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Saturday, 10 June 2017

The Signal from Tolva Review, Story & Gameplay

The Signal from Tolva Review:

The Signal from Tolva is a first person battle & adventure video game from Big Robot. The Signal from Tolva is set to release in early 2017 for PC Windows & OS X. The game allows only a single player mode where you will be combating several rivals.
The Signal from Tolva Review
The Signal from Tolva Review

The Signal from Tolva Story:

The game is set in the future where star faring robotic groups sift through the wrecks of an old dynasty. On the high ground of Tolva, below the shadow of discarded battle engines, they discovered incredible.

The game is an expedition into a wild science world that is filled with hazards & beauty: you need to survive terrible dangers, steer through impossible spaces & step into the continuing war to control this troubled, ruined planet. You will utilize a range of weapons & tools to slay your rivals & find secrets: hack machine that will work for you, equip deadly arsenals & savage defense systems.
The Signal from Tolva Story
The Signal from Tolva Story

The Signal from Tolva Gameplay:

Battle, discover & crack the puzzles of the game world where you will find troubles in your journey that seems nearly impossible. You need to trust & keep moving forward in order to save the world in trouble. You will go deep into the science fiction world & solve the mystery as you discover an unforgettable alien planet. Fight a battle of land control next to lively & fierce AI. You will also use AI drones to kill enemies for you.

You are not all the time present on the world’s surface either but instead remotely control a humanoid Surveyor drone. When the robot is down, you will control another one & carry out your mission. 

The game is an open ended shooter, an action-adventure video game & a canvas for discovery. The 2 major stuffs to consider are exploration & battle. The Signal from Tolva planets are driven by AI activity that decides where the machines will move & what they will do.

The main feature in Sir, You are Being Hunted was the stealth whereas the Signal from Tolva allows a more fierce combat with a set of arsenals to equip including weapons, drones & many tools to win the ongoing war.
The Signal from Tolva Gameplay
The Signal from Tolva Gameplay

The Signal from Tolva will let you equip electronic countermeasures, plasma shields & savage beam arsenals for deep combating.

The Signal from Tolva Development:

Big Robot is an English development team founded in England. In 2013 Big Robot released their 1st major video game named Sir, You are Being Hunted. The game is an atmospheric stealth & survival video game where you will control the camera from first person perspective.

The Signal from Tolva Specifications:

Developer: Big Robot

Platforms: PC Windows & Mac OS X

Genre: First Person Shooter

Mode: Single Player

The Signal from Tolva Trailer:

Watch The Signal from Tolva first gameplay trailer (walkthrough). 

The Signal from Tolva Gameplay Trailer

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Road Redemption Review, Gameplay & Story

Road Redemption Review:

Road Redemption is an upcoming vehicular battle racing game created by Pixel Dash Studios & EQ Games as a follow up to Road Rash sequence. The game is available through Steam Early Access while the complete version will be released later. The final version of Road Redemption will be available for Linux, PC Windows, OS X, PS4, Wii U & Xbox One.

You are the leader of bike gang on a classic ride across the country in this driving battle expedition.
Road Redemption Review
Road Redemption Review

Earn cash with every successful race, murders, thefts & rest of the dares as you journey in this video game where you are on roads with criminals & you have to survive & win in order to be the real champion. Road Redemption not only test how fast you can drive but it also will need how you can assassinate your rivals. As you gather plunder you will update your player, your motorcycle & the arsenals that you possess. The upgraded weapons will be more destructive to kill your foes.

Road Redemption Gameplay:

You have only a single chance to live in this epic survival race game & you are the one who are riding a bike at 100 mph & hitting someone with a pipe that seems too risky & you are too close to death. The game does not offer any other chance or any checkpoint & you lose all experience you have gathered and it can be utilized to update your player, motorcycle & arsenals.
Road Redemption Gameplay
Road Redemption Gameplay

Road Redemption wants to duplicate the arcade like simplicity of Road Rash video games while setting up enhanced graphics & cruel gameplay. The game allows you to use melee weaponry that were earlier used in Road Rash, the game also let you equip firearms that is for the first time introduced in the series. Road Redemption allows split screen multiplayer modes including the PC based ones.

In the multiplayer mode, you can work with your friends or fight against them. It's up to you.

Road Redemption Story:

The game is set in a post apocalyptic America ruled by a cruel tyrant. Your group leader has decided to move to the capital on a distressed murder effort without telling anybody. When the government catches him, there is indeed a risk for your gang & everybody you care for.

It is now upto you and your fellows to get ready your bikes & start a race across 100s of miles of risky highways as you will be tracking down your leader before the government does. What the consequences will be in your way depends all on you as you attempt to rescue your head while combating your foes. Are you going to stop him to save your relatives & buddies from penalty or you are going to join him in a dangerous effort at finishing the cruelty once & for all?
Road Redemption Story
Road Redemption Story

Road Redemption Features:

Road Redemption offers single player campaign where you will be playing with four co-op players & the online support will be available soon. You can use the booty to upgrade your player personality, motorcycle & the arsenals you have. The game offers an immense bike combating system with grabs, kicks, counters, serious hits & even more. There is complete support available for mouse & keyboard & also gamepad control configuration.

Road Redemption Specifications:

Developer: Pixel Dash Studios, EQ Games

Publisher: Sunken Treasure Games, Darkseas Games

Platform: Linux, PC Windows, OS X, PS4, Wii U & Xbox One

Release date: TBA 2017

Genre: Vehicular Combat, Racing

Mode: Single player

Road Redemption Gameplay Walkthrough:

Watch Road Redemption Gameplay Walkthrough Episode 01. This gameplay walkthrough demonstrate the gameplay on the highways where you will be racing & assassinating foes on your journey.

Road Redemption Gameplay Walkthrough

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Necropolis Brutal Edition Review & Updates

Necropolis Brutal Edition Review:

Necropolis Brutal Edition is a key improvement including a fresh hero The Brute and a totally fresh surrounding. The game also features fresh rivals, arsenal, outfit, ambushes, potions and rest of the major updates.

The Brutal Edition is the major Necropolis update that feature:

1. The Brute who is a fearsome fresh playable hero

2. The Black Forest - a completely fresh wintry environment that include several traps & secrets 

3. Fatal fresh rivals and enhanced AI behaviors

4. Deeply extended environmental diversity, including fresh ambushes & gameplay

5. The descriptions for every stuff are quite clear in Necropolis Brutal Edition including arsenal, body armor, recipes & health potions

6. The game offers enhanced video game balance & loot economy
Necropolis Brutal Edition Review
Necropolis Brutal Edition Review

The players will make, equip, discover & battle for survival as they move deeper inside and they will face harder challenges as the campaign progresses. You must use all your skills to kill rivals and progress as this game require tactic along with fire power to slay your rivals. Necropolis Brutal Edition levels are full of surprises and ambushes and require experience to progress.

Necropolis Brutal Edition Version 1.1 Updates:

Necropolis Brutal Edition is the upgrade to the Necropolis and we are providing some of the features that were not present in earlier version including the Brute who is the fresh playable character with seven original armor sets and the fearsome Raider’s Garb which provide enhanced harm. The new surrounding, The Black Forest include thirty six fresh modules that is a new update in this version. The game features seven more fresh rivals including the pirate who will rob your plunder. There are sixteen new arsenals that give you better chances to slay your rivals. The game also includes fresh ambushes including spinning blades and even brutal spikes ambushes and the Black Forest that has its own ambushes too.
Necropolis Brutal Edition Update
Necropolis Brutal Edition Update

Necropolis Brutal Edition includes five fresh consumable items for example potions, scrolls etc. The Multiplayer focused Resurrection scroll revive your friends (who are in danger and downed) from a safe distance. The game added fresh plunder while recipes are now a part of loot drops that you will discover throughout the gameplay. Purchasing is now a way to expand your potion and crafting potential.

These 1.1 release offer more upgrading in addition to the earlier upgrades that we have added and the new improvements include:


1. Two more rivals have been added in 1.1 update

2. Six more fresh arsenals have been included with unique skills and effects for example one of the weapon slows down rivals with each hit

3. Two more fresh armor sets have been added with higher risks & rewards

4. 1 more fresh potion & scroll has been added that is designed for greater impact in multiplayer

5. Twenty five more fresh surrounding modules have been included

Necropolis Brutal Edition Price:

Necropolis Brutal Edition PC Windows Price: $14.99 USD

Necropolis Brutal Edition Mac OS X Price: $14.99 USD

Necropolis Brutal Edition PS4 Price: $14.99 USD

Necropolis Brutal EditioN Xbox One Price: $14.99 USD

Necropolis Brutal Edition Specifications:

Developer: Harebrained Schemes

Publisher: Harebrained Schemes & Bandai Namco Entertainment

Platform: PC Windows, Mac OS X, PS4, Xbox One

Release date: July, 2016

Genre: Action Role playing

Mode: Single player, Multiplayer

Necropolis Full Walkthrough:

Watch Necropolis full walkthrough that covers all levels including cutscenes and endings. This walkthrough is for players who like to watch complete game movies. Please leave comments at the end of this post about the gameplay and let us know if you want to make any improvement in this post.

Necropolis Full Walkthrough

Sunday, 28 May 2017

STRAFE Review & Gameplay

Strafe Review:

Strafe is a future 1st person shooter game in development by Pixel Titans. The game will be published by Devolver Digital. Strafe graphics are similar to 90s 1st person shooter games like Doom and Quake but it offers bleeding edge visuals and gameplay. Strafe is set to release in early 2017.
Strafe Review, graphics are like 1990's game such as Doom
Strafe Review - Strafe graphics are like 1990's game Doom

Strafe Story:

The hero's work is to gather scrap for utilize in reprocess services. Sent by an unidentified party to the boundaries of space where 'no exchanges will make, your exploration craft sets out to connect the spaceship Icarus. When the hero arrives at Icarus, they discover that something on ship has gone wrong.

Strafe Gameplay:

Weaponry used in Strafe takes in shotguns, machine guns and rail guns. You can buy upgrades from Merchants. The stages included in Strafe are semi procedurally organized. When you advance to next level, the map is developed by pulling a set of rooms from a pool and assembling them at random order.  The rivals are generated at random along with upgrades that are accessible through merchants. Strafe will take in digital gravity & a dynamic blood splatter system. Every arsenal has a primary & secondary fire technique, with power up objects letting the arsenal to become more powerful.
Strafe Gameplay Players can upgrade their weapons
Strafe Gameplay-Players can upgrade their weapons

Strafe Features:

1. Strafe features no loading waits and you can play it infinite number of times. 

2. Rivals blow up with close to infinite fountains of blood that spread on walls and floors and which can never be removed. 

3. Strafe features random stages that are violent and unpredictable. You never know what comes next so you need to watch your way. The levels and enemies come in random order that is beyond your expectation. 

4. The rivals, closets and locked secrets appear randomly

5. You work as a scrapper on violent and difficult risky quests at the edge of the universe so you have only one chance to discover all the terrains. If you die in between, the game will never be the same again.

6. Strafe offers realistic surroundings that allow you to immerse into the game visuals.

7. The gameplay and controls are made responsive that give you more precise control.

8. Weaponry upgrades and weapons power-ups that will give you a boost and with updated weapons you can blow up your enemies.

9. The game offers you millions of levels options with a different level generated on every load.

10. The rewards that you receive will be beyond your imaginations but the dangers too.

11. Strafe lets you get ready for hours of uninterrupted dangers that would not stop for storylines.

12. The power-ups affect your weaponry including magazine size, damage, reloading time and firing speed.

13. Strafe weaponry include more than 3 guns. More weapons are hidden in the levels that you can pick that also include a Super Weapon.

Strafe Development:

Strafe was funded using Kickstarter and it crossed its primary goal of $185,000. Strafe received a crowdfunded amount of $207,000.  

Buy Strafe:

Strafe will be available in early 2017. We will post Strafe price once it's steam version is released.

Strafe Specifications: 

Developer: Pixel Titans

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Platform: PC Windows, OS X, Linux and PS4

Release date: 9 May, 2017

Genre: First person shooter

Mode: Single player

Strafe Trailer:

We have included Starafe trailer in this post so that viewers can watch the gameplay movie of Strafe before the release of the game.

Strafe Trailer

Friday, 26 May 2017

Tacoma Review, Story & Gameplay

Tacoma Review:

Tacoma is a space station exploration video game of Fullbright. Tacoma is set to release somewhere in 2017 for PC Windows, Linux, Mac OS X & Xbox One. Fullbright has not mentioned any release date so far.
Tacoma Review
Tacoma Review

Fullbright delayed Tacoma:

Fullbright who had previously created Gone Home is now working on a new project Tacoma. The upcoming game has been delayed till spring 2017 so its diehard fans would have to wait for some more time till they get their hands on a space mystery video game that seems to surprise everyone. It looks like the developers need more time to create a better game that would be different from the rest of the games of its genre.

Fullbright said they need to make some choices about where Tacoma was & how much more time it would require to complete. The game will not be available for one more year.

They further said they need more time to allow players to experience a bigger space environment then what we have achieved so far.

Tacoma Gameplay:

Tacoma Gameplay
Tacoma Gameplay

Tacoma utilizes zero gravity, augmented reality & vacuum toilets in hunt for lost team members. The space station has no gravity so you can fasten yourself to walls & ceiling using magnetic shoes. This will let you discover unseen regions & more secret to expose. The player can pick up & examine stuff throughout his discovery.

Tacoma New Gameplay Footage:

Tacoma developer released its gameplay footage which shows in depth the mechanics of Tacoma.

Tacoma is set on a discarded space station & you are given an assignment to discover the station & search for the lost members. They have uploaded a gameplay footage showing how this discovery will work.

You will find out locations to play recording of the missing team before they are lost in space station. This recording will show the holograms of crew members who will talk, move around and follow their daily routine. When you listen to the footage it will give you more details about what is happening & you will get to know about keys, codes & other vital stuff.

Tacoma Story:

Fullbright become established after its story journeying title Gone Home. Tacoma is their new project that is set on a space station. You can play this game as an outsider who is given job to discover what happened to the crew members on an abandoned space station by piercing together the lives of the earlier people.
Tacoma Story
Tacoma Story

The game allows fast forward & rewind feature and after the game was displayed at E3 2015 they rebuild how gamers can interact with those AR characters. The thing that is more important is how you can take out information from the footage.

Tacoma Price:

Tacoma Price: Not available yet

Tacoma Specifications:

Initial release date: 2017

Developer: Fullbright

Mode: Single-player video game

Platforms: Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS X

Tacoma Gameplay Trailer:

Watch 5 minutes of New Tacoma Gameplay Trailer (Pre Alpha Footage).

Tacoma Gameplay Trailer

Routine Review, Gameplay & Story

Routine Review:

Routine is a 1st person survival terror video game set on an abandoned Moon base with procedurally produced surroundings. You need to search out sufficient information to expose the reality behind the bizarre disappearance of crews on the Moon Research Station. You will travel in the dark depths of the Station to reveal the truth behind the onboard missing crews.
Routine Review
Routine Review

The game is set onboard a space station and gives 80’s vision of the future. The game will feature permanent death that will not give you another option to continue so playing this video game would require more gameplay experience.

Routine is set to release in March, 2017.

Routine Gameplay:

Routine features randomly produced generation of risks. All sites can be discovered and items can be picked up with only a single life. The game features several finishes that depends on your actions.

The gameplay will allow you to discover any part of the complete open moon base and discover the secrets that other gamers may not.

You have to do anything to stay alive and gather sufficient information to expose the bizarre lost of the people onboard.  You need to shoot, take cover and run away as best as you can while avoiding the roaming evils and do anything to survive.
Routine Gameplay
Routine Gameplay

Routine introduces permanent death system that will put you on the edge as the game does not offer any health packs or checkpoints.

Gamers can use a weapon known as CAT and its abbreviation is Cosmonaut Assistance Tool which can be updated with floppy disks that alters the capability of the weapon.

Routine features permanent death, randomly produced rivals, items and non linear surroundings.

Routine Story:

Routine is a science fiction horror video game developed by Lunar Software. The tale focuses on finding the reasons behind the crew lost at the Lunar Research Station. The hero moves through dark halls of the Station, discovering its coverts & revealing information about the lost crew. The game gives you only one weapon that is a special fixing tool which looks like a magnum. The hero can alter this tool using disks that are found around the facility. The developers give stress on realistic surroundings that gives true experience and you have only one chance to end the complete game. The game allows multiple endings that are based on the player actions. Several parts of the facility are randomly created including zombies or the locations of NPCs. As a consequence every walkthrough can be entirely diverse from the earlier.
Routine Story
Routine Story

Routine Development:

Routine was announced at Gamesom 2012 but the game development team took too long and still only Steam copy of the game is released but the official release of the video game is not yet announced. The diehard fans of Routine are waiting for the official release of the video game.

Routine is the first video game of the English indie studio – Lunar Software which contains only 3 members. Mick Gordon, who is the co-creator of the audio and before working on this game he composed music for some popular video games including Crysis 3, Need for Speed & Dead Space III.

The tale revolves around the strange vanishing of the team of the Lunar Research Station. In order to solve this mystery, we move into the dark facility and rooms of the Moon base, revealing the hidden truth behind the crews disappearance. The developers have stressed mainly on the thrill & terror aspects and they offer very little weaponry, no medical kits for health revival & no checkpoints. We can only use one tool that is a repair device also known as CAT. It can be upgraded with disks found in the facility and in few cases it can be used as a weapon.

The most interesting part of the game is its randomly produced elements including the hazards that are waiting for you & the sites of the computer controlled characters.

Routine Price:

Routine PC Windows Price: Not available yet

Routine Mac Price: Not available yet

Routine Specifications:

Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror

Platforms: PC Windows, Mac

Languages: English

Players: Single player

Routine Walkthrough:

Watch Routine fast loading alpha demo walkthrough trailer. We have posted Routine beta walkthrough for fans who want to check out the gameplay of upcoming game before you pre-order it. We will post Routine full walkthrough once the game is officially released.

Routine Walkthrough

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Review:

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is a 2D sea adventure game developed & published by YCJY. The game was released for PC Windows, OS X and Linux on 19 January 2016.

I like ocean settings and this is one of my favorite video game that is set underwater with all the natural plants and sea habitats. The gameplay shows The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human built fully undersea so I am very excited to write this review and share my experience with you people. Check out the awesome aquatic flora and wide range of fish species all add up to quality graphics and unique gameplay.

Most of the undersea regions of video games ends after slow movement through the water sometimes the motion is really slow which is the main reason why people don’t like marine life in video games but this problem is solved in this game that gives quick controls to the player who can move swiftly through the water but this is the very beginning of a really charming underwater game there is much more to find out.
The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Review
The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Review

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human narrates the tale of the final living human who is thrown into the future via a wormhole. All the surviving society on earth is now living underwater. Collapsing towns, broken equipments and other leftovers of society is still there but they are all slowly submerging in the ocean. The earth is now booming with sea life as large amount of fish move about the dilapidated structure & plants inside water grow out of control. The only hint about what happened to the human civilization is holo-tapes holding the final recorded facts of civilization from the year 3016.

We are not hoping anything in this video game as the last human is left and we are not going back as human time on earth has finally ended. The only thing we can do is to find out what happened to the humans and spend the rest of your life to make the best out of the present.

The protagonist spends the entire lift submerged in water, discovering the sea depths, floating across the colorful sea life and searching out the leftovers of the history. The environment around you have few hazards like pipes spilling out dangerous gases, some floating ocean mines but the most of the part is sailing through safe environments.

There are some hazards in the world of the aquatic adventure sideways from the boss battles. The video game pays off by making each boss battle original, daring & unforgettable. Conquering these huge sea monsters need puzzle cracking abilities, tactic, fast reactions and most of all urgency. The submarine will most probably be wiped out several times before a boss will eventually be defeated but with sufficient inspection & planning, any obstacle can be overcome.

A damaged hull during boss battles can be repaired automatically over time but it needs to remain out of trouble for long period of time. Upgrades are spread throughout the ocean and can be picked up that includes fresh arsenal, gears, hull upgrades & more. So if you have hard time with a particular boss, some searching will help you beat the boss a bit easily.
The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Gameplay
The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Gameplay

The gameplay offers 11 boss battles but large number of them can be fought in sequence the player chooses. New regions can be discovered as the game progresses. Every time a fresh object is find out, it’s a better idea to discover the map to the full to find out all the gears and upgrades and choose which boss you want to fight next. Though there are certain bosses that do not give you a choice to escape and you have to wipe them out.

The actual feeling of the Aquatic Adventure of The Last human comes from the visuals. There are very little hazards and few boss battles in this game. The sea life is shown with details and the surroundings give true feeling of sea and the animation seem so realistic. Every object seems hand drawn. I had to spend some time while discovering a new region and observe the sea life never seen before. I did not believe before that still images can give such dynamic look while everything is hand drawn in 2D but it gives experience of a detailed video game.

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Price:

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human PC Price: $9.99

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Specifications:

Developer: YCJY

Publisher: YCJY

Platform: Linux, PC Windows, OS X

Release date: 19 January, 2016

Genre: Metroidvania

Mode: Single-player

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Walkthrough:

Watch The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human fast loading gameplay walkthrough that covers some portion of the game. You can watch the remaining episodes of the game walkthrough on Youtube

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Walkthrough

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 Review:

Shadow Warrior 2 is a future FPS game in progress by Flying Wild Hog and published by Devolver Digital. Shadow Warrior classic is released in 1990’s and the game is remastered by Flying Wild Hog in 2013 for modern platforms. Shadow Warrior 2 is set to release for PC Windows on 13 October, 2016. The game will be distributed for PS4 and Xbox One in early 2017. Read complete review of Shadow Warrior 2 before you opt for the game disc.
Shadow Warrior 2 Review
Shadow Warrior 2 Review

Existing as an isolated soldier on the boundary of a dishonored earth, the frightening fighter must once more exercise a shocking combination of arsenal, melee weapons, and wisdom to hit down the demonic legions overpowering the earth. Fight next to associates online in 4 hero’s co-op or go it by yourself in stunning procedurally created lands to complete heroic operations and gather original arsenal, shield, and secret leftovers of legend.

5 years have gone since Lo Wang devastated the coalition between his cunning earlier chief and the antique spirits of the darkness kingdom. Regardless of dignified aim, his hard work to wipe out the shadows dishonored the earth, making a bizarre and savage fresh order where people and evils exist next to each other.

After an easy quest goes incorrect, Lo Wang is drained into an unstable clash among a bright youthful scientist and the evil military that are terrorizing our earth. The player has to once again use deadly sword, overwhelming weapons, and ancient magic to clean the earth of demons.

Fight through the open operation by yourself or lineup as a 4 hero storm of demolition online in operation co-op mode. Undertake demanding key quests or breathtaking sub missions while upholding your personal ninja approach with editable shield, objects, and precious plunder from your victories.

The violation between the people and evil kingdoms result in steady shifts to the planet of Shadow Warrior 2. Lands created in steps and trail carries fresh winds and twists to one time well-known territory and custom quests.

Decide your blade depending on the condition and then take apart all that demons in your trail with a superior pierce system. Utilize accuracy sword hits to cut arms, legs and head or toggle to weighty ordinance and pierce a hole right through massive creatures.

Advance arms in your weapon store with up to 3 pebbles at once to advance damage it exert or supplement them with shocking basic effects. Gather fate, charms, and shield to enhance hero’s muscle.

Shadow Warrior 2 Price:

Shadow Warrior 2 pc price: $35.99

Shadow Warrior 2 Specifications:

Developer: Flying Wild Hog
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Series: Shadow Warrior
Platform: PC Windows, OS X, Linux, PS4, Xbox One
Release date: 
PC Windows: 13 October 2016
PlayStation 4, Xbox One: Early 2017
OS X, Linux: Not sure
Genre: FPS
Mode: Single player, Multiplayer

Shadow Warrior 2 Walkthrough:

Watch Shadow Warrior 2 walkthrough. We have added beta walkthrough of Shadow Warrior 2 for our fans to enjoy the graphics and gameplay of upcoming FPS game. Once the game is released, we will remove beta playthrough and will add full game walkthrough of Shadow Warrior 2.

Shadow Warrior 2 Walkthrough

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Batman The Telltale Series Episode 2 Review

Batman The Telltale Series Episode 2 Review, Price and Walkthrough:

In spite of being around 30 minutes shorter than the initial chapter, Episode 2 beat its ancestor Realm of Shadows in terms of player expansion and tale telling. While the novel rivals, the Children of Arkham, is an exciting fresh outwit to the Caped Crusader, they don't show until late in the chapter and won't be really charming until more of their plan is exposed in upcoming chapters. As with any excellent Batman narrative, it's finally the phantoms of Bruce Wayne’s history that make this episode a convincing extension of the Telltale series. This episode centers on whether Bruce can believe what may or may not be a troubling reality about his relatives. Read Batman The Telltale series episode 2 review before you buy the game disc.
Batman The Telltale series episode 2 review
Batman The Telltale series episode 2 review

Enter the cracked mind of Bruce Wayne and find out the prevailing and influential penalties of your selections as the Dark Knight. 

In this coarse and brutal novel tale from the award-winning makers of The Walking Dead – A Telltale Games Series, you will make findings that will smash Bruce Wayne's earth, and the previously delicate solidity of a dishonest Gotham City. 

Your dealings and your selections will decide the destiny of the Batman.

Batman The Telltale Series Episode 2 is a huge accumulation to a sequence that is spinning out to be one of Telltale’s top. The battle continues to progress, the tale is awfully printed; the selections are tough in the finest way, and all really senses like a consistent package.

Batman The Telltale series Episode 2 is bringing in tale and further difficult dynamics to player affairs with Bruce and Batman, as we should know to anticipate from the developers. I discover myself less inspired about pulling off polished combos as Batman, and more about watching how he and his human side undertake this sticky state and the penalty of their selections.

Batman The Telltale Series Episode 2 Price:

Batman The Telltale Series Episode 2 PS3 price: $29.96
Batman The Telltale Series Episode 2 PS4 price: $29.96
Batman The Telltale Series Episode 2 Xbox 360 price: $29.96
Batman The Telltale Series Episode 2 Xbox One price: $29.96

Batman The Telltale Series Specifications:

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Series: Batman
Platform: iOS, PC Windows, OS X, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
Release date: 20 September, 2016
Genre: Graphic adventure
Mode: Single player, Multiplayer

Batman The Telltale Series Full Game Walkthrough:

We have added Batman The Telltale series full game walkthrough. You can watch Batman The Telltale series episode 2 complete walkthrough before you buy the game.

Batman The Telltale Series Episode 2 walkthrough

Monday, 15 May 2017

Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft Story Mode Review:

Minecraft: Story Mode is a graphic adventure game developed and published by Telltale Games. The game was released in parts, Episode 1 of the game was released on 13 October, 2016 and Episode 7 was released on 26 July, 2016. An extra 3 episodes will be released as dlc pack in mid 2016. The game was released for following platforms including PC Windows, OS X, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS and Android. 

Minecraft Story mode tracks the intermittent set-up that Telltale Games used for its names The Wolf along Us, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands. Minecraft Story Mode hub around a novel player, named Jesse, his partners try to protect their earth by crushing the Wither Storm.

The review says that Minecraft Story Mode is released in episodes instead of full game and 3 dlc episodes are yet to release in mid 2016. If further talks about the key features of the game along with price, specifications and walkthrough.
Minecraft Story Mode Review
Minecraft Story Mode Review

Minecraft: Story Mode Key Features:

Minecraft story mode was developed by prized exploration game inspiration Telltale Games, in affiliation with Minecraft creators, Mojang 
You will make the tale through the choices you create: what you speak to public and what you select to do in moments of exciting action will create this your tale

Minecraft: Story Mode Price:

Minecraft: Story Mode PS3 Price: £15
Minecraft: Story Mode PS4 Price: £16.87
Minecraft: Story Mode Xbox 360 Price: £13.53

Minecraft: Story Mode Xbox One Price: £16.05

Downloadable Content For Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode Adventure Pass: $14.99 USD

Minecraft: Story Mode Specifications:

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Platforms: PC Windows, OS X, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Wii U, PS Vita
Release date:
Episode 1: 13 October, 2015
Episode 2: 27 October, 2015
Episode 3: 24 November, 2015
Episode 4: 22 December, 2015
Episode 5: 29 March, 2016
Episode 6: 7 June, 2016
Episode 7:  26 July, 2016
Genre: Graphic adventure
Mode: Single player

Minecraft: Story Mode Walkthrough:

Watch Minecraft: Story Mode Full Game Walkthrough. This is only Episode 5 complete movie, you can always watch the rest of movies on Youtube. Please don't forget to comment about games walkthrough you want us to add to site. 

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 5 Walkthrough

Torment Tides of Numenera review & gameplay

Torment Tides of Numenera Review:

Torment Tides of Numenera review begins when you are born falling from orbit, a fresh brain in a body previously occupied by the altering God, a human who has deceived death for millennia. If you stay alive, your expedition during the Ninth World will only get challenging.

You have few people in your company whom you don’t know whether they will profit or hurt you. You must run away from a traditional, unstoppable creature known as the Sorrow much like Prince of Persia Warrior Within when the prince was running away from Dahaka, a time creature chasing him. Back to this game the creature Sorrow is after you and you need to respond to the question that describes your survival.
Torment Tides of Numenera Review
Torment Tides of Numenera Review

Torment Tides of Numenera review proceeds with a future role playing game under developing by inXile Entertainment. The game is published by Techland Publishing for PS4, Xbox One, PC Windows, OS X and Linux. It is a holy descendant to the highly praised video game Planescape Torment.

Torment Tides of Numenera review continues as the game is set in Numenera and uses the Unity game engine. Like its earlier version, the upcoming video game will be above all tale driven, offering bigger stress on contact with the earth and heroes, with battle and stuff gathering taking a minor role.

Torment Tides of Numenera review goes on as a Kickstarter campaign for this game was started in March 2013 and within first 6 hours it reached its primary goal. At the termination of Kickstarter campaign, the game becomes the highest funded game on kickstarter having successfully risen over $4 million. Torment Tides of Numenera was previously set for December 2014 but due to some reasons the game deadline was extended and the upcoming game is now set to release in early 2017.

Torment Tides of Numenera is a video game put in the earth of Monte Cook's novel tabletop RPG setting, Numenera. The upcoming game carries on the stunning inheritance of Planescape: Torment, the highly praised role-playing game from 1999 that is recognized by many to be a brand for tale telling in PC RPGs.

Torment Tides of Numenera Gameplay:

Torment Tides of Numenera gameplay is a tabletop turn based strategy video game. As from its ancestor the upcoming game will put stress on tale telling, which will unlock through a high quality individual story and complex hero communication through the recognizable dialogue tree system. The gamer will choose the gender of the player or else he will begin the video game as a blank slate and he may expand his or her abilities and character from their communications with the earth. Torment Tides of Numenera gameplay offers 3 basic player classes, Warrior, Wizard and Rogue.
Torment Tides of Numenera Gameplay
Torment Tides of Numenera Gameplay

As an alternative of a typical alignment system acting as a player’s moral and principled compass, Torment Tides of Numenera gameplay will use Tides to characterize the response a human being inspires in their peers. Every Tide has a particular color and symbolizes a no. of nuanced thoughts that are linked with it.

Torment Tides of Numenera Features:

1. Torment Tides of Numenera has a deep, thematically satisfying tale. The gameplay allows you to communicate with people, make choices and perform actions that are considered as your main weaponry in this game.

2. Trip across the Ninth earth, an incredible, unique setting with remarkable visuals, interesting and unpredictable stuff to use during combats and features spectacular acts of magic. The game offers never-ending surprises and unbelievably creative sites for player to discover.

3. Torment Tides of Numenera story is heroic in feeling but intensely personal in substance, with nontraditional heroes and friends whose inspirations and wishes shape their action during the video game.

4. The player decisions counts and ethics in the Ninth earth is not an easy stuff of correct and incorrect. You will choose the fortune of people surrounding him and people will respond to his choices and status.

Torment Tides of Numenera Price:

Early Access video game is not the final version and it may alter in the future. If you do not want to buy the early access then you should wait for the final version of this game.

Torment Tides of Numenera PC Windows Price (Early Access): $44.99

Torment Tide of Numenera Specifications:

Torment Tides of Numenera specifications are as follows:

Developer: inXile Entertainment

Publisher: Techland Publishing

Platform: PC Windows, Xbox One, PS4, OS X and Linux

Release date: 2017

Genre: Role-playing

Mode: Single player

Torment Tides of Numenera Beta Walkthrough:

Watch Torment Tides of Numenera beta walkthrough. This is the no commentary Torment Tides of Numenera beta walkthrough for players who want to watch the few early chapters of the game. The game will officially release in 2017.

Torment Tides of Numenera Beta Walkthrough

Monday, 24 April 2017

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Review & Gameplay

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Review:

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Review
Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Review

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak is a ground based RTS follow up to the typical Homeworld series. The game will take you to the wasteland of Kharak where risk waits over every edge.

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Story:

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak story is set in the wasteland of world Kharak. 100 years earlier than the unique Homeworld, the world is being gradually eaten by the desert sands. Battle begins b/w the Kushan inhabitants & the Kaith Gaalsein & the 2 nation’s battle over the leftovers of a dying world, a satellite that was crossing this region found some remains in the Great Banded Wasteland. Utilizing their ground carrier, Rachel who is a science officer sets out across the desert to unveil this strange thing.
Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Story
Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Story

The focus of Deserts of Kharak is based on the first two parts of Homeworld. When the unique Homeworld starting cinematic pointed to a thing being discovered a century ago, this is the moment to which they are pointing.

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Gameplay:

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak is focused mainly on multi-directional, quick battle. While the game is set on world surface, there is huge significance placed on the vertical space. The ground will place a major role when 2 same military forces crash. As you begin rolling through the ridges of Kharak, you will discover 3 levels of ground. The ground at height offers an extra advantage and also they give your high range aircrafts enhanced view lines to their aims. The tanks will utilize smoke to interrupt their line of sight.

A beginning Tale:

In story campaign, an anomaly is noticed in the southern wasteland. A mission is sent but the tale is not that easy. You need to find out the tale of Rachel as she leads her public on a mission to discover their fortune in a thrilling operation.

Land & Air Vehicles:

You need to control land & air vehicles which includes medium attack automobiles to huge cruisers that are designed to beat the wasteland. These vehicles will let you win over your rivals and there is huge range of vehicles available in this game.

Strategic Battle:

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Gameplay
Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Gameplay

Use high land for your benefit or create traps across dune lines in global battle. Hit your rival’s supply operations or attack their armed forces.

Tactical Choices:

Important decisions in supply managing & technical explore affect your probability of endurance.

Online Multiplayer Mode:

Battle online alone or with your buddies in several modes, including ranked play, to gain through the status & be the most dominant Fleet Captain on this soil.

Before you can discover Homeworld, you need to first unveil the secrets of the wasteland.

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Price:

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak PC Price: $49.99

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Specifications:

Initial release date: 20 January 2016

Series: Homeworld

Developer: Blackbird Interactive

Genre: Real-time strategy

Platforms: PC Windows, Macintosh operating systems

Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Walkthrough:

Watch Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Walkthrough Part 1. This is just the Deserts of Kharak gameplay demonstration & you can watch the rest of the playthrough on Youtube.

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Walkthrough

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Syberia III Review & Story

Syberia III Review:

Syberia III review begins with the boundless imagination of Benoit Sokal carries on in Syberia 3, featuring a completely fresh adventure. After abandoning the isle, Kate is discovered dying on the shore of a stream by the Youkole clan, who are the wandering people traveling with their snow ostriches. Syberia III review continues after being trapped in Valsembor rural, jointly they must discover a means to carry on their expedition in a contest next to their rivals and unpredicted barriers, not to talk about Kate's history, which catches up with her.
Syberia III Review
Syberia III Review

Syberia III Gameplay:

Syberia III is a point and click adventure game where you will control Kate using mouse and keyboard or controller. The game will be released on multiple platforms in early 2017. The E3 demo shows the gameplay footage and commentary from the developers on the changes in aesthetics and technicalities since the earlier episode a decade ago.

Earlier in Syberia:

New York City Lawyer, Kate was sent on a quest to Europe that changed into a personal mission, an escapade that led her on a journey abroad a locomotive bound for the reaches of the Europe. She was also accompanied by a robot called Oscar on a mission and she accomplished inventor Hans Voralberg’s dream, finding the final mammoths all the way on the isle of Syberia.

Syberia III Story:

Syberia III story gets you in a captivating, strange world full of life for you to discover in 3D. Forced into the heart of an earth occupied by a cast of motivating people, you will find out and experience a wonderful story as expected by Benoit Sokal. Syberia III story is entirely different from the initial 2 Syberia video games. For the first time, you will discover Benoit Sokal’s flowing world in 3D. The game features unique, real time 3D mysteries to solve.
Syberia III story
Syberia III Story

Syberia III story begins as a convoy of the Youkol citizens discover Kate drifting on a boat. Luckily they found her before she dies. Firm to escape their ordinary rivals, she chooses to assist the travelers complete the oddest of their inherited customs: escorting the transhumance of the snow ostriches to the holy steppes where they can replicate.

Syberia III has been delayed into 2017:

The developers declared the point & click escapade Syberia 3 in 2012, they told that the game would be released in 2014 or 2015. It finally turn out to be 1 December, 2016 but now the studio said that it would release somewhere in 2017.

The developers said that following the extraordinary excitement they have witnessed for this long awaited video game, they decided to add more detail to Kate’s fresh exploit. They need more time to give fans much better escapade they are expecting from the upcoming sequel. Apart from that, fans are anxiously waiting to see Kate in action in this new adventure.

The developers said they are themselves very disappointed as the game release date is delayed because they want to end their work on time and they want to release the game as soon as the tale is written, but the delay in the release date will make sure that the game is up to the expectations of the long awaited fans.

They have also included further cinematics to this fresh fiction, more elective story series as well as fresh languages which shows extensive effort for team.

Syberia III is set to release in early 2017. Syberia III is available for pre-order, for $39.99 on Steam. The game will be fully dubbed in German, French, Polish and Russian with subtitles in many languages.

Buy Syberia III:  

Fans can pre-order Syberia III on Steam for $39.99. Syberia III is set to launch in 2017.

Buy Syberia III PC: $39.99

Syberia III Specifications:

Syberia III will be released for PS4, Xbox One, PC Windows, OS X, Android and iOS in early 2017. Syberia III specifications including developer, publisher, genre, platform and release date are shown below:

Developer: Microïds

Publisher: Microïds

Series: Syberia

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC Windows, OS X, Android and iOS

Release date: Early 2017

Genre: Adventure

Mode: Single player

Syberia III Walkthrough:

We have posted Syberia III E3 2016 gameplay movie for gamers who want to watch the upcoming Syberia III walkthrough You can pre-order Syberia III from Steam. 

Syberia III Walkthrough

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