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Gamescover is an information website that guides you about video game world. You can read games reviews, news, and updates. We have added quality of games that are fun to play. Our website also includes free to play games that everyone loves. Such games are completely free but may contain advertisement and microtransactions (such as cosmetic items, outfits etc that do not affect gameplay).

We have large collection of games so we have added them in categories for easy navigation. We highly appreciate if fans put a comment on our posts. We try our best to respond to those comments as soon as possible.

If you are a serious gamer, then you might find something of your interest here. Our site contains reviews, news, video games quiz, and comparison of video games. We have interviewed professional video game developers / publishers and shared their stories and experiences with fans.

Accessories can affect performance of video games and we have added accessories of few latest games.

To update fans about the gaming world, GamesCover offers video games news and a widget is available on the homepage which shows a list of latest news and a link to show all news.

GamesCover provides information about a big collection of accessories suitable for video games such as gaming desks, chairs, compatible monitors, mice, keyboards, headsets, controllers, and more such stuff to entertain gamers.

Our business is games and engineering, and our visitors are gamers and engineers; and the site has significant and qualified global audience. We will keep working hard in building long term relationship with our readers and advertisers.
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