Find AC Odyssey review, tips for starters, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

We have added everything we know about AC Odyssey including its review, tips for starters, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

AC Odyssey Review:

AC Odyssey is praised for its main characters, its ancient Greek setting & its RPG systems.

Players can rise to become a famous Spartan hero. The world is in danger so players must stop the enemies who are tearing this world apart. Players can change this world with critical decisions made by them.

AC Odyssey allows players to explore much bigger world than AC Origins. There are also many fresh mechanics & systems in place to play with. Players can use dialogue options that help them to know the path leading to their destination.

Players can play AC Odyssey using two characters, Alexios is a man & Kassandra is a woman. Player can choose any character b/w them, their story plays out similarly.

Players can choose to play as Kassandra or Alexios. Based upon their choice, their journey can make their character a legendary Greek hero. Players can take part in stunning open world naval battles, come across historical figures & encounter mythical beasts. The dialogue options are also available.

Tips for Starters:

If you have played AC Origins or you are a new player, many fresh features & mechanics may puzzle you.

1. Exploration mode:

Players can use exploration mode which is a new feature that helps them in navigation. It helps players to search the world to reveal targets & quest objectives, & it helps them to concentrate on observation & investigation skills.

2. Side quests:

AC Odyssey offers too many side quests. Some side quests are linked to the main story. With so many choices, players can be wondering which side quest they want to complete. There are 2 types of side quests in AC Odyssey.

The first type of side quests can be found on the map with gold & black diamonds. These are the main side quests & we should complete them first.

The second type of side quests are much smaller, which can be a simple task. Players can see the quests on the map with white & black diamond markers or at Message / Bounty Boards. Some side quests are challenging, for example defending a philosopher, while others only let players walk a few miles & talk to a non-playable character to complete it.

3. Weapons, armor & upgrades:

Weapons & armor can customize character’s look. Players can get fresh gear using multiple ways. When they want to complete side quests, they can also check quest menu in order to know what reward players can get. Players can also receive new loot through mercenaries. They need to see the mercenaries’ menu to find out a description of the loot each has, & then they have to track the mercenary in order to get the loot.

Players can upgrade their armor at a blacksmith, which provides more defense against enemy attack. They can also add more protection to their gear with engravings. Engravings are special upgrades for weapons & armor, which offer players bonuses for example more damage against various rival types or boosts to special skills.

The best method to get engravings are from the puzzle tablets that contains riddles on them like predecessor. If players follow the clues to the treasure, they get a fresh engraving. Players can upgrade engravings by finishing an associated goal or challenge. They can also swap engravings but they must pay a small fee for that.

4. Dismantle or sell player’s goods:

If players find too many items including weapons & armor, then they must dismantle those items to get resources. They can also find venders who can give money in exchange.

Players can pick up items which are not useful so they need to sell them to earn cash. There is an option in the Sell menu known as “Sell All Trade Good” which can be used to offload these items.

5. Equip Abilities:

AC Odyssey introduced a new feature which lets players get & swap abilities. 

6. Find resources & materials:

Players need to gather materials & resources which play a bigger role in this game. They can use them to improve their equipment & ship. They can break down items which are not useful in order to get materials. The second option is to sell item to merchants but resources have more value in AC Odyssey than money, which players can collect in other ways. They can get some common resources for example iron in caves & wood in forests but if players are interested in buying more, then they can purchase them from merchants.

AC Odyssey Story:

AC Odyssey is set in 431 BC. It is set in time during the Peloponnesian War b/w Athens & Sparta. Socrates is players’ friend, & can assign side missions to players.

Players can play this game as the descendant of Leonidas & after disobeying a prophecy of the Delphi oracle, playable character is a shame for their family & they are thrown off a mountain but luckily they are alive. The story picks up after seventeen years.

AC Odyssey Gameplay:

AC Odyssey is a complete RPG because the story is based on the choices players make. Conversations have a larger impact on the overall game story.

Players need armor to save themselves from enemies’ attack. 

Players can unlock new skills & they can upgrade skills for more effect. Lightning their blade on fire can set fire on rivals or players can upgrade their leap of faith so that they can land & stun rivals in certain radius. They are allowed to use just their 4 melee abilities & 4 stealth abilities at a time.

Players can boot soldiers off of cliffs using Spartan Kick or knock them back in a duel. They can perform a quick stealth elimination which lets them throw their spear at enemy.

AC Odyssey Map:

The world of AC Odyssey is composed of islands & a huge landmass which is quite different from AC Origins which was set in desert settlements.

Once again players can experience naval battle in AC Odyssey. They can use ships to explore sea & visit many islands in Greece. Players can also battle in sea & their crews can help them load cannon balls & operate cannons or they can fight rivals using swords when players board another ship. Players can hire crews & customize their ship.

AC Odyssey Features:

Players can start their adventure from outcast to become a famous Spartan hero.

They can discover an entire country full of unpredictable encounters in untamed settings & busy ancient cities.

Their decisions can shape the world around them. Players can play this game in a living world which changes with their choices.

Players can join an epic battle b/w Sparta & Athens in fights pitting 150 v 150 units against each other.

Players can hire crew members & customize their ship as they can travel from one island to another or they can fight against rival’s ships.

AC Odyssey Specifications:

  • Developer: Ubisoft Quebec
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platforms: PC Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & Google Stadia
  • Release Date: 19 November 2019
  • Genre: Action role-playing, stealth
  • Mode: Single-player


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