matters between them. After some time, he received a call telling him that his wife was badly hurt in fire. After that he went and took his wife home along with his daughter who survived intact. She was now wheel chaired bound and he begun to take care of her and their child. His drinking trouble sustained due to family stress. After she regained her skill to walk, her husband ignored her even further because he thought she lacked attractiveness. Being neglected his wife committed suicide in washroom. He turned into insane and took 6 dead body pieces of her to work on his arts. He took her skin as the picture, blood as the overlay, bone marrow as the outside layer, made a brush from her hair, took her finger for the finger art and used her eye as the watcher.

Based on the choice of player, there are three endings of Layers of Fear.

The worst finishing demonstrates that the painter was working on a picture of his partner as the work of art. After the image morphs into a flawed untidiness, it is exposes that the artist has spent years being locked in his workshop trying to work on the identical portrait. Although the pictures are all good build, he can only witness them as a spoiled mess. So he tosses each picture in a space with the remaining of the junk and begins all over again. The portraits look like it fades to black.

The better finishing is much alike, but now he uses his daughter as model in his paintings too. He then understands the terrible faults he has done and he can never bring back his family so he puts fire to his arts and eventually dies in the fire too.

The unbiased finishing finishes with a picture of himself as his ultimate shot. Being lastly pleased, he makes a decision to suspend his art in the room upstairs. Now we can see that his painting is hanged at a museum along with other renowned Victorian paintings.

Layers of Fear Price:

Layers of Fear PS4 Digital Code: $19.99
Layers of Fear PC Windows Digital Code: $19.99
Layers of Fear PC Mac Digital Code: $19.99

Layers of Fear Specifications:

Developer: Bloober Team
Publisher: Aspyr Media, Inc.
Platform: Linux, PC Windows, OS X, PS4 and Xbox One
Release date: 16 February 2016
Genre: Psychological horror
Mode: Single player

Layers of Fear Full Game Walkthrough:

Watch Layers of Fear full game walkthrough. This is the no commentary complete game walkthrough of Layers of Fear for our fans who want to check the gameplay before they buy this game.

Layers of Fear Walkthrough

The Walking Dead Season Three: A New Frontier Episode 3 Review:

The Walking Dead A New Frontier is the third season in The Walking Dead series. A New Frontier is an episodic escapade game developed by Telltale Games. This is the third season of the Walking Dead series with the earlier episodes released on 20 december, 2016 & a season pass dlc version released on 7 february, 2017. Walking Dead series is very popular on android & iOS that are based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series. Telltale Games have taken a huge step to let us play the famous Walking Dead on consoles & PC. A New Frontier has the similar story structure like the earlier 2 seasons released where the impact of earlier choices are reflected in the upcoming editions. The extra chapter “400 Days” begins in the third season.
The Walking Dead Season Three Review
The Walking Dead Season Three A New Frontier Episode 3 Review

The Walking Dead A New Frontier is developed in the same illusory planet as the comic, with the undead disaster took place. The main heroes are the same from the first two seasons & they are now challenged in a new dramatic video game where zombies are much deadlier & the story is far better than the earlier games in the series.

The Walking Dead A New Frontier (Season 3) Episode 3 Gameplay:

Season 3 is like the past two seasons, it is a point & click video game. Now there are 2 playable characters, Clementine who is the female character from the earlier games & Javier is the new hero emerged in this season. You have the freedom to search the surroundings & interact with several scenery elements & pick up the objects & utilize them to unfold the tale. They can start conversations with non playable heroes using conversation trees. The response from the characters is spread like multiple choices to pick from. There are options like stay silent for a short time to make a choice; if the player does not pick a choice, the chat will carry on. Such selections can affect how the rest of the heroes will respond to the player which can control later proceedings in the narrative.
The Walking Dead A New Frontier Gameplay
The Walking Dead Season Three A New Frontier Episode 3 Gameplay

The selections of the player will later shape the tale in the upcoming chapters. The choices made in past two seasons are saved in Season 3. The developers said that they will allow multiple choices for how gamers can bring in earlier saves into the video game.

The Walking Dead A New Frontier (Season Three) will not be released on PS3 & Xbox 360:

The Walking Dead A New Frontier is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Android & iOS. It will not be released on PS3 & Xbox 360 but gamers who have saves from Season 2 on these consoles can download a patch on those consoles as to upload their saved files to Telltale servers & it will be accessible from their new selection of console. In this way their choices will be remembered.

The Walking Dead Season Three Release Date:

The Walking Dead Episodes 1 & 2 were released on 20 December, 2016.

The Walking Dead A New Frontier Episode 3 was released this year on 28 March.

The Walking Dead Season 3 : A New Frontier Episode 3 System Requirements:

We recommend that you update your pc drivers regularly including graphics card & other drivers. Also download the latest Direct X 11. The Walking Dead PC System Requirements are mentioned below:

PC Minimum System Requirements:

Operating Systems: Windows 7 64Bit Service Pack 1 or higher

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz

Memory: 3 GB RAM

Hard Disk Space: 8 GB Space Free

Video Card: Nvidia GTS 450+ with 1024MB+ VRAM (excluding GT)

DirectX: Direct X 11

Sound: Direct X 11 sound device

Additional: Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics

The Walking Dead Season Three: A New Frontier Episode 3  Specifications:

Release date: 28 March, 2017

Series: The Walking Dead

Engine: Telltale Tool

Developer: Telltale Games

Genre: Adventure game

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, PC Windows

The Walking Dead Season Three: A New Frontier Episode 3 Walkthrough:

Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 A New Frontier Episode 3 Full Game Walkthrough including cutscenes & Ending.

The Walking Dead Season Three Episode 3 Full Game Walkthrough

Dead Rising Review, Price and Walkthrough

The follow-up to the one of the most selling Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 gets the survival horror to Fortune City that is the America’s newest and most amusement playing field. Mark a fresh narrative, including 2 online multiplayer modes, 1000s of undead caught on screen and further, Dead Rising 2 gets undead survival horror to an entire next stage. Read Dead Rising 2 review before you order the game.
Dead Rising 2 Review
Dead Rising 2 Review

You control Greene in this game that has seventy two hours to protect his sick daughter and endure the crowds of starving undead before the armed forces comes in and nukes the town. To make sure your endurance, you can join daily items to make abundant lethal combo arsenal and kill the starving undead.

Follow-up to the seriously highly praised and one of the most selling Dead Rising, the follow up Dead Rising: 2 is superior and improved in all way, adding up novel custom combo arsenal, multiplayer and 1000s of undead on-camera at one time.

The undead are all over creating a lively and difficult undead slaughter practice for the hero as guns will be shaped to slay enormous quantity of undead at once.

Heroes can merge 2 daily objects using duct tape to make the vital undead murder creations. Opens combo cards down the path will provide heroes the benefit as the supportive cards will demonstrate you what objects are finest for merging.

Fresh tale and heroes: An original hero, Greene, have to save his sick daughter and stay alive for seventy two hours in the town.

Online Co-op is bringing in to the Dead Rising world as gamers can ask their contacts to associate up with them at any time to get on the undead slaughter tag team style. Murder undead with a pal is forever more enjoyable.

Dead Rising 2 Price:

Dead Rising 2 PC price: $13.30 
Dead Rising 2 Xbox 360 price: $19
Dead Rising 2 Xbox One price: $19.99
Dead Rising 2 PS3 price: $18.45
Dead Rising 2 PS4 price: $19.99

Dead Rising 2 Specifications:

Developer: Blue Castle Games
Publisher: Capcom
Series: Dead Rising
Platform: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC Windows
Release date: 13 Sep, 2016
Genre: Survival horror
Mode: Single player, Multiplayer

Dead Rising 2 Full Game Walkthrough:

Watch Dead Rising 2 full game walkthrough. We have added no commentary complete walkthrough of Dead Rising 2 for our fans who want to check the gameplay before they order this game.

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough

Friday the 13th The Game review:

Friday the 13th The Game review begins with a third person survival horror game where characters get on the job of a youngster analyst, or Jason Voorhees. The player and his 6 friends will do everything to survive and escape Jason as he will be on his job to kill every one of you. The game will strive to give every character the means to stay alive, run away or to kill Jason. Friday the 13th The Game review carries on as you will receive a major opportunity during every session to survive the slasher who has the most kills than any other horror movie villain.
Friday the 13th The Game Review
Friday the 13th The Game Review

On the other hand Jason will be given a range of opportunities to track down, chase and murder his victim. Hunt from the shadows, scare your enemies and murder them at the right instant in a brutal way beyond your imaginations. Friday the 13th The Game review let’s you Play as Jason and frighten those unlucky enough to cross the trail.

Firday The 13th The Game gameplay:

1. Play as Jason:

Friday The 13th The Game gameplay grants you the chance to play as Jason for the first time in survival horror video game who is known to be the most brutal killer in cinema history. Hunt your victim, trap them and put terror in their minds as you turn into a fable before you slaughter them in brutal fashion. The game will take in a diversity of slaughters, fresh and recognizable, that will assist you to put the pitch for the Jason that you wish to become. Friday The 13th The Game gameplay will assist you to open diverse Jason manifestations from the films in addition to totally fresh design, straight from terror effects legend Tom Savini that has not at all been seen before.

Jason will be trained with a horrifying range of skills, offering you the feeling of a huntsman. He knows each and every spot of the woods more than anyone else. Jason will not only give them the feeling of death but will also become stronger at the mid-night when dark progresses.

2. Play as the Counselors:

Friday the 13th The Game gameplay will let each counselor who has potency and weak points that provide characters the opportunity to shine in certain circumstances. Discover the counselor who suits your playing style or try to use several strategies to defeat Jason. The characters will come up with a chance to keep updating and improving their players through unlock, customization and progress. Friday the 13th The Game gameplay refine your skills with how many hours you have spent on the game because every time you will be learning something new.

Friday The 13th The Game Multiplayer (How to Survive):

Friday the 13th The Game Multiplayer is the main focus of the game. Endurance is completely up to the player, the character will either hide from Jason or work in team to escape or to kill Jason. Being an analyst is all about danger and reward, offering characters numerous ways of victory over Jason. It is up to you whether you hide in the woods and wait for the police or take on Jason as a team. You can also assist your friend in repairing a boat on the lake and escape Jason while leaving the rest to their destiny. Friday The 13th The Game Multiplayer gives you many chances to endure the night but every alternative has an outcome.
Friday the 13th The Game Multiplayer
Friday the 13th The Game Multiplayer

Friday the 13th: The Game Multiplayer will frequently put the speed of modify, presenting you new setting while Jason stares for his newest prey. No single plan will ever be unfailing, forcing characters to settle in and modify each time they commence their extended night. Friday the 13th The Game Multiplayer will make you cautious, you will never recognize when or where Jason will hit.

Friday the 13th The Game Location:

Friday the 13th The Game location will let characters try to endure not only in Camp Crystal Lake but also in neighboring region. Few terrains are adapted from the films, like Higgins Haven will also contribute where Jason will be in hunt for his victims.

Friday the 13th The Game location will give characters a vast open terrain to explore where they will try their best to cover from death. Every gameplay session will modify the situation, and will grant characters the chance to study pattern or discover useful things that may be lying. Friday the 13th The Game location will give a diverse feeling to the camp grounds; the game gives fresh and even more challenging circumstances every time you enter the forests.

Friday the 13th The Game Features:

Friday the 13th The Game will feature an advanced unlock system connected to your profile. The longer you play the game, the more you will unlock from counselor customization to fresh Jason outfits seen in the films. Other than providing you personalized camp analysts, you will be able to open secrets within Camp Crystal Lake, finding out the unknown around Jason and the terrain he hunts.

Friday the 13th The Game Price:

Friday the 13th The Game price is coming soon

Friday the 13th The Game Specifications:

Friday the 13th The Game specifications are listed below:
Developer: IllFonic, Gun Media
Publisher: Gun Media
Series: Friday the 13th
Platform: PC Windows, PS4, Xbox One
Release date: 26 May, 2017
Genre: Survival horror
Mode: Single player, Multiplayer

Friday the 13th The Game walkthrough:

Watch Friday the 13th The Game beta walkthrough. We have posted Friday the 13th The Game beta walkthrough for gamers who want to see the gameplay before you opt for the disc. We will add Friday the 13th The Game full walkthrough once the game is released.


Friday the 13th The Game beta walkthrough

Routine Review:

Routine is a 1st person survival terror video game set on an abandoned Moon base with procedurally produced surroundings. You need to search out sufficient information to expose the reality behind the bizarre disappearance of crews on the Moon Research Station. You will travel in the dark depths of the Station to reveal the truth behind the onboard missing crews.
Routine Review
Routine Review

The game is set onboard a space station and gives 80’s vision of the future. The game will feature permanent death that will not give you another option to continue so playing this video game would require more gameplay experience.

Routine is set to release in March, 2017.

Routine Gameplay:

Routine features randomly produced generation of risks. All sites can be discovered and items can be picked up with only a single life. The game features several finishes that depends on your actions.

The gameplay will allow you to discover any part of the complete open moon base and discover the secrets that other gamers may not.

You have to do anything to stay alive and gather sufficient information to expose the bizarre lost of the people onboard.  You need to shoot, take cover and run away as best as you can while avoiding the roaming evils and do anything to survive.
Routine Gameplay
Routine Gameplay

Routine introduces permanent death system that will put you on the edge as the game does not offer any health packs or checkpoints.

Gamers can use a weapon known as CAT and its abbreviation is Cosmonaut Assistance Tool which can be updated with floppy disks that alters the capability of the weapon.

Routine features permanent death, randomly produced rivals, items and non linear surroundings.

Routine Story:

Routine is a science fiction horror video game developed by Lunar Software. The tale focuses on finding the reasons behind the crew lost at the Lunar Research Station. The hero moves through dark halls of the Station, discovering its coverts & revealing information about the lost crew. The game gives you only one weapon that is a special fixing tool which looks like a magnum. The hero can alter this tool using disks that are found around the facility. The developers give stress on realistic surroundings that gives true experience and you have only one chance to end the complete game. The game allows multiple endings that are based on the player actions. Several parts of the facility are randomly created including zombies or the locations of NPCs. As a consequence every walkthrough can be entirely diverse from the earlier.
Routine Story
Routine Story

Routine Development:

Routine was announced at Gamesom 2012 but the game development team took too long and still only Steam copy of the game is released but the official release of the video game is not yet announced. The diehard fans of Routine are waiting for the official release of the video game.

Routine is the first video game of the English indie studio – Lunar Software which contains only 3 members. Mick Gordon, who is the co-creator of the audio and before working on this game he composed music for some popular video games including Crysis 3, Need for Speed & Dead Space III.

The tale revolves around the strange vanishing of the team of the Lunar Research Station. In order to solve this mystery, we move into the dark facility and rooms of the Moon base, revealing the hidden truth behind the crews disappearance. The developers have stressed mainly on the thrill & terror aspects and they offer very little weaponry, no medical kits for health revival & no checkpoints. We can only use one tool that is a repair device also known as CAT. It can be upgraded with disks found in the facility and in few cases it can be used as a weapon.

The most interesting part of the game is its randomly produced elements including the hazards that are waiting for you & the sites of the computer controlled characters.

Routine Price:

Routine PC Windows Price: Not available yet

Routine Mac Price: Not available yet

Routine Specifications:

Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror

Platforms: PC Windows, Mac

Languages: English

Players: Single player

Routine Walkthrough:

Watch Routine fast loading alpha demo walkthrough trailer. We have posted Routine beta walkthrough for fans who want to check out the gameplay of upcoming game before you pre-order it. We will post Routine full walkthrough once the game is officially released.

Routine Walkthrough

NightCry Review:

NightCry is a calming cruise video game, filled with unexplained terror.

You will experience immense horror in this video game where things are not normal. When its night they find someone dead on the ship & the true horror begins as people onboard are suspecting one another & they have no idea who have committed crime.

Keep on finding the answers & stay safe as may be you are the next target.
NightCry Review
NightCry Review

NightCry is a survival thriller game created by Nude Maker and published by Playism Games for PC, PS Vita, iOS, & Android. Only the PC version of NightCry has been released so far.

NightCry Gameplay:

Sound of a child crying in the distance. Ambushed on a ship where terror is in everyone’s mind that who will be the next victim. NightCry is a new survival horror video game filled with extreme suspense where death lurks in your path. You need to solve puzzle that is your only chance to find the real murderer & when he is here, you need to hide or run in order to save your life. The game does not offer any combat, all you can do is to hide and survive before it is too late.

NightCry is a 3D point & adventure video game. You can click to navigate your player & discover the ship. Interact with stuff by selecting them. You need to make sure you find enough clues as they are difficult to locate.

But you won’t be finding objects all the time. As you find, you will be troubled & the Scissor Walker will be after you. He will not leave you alone & every time you will be worried about what’s going on & how you are going to save yourself from the Walker.

In Exploration Mode, discover the ship for the answers you are searching for. Study about the odd & sometime gruesome happenings that have puzzled everyone as they are suspecting each other. Crack the puzzles & seek the path that will take you to safe place.
NightCry Gameplay
NightCry Gameplay

You need to make sure that discovering the ship’s secrets will create problems for you & you are not safe in doing this. The only chance for survival is anxious escape.

When the murderer is here you need to run, hide & be quiet & it is possible that you stay alive long enough to solve all the mysteries behind each and every assassination.

NightCry Specifications:

Initial release date: 29 March 2016

Developer: Nude Maker

Designer: Masahiro Ito

Publisher: Playism

Platform: PS Vita, Android, iOS, PC Windows

Genres: Adventure game, Survival horror

NightCry Walkthrough:

Watch NightCry full game walkthrough that will cover the entire game including ending.

NightCry Full Game Walkthrough

Inside Review:

Inside is a puzzle platformer adventure game created & published by Playdead. The game was first released for Xbox One on 29 June, PC Windows on 7 July & for PS4 on 23 August, 2016. You will control a young boy in this game who will solve puzzles while avoiding death.

The developers began working on this project soon after they completed Limbo. In the beginning Playdead began with custom game engine that they have already used for Limbo but later on they switched to Unity to easily develop this video game. Inside was also partially funded by Danish Film Institute.
Inside Review
Inside Review

Inside was revealed at Microsoft’s E3 2014 conference and the game was set to release in 2015. But due to some reasons the game could not release in the mentioned year but rather it was released in June, 2016.

Inside Gameplay:

Inside is a platformer in which you will control a young boy who discovers an odd surrounding represented as a mainly monochromatic 2.5 D platform video game. He will solve puzzles and avoid death in this bizarre environment and this game is themed fully dark & above all silent. The player can maneuver, swims, climbs and utilizes stuff to avoid obstacles and move forward in this game. As the game progresses the player uses bodies to accomplish several puzzles. The boy will find out secret rooms that will contain glowing orbs. The game offers a chance to deactivate all the glowing orbs to unlock inside’s another finishing.
Inside Gameplay
Inside Gameplay

The player can die in several ways such as being shot by a dart, injured by dogs, trapped by security mechs, blown apart by shockwaves or drowning. If the player is dead, Inside restores him from the nearest checkpoint.

Inside Story:

Inside narrates the story of a young boy whose name is unknown and he wears a red shirt all the time. While dashing through the woods, he runs into guards with flashlights and automobiles with mounted spotlights. He somehow manage to run away from the masked guards then he crosses a road where he finds out a block that has been set up with more automobiles and security guards, to a farm where bloodsucking worms cause farm animals to run uncontrolled. He needs to utilize the animals & other objects from the farm to run to the town where he finds undead creatures that are gone out of sense. When he goes ahead of the town he discovers a large factory of rooms being covered in flood & a lab where various scientists are performing experiments on people.

When you are crossing these regions, the player uses a brain control helmet to crack puzzles by controlling dead grey bodies. He encounters an underwater monster that fastens a device onto him. This lets him not only to use mind control without using any helmet but he can eventually breathe undersea.
Inside Story
Inside Story

He carries on through the office & labs, he discovers several scientists running toward a huge container. He finds a large monster in the container who escapes from it and runs into the offices & job regions, killing few of the scientists that come across in his path. Few scientists attempt to trap the creature and they try to direct him into the dark room where the monster is ambushed in another tank. He again escapes and this time he goes straight into the woods. Inside finishes when the creature is taking bath in the moonlight.

Inside Price: 

Inside PC Windows Steam Price: $13.99

Inside Xbox One Digital Code Price: $13.99

Inside PS4 Digital Code Price: $13.99

Inside Specifications:

Developer: Playdead

Publisher: Playdead

Platform: Xbox One, PC Windows & PS4

Release date: 

Xbox One: 29 June, 2016

PC Windows: 7 July, 2016

PS4: 23 August, 2016

Genre: Puzzle platformer, Adventure

Mode: Single player

Inside Full Walkthrough:

Watch Inside Full Gameplay Walkthrough that covers the whole video game. The movie is fast loading that tells the story of a boy who use puzzle solving and stealth to progress.

Inside Full Walkthrough

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Review:

Overkill's The Walking Dead Review
Overkill's The Walking Dead Review

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a first person video game that allow players to navigate the whole new world of zombies. The game is based on famous The Walking Dead sequence developed by Robert Kirkman. Overkill’s The Walking Dead is developed by Starbreeze AB. The game will give a different co-op experience to the Walking Dead world, discovering fresh characters & tales.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is set to release in 2016 for PS4, Xbox One & PC Windows.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Gameplay:

Overkill's The Walking Dead Gameplay
Overkill's The Walking Dead Gameplay

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a story driven video game played from first person perspective that allow players to discover the world overwhelmed by flesh eating zombies. The environment is similar to the famous The Walking Dead series but it gives more liberty & control to the players who will play this game on consoles & PC. The controls are more flexible & there will be hordes of zombies that you will encounter unlike to The Walking Dead series playable on smart Phones. The game is full of thrill & you have to stay alive & kill zombies using weapons.  Overkill’s The Walking Dead gameplay will let you meet several new characters & unexpected storylines will make sure you have a tough journey while surviving through the hordes of flesh eating undeads.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Story:

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a co-op survival horror role playing video game that allows gamers to play the game in stealth & discover the famous The Walking Dead world, where players will find themselves in the middle of flesh eating zombies & their only hope will be to get out of this messy place alive. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic earth ruled by undeads.
Overkill's The Walking Dead Story
Overkill's The Walking Dead Story

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Development:

The partnership b/w Starbreeze Studios & Skybound will make sure they give their fans something really awesome. With Robert on the group, they will fetch The Walking Dead sequence into the universe of first person shooter video games.

Robert Kirkman who is the CEO of Skybound Entertainment said that this is the renowned The Walking co-op video game fans wanted & from the first day it was clear in his mind that this game will knock the door of success. He can’t wait to show people what they have developed so far. Skybound always wanted to create something that is different & beyond the expectation of its diehard fans & this game will carry the elements from The Walking Dead series.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Release Date:

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is currently in development & it will be released somewhere in the second half of 2017 although the developers have not mentioned any release date so far. Due to some reasons the game could not release on the initial release date & we don’t know how much more time the developers will take to release the survival horror video game.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Platform:

Overkill’s The Walking Dead will be released for consoles including PS4, Xbox One & the game will also be available on PC.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Age Rating:

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is rated for mature as it contains blood & gore. The game is a narrative telling based on the renowned Robert’s The Walking Dead series.

Overkill's The Walking Dead Price:

Overkill's The Walking Dead PS4 Price: Not available yet

Overkill's The Walking Dead Xbox One Price: Not available yet

Overkill's The Walking Dead PC Price: Not available yet

Overkill's The Walking Dead Specifications:

Release date: Second half of 2017

Developer: Overkill Software

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC Windows

Publishers: Starbreeze Studios, 505 Games

Overkill's The Walking Dead Gameplay Trailer:

Watch Overkill's The Walking Dead Gameplay Trailer revealed at E3 2017.

Watch Overkill's The Walking Dead Gameplay Trailer

Little Nightmares Release date:

Little Nightmares is a riddle platformer in creation by Tarsier Studios. Little Nightmares is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for PC Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.  The game is set to release in spring 2017.

Little Nightmares Story:

A small girl who is just nine years old is kidnapped from her house and taken to job in the Maw – a weird undersea route catering to the whims of the dominant leaders. Six is given a chance to escape and she takes an expedition through the weird and random earth of the Maw, and seizes a glance at the dishonest heart of modern cheerfulness.
Little Nightmares offer unique story and setting
Little Nightmares offer unique story and setting

Little Nightmares Review:

Everyone in his/her childhood must have felt fear and horror. When somebody opens door, a child sees the shadow first and get afraid of it. Little Nightmares will take you back to your childhood where you would see wonders everywhere and only a kid can feel it much better.

The game offers an environment where you will crack puzzles and Little Nightmares is actually a platformer where you will keep moving forward in stealth. The child is afraid of creatures and nightmares at the world of the Maw.

Senior narrative director Merkiv explains, it all depends on people whom you chat with and the real idea of game gives sense to players and Merkiv feels the brutality of being a child trapped in the grotesquery with the nonsense stuff across him.
Sneak pass the cheff who is cooking meat
Sneak pass the cheff who is cooking meat

While playing Little Nightmares and being a child I had to pass the chef in a kitchen in stealth, he was cooking meat. Just by the first glance I felt he would cook me straight away. I went to the kitchen by hugging walls and hiding under tables.

You would play as a child caught in a puzzling, disgusting situation that can be understood in several ways; from rising up in a cruel house, to living in battle zone or stressed through a life of deficiency. What you have been through finally comes down to your life experience, the tale let you learn your own creativeness and to hold on your thoughts.

The child wearing a raincoat, she stands in a world full of nightmares. She feels silence and fear around her while keep moving forward. Merkiv said people don’t get inspired from games that are duplicated or have very little changes, offering the same tale and gameplay but Little Nightmares is a great inspiration offering a new storyline and it is entirely different from the rest of the games offering a unique theme and tale that no other games have provided so far. He further said there is no point to remake stuff; people have seen things so much now as they watch movies, read comics so according to him a new idea is worth copying things and making business.

Johnsson is the co-founders of Tarsier said that the story of the game is told from the view of a child and exhibit the child’s experience and how being a child would interpret things.
Little Nightmares offer lonely experience
Little Nightmares offer lonely experience

The game allows the kid to explore the Maw that is a bizarre & odd setting which the player would explore. The setting which a child would be through is being kept under silence and horror. The surrounding will give a surprise to the player as he would never experience such environment in any other games so far.

Little Nightmares in Development:

Little Nightmares was initially exposed in May 2014 under the name Hunger with no recognized publisher for release on PS4. After a teaser trailer that was shown in February 2015, they said nothing further until August, 2016 when Bandai Namco Entertainment became the publisher of the project which gave a fresh name to it “Little Nightmares”.

Little Nightmares Price:

Little Nightmares Price: Not available yet

Little Nightmares Specifications:

Initial release date: 2017

Developer: Tarsier Studios

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Genre: Platform game

Mode: Single-player video game

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Little Nightmares Walkthrough:

Watch 10 cute and creepy minutes of Little Nightmares gameplay walkthrough at Gamescom 2016. In my view Little Nightmares is the best gameplay demo at Gamescom.

Watch Little Nightmares Walkthrough


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