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F1 2016 review & features

F1 2016 review & features

F1 2016 Review:

F1 2016 review begins with the sixty seventh season of the Formula One World Championship, which is a car racing championship for Formula 1 motors. F1 2016 is a racing video game created and published by Codemasters. F1 2016 is released for PS4, PC and Xbox One on 19 August, 2016. The game will also release for iOS, Android and tvOS in the future.
F1 2016 Review
F1 2016 Review

Be prepared players to go deeper into the earth of the most impressive vehicle sport than ever before. F1 2016 attributes the complete 2016 season calendar of twenty one tracks and the complete list of twenty two racers and eleven squads. F1 2016 submerges you into the thrill of Formula One career and offers the iconic Safety Car and also the Virtual Safety that is introduced for the 1st time. The game also features theater and car expansion that goes at the back of the picture. The player will job with his manager, he will develop his motor vehicle with his engineer and he will team up in the bottomless career experience. 

F1 2016 features:

The developers announced that gamers will be able to experience an improved career mode that will let them play 10 complete seasons rather than 5 seasons in earlier video games. F1 2016 includes complete 2016 season calender of 21 circuits, 11 squads and 21 racers opposing in the contest. Gamers can select the race time, modify helmet and select a race no. for career mode. The safety car will be back and technicalities connected to safety car have been modified in this game. F1 2016 will also witness Virtual Safety Car, manual begin, manual pit lane entry and the beginning of formation lap for the first time in this game. F1 2016 study and expansion feature will be improved to let racers a much better control over the vehicle performance. The network lobbies will be extended to include 22 car grids.

More features:

More features of Formula One 2016 include:

1. Build your own tale and go bottomless into the earth of Formula One with the career mode that include ten seasons for the first time, earlier games include only five seasons.

2. The addition of the safety car and virtual safety car adds to the on road interest that offers full F1 experience ever.

3. The game allows you to build car with your engineer and work under manager that will lead you to brilliance

4. F1 2016 lets you master every track with track acclimatization tests, you can now check your wheels and lead your racing tactic to excellence

5. You can now modify the visuals of vehicle experience
F1 2016 features
F1 2016 features

6. The player can warm car wheels to a best possible temperature that will enhance your race begin with the formation lap

7. Reduce the time gone when pitting with the manual pit lane entrance. The player should notice that he brakes in tine to keep away from punishment for speeding in the pit lane

8. F1 2016 lets you offer multiplayer support for upto 22 racers who can form a complete network of players across the twenty one tracks 

9. F1 2016 gives you multiplayer contest that lets up to twenty two racers to race against each other over the path of a season

10. The pit lane at each track is separated into 2 lanes. The nearest lane to the pit is called the fast lane whilst the nearest lane to the garage is known as the inner lane. For protection basis there is a pit lane velocity limit of 80 km/h at all Grands Prix, although this is frequently reduced at tracks. Any squad whose driver goes beyond the pit lane velocity limit through any practice session will be fined €100 for each km/h over the limit, up to a highest of €1000. Speeding in the pit lane during the race will incur a time or driver through fine

F1 2016 Price:

F1 2016 price is show below:

F1 PS4 Price: $46.67

F1 Xbox One Price: $41.43

F1 PC Price: $40.19

F1 2016 Specifications:

F1 2016 specifications are show below:

Developer: Codemasters Birmingham
Publisher: Codemasters
Series: Formula One
Platform: PS4, Xbox One and PC Windows, iOS, Android and tvOS
Release date: 19 August 2016
Genre: Racing 

F1 2016 Walkthrough:

Watch F1 2016 walkthrough. We have posted F1 2016 Career Mode Gameplay Walkthrough for Gamers who want to enjoy watching game movies.

F1 2016 Walkthrough