Find Black Desert Mobile & Black Desert Online review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

We have added everything we know about Black Desert Mobile & Black Desert Online including its review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

Black Desert Mobile Review:

Black Desert Mobile is a special version of Black Desert Online designed only for mobile devices. The developers had tried to remake as many features of the base game as possible. The developers had made sure the mobile version of the game is very close to the original game.

Black Desert Mobile Review

The story of Black Desert Mobile is very similar to the base game. Black Desert Mobile takes place in a fantasy world torn by a battle. 2 factions are fighting against each other & the winner will collect magic artifacts that can greatly enhance the power of weapon or armor.

Black Desert Mobile is playable from isometric view. During this game you can control the heroes you make (there is an advanced editor which allows you to choose gender, appearance & character class). Black Desert Mobile gameplay focuses on discovery of a massive, open world & you can either walk, or use a mount or a boat to traverse the game world, finish missions received from NPCs & battle against adversaries. The fights of this game are action based (players’ reflexes & combos will play a vital role) & during fights, you can use melee & ranged weapons along with defensive & attacking spells.

As you progress through the gameplay, your hero receives experience points & reaches new levels. This enhances the battle potential of the hero, allowing players to face stronger rivals, including bosses. Beating a boss needs team work. You can join one of the guilds & contribute in faction fights. Also you can fish, cook or mix potions.

Black Desert Online Review:

Black Desert Online is an open world sandbox action MMORPG. The game allows deep character customization. You can fight against rivals. Also engage in other activities such as crafting, trading, farming, fishing & even cooking.  

The game features global weather & climate including large scale events such as storms. The temporary fog can reduce character's visibility but you can use it to your advantage such as launching surprise attacks on enemies.

Black Desert Online has a day & night cycle. At night several NPC’s cannot be accessible as they go back to their homes while there are more creatures that you can face during night.

Players can now experience eye catching graphics, skill based battle & deep story hidden in an open world just waiting to be discovered. Accompanied by a Black Spirit, players have to discover the secret of the Black Stone & its past.

Black Desert Online Story:

Black Desert Online is set in a fantasy landscape & is centered on the conflict b/w two rival kingdoms, the Republic Calpheon & the Kingdom of Valencia.

Black Desert Online Gameplay:

The combat in Black Desert Online is action based. Perform combos for attacking, dodging or blocking. Players can also engage in trading, fishing, farming as well as player versus player battles.

Combat is action based & requires manual aiming in this 3rd person shooter game. Abilities can be activated through use of combo hits and you can hit your foes with chain of hits to inflict serious damage on them. The game offers limited healing abilities that let gamers to rely on dodging enemy hits or defending as well as using some available healing potions. The game can be played with a mouse & keyboard for direction-finding & battle.

  • Black Desert Online has a dynamic weather system including fog & even typhoons. You can use weather to your advantage such as launching surprise attacks on rivals.
  • A day/night cycle. During night some NPCs can return home.  
  • You can furnish your house by purchasing furniture or through crafting.
  • Black Desert Online has a good combat system which allows manual aiming, you can dodge enemy or perform combos.
  • Players can also start mounted combat.
  • The game features a parkour system like you have observed in Prince of Persia or similar games that allows gamers to climb, discover, & interact with surroundings & obstacles.
  • It features Robust Character Creation Tools that allows you to build the hero that you want to play as. You can customize your character & create your dream model.
  • Seamless movement throughout the game world with no loading waits during gameplay other than entering moments.
  • The game features an active battle system which needs you to aim manually, avoid rival hits & perform chain of attacks on your foes.
  • The game contains anything from tents to forts & everything in b/w. You can furnish & equip your house & you can also hire NPCs as traders.
  • Add Mounts through taming, & you can breed new & original kinds. Mounts also need regular care, home & you have to save them in battle.

Black Desert Mobile Specifications:

  • Developer: Pearl Abyss
  • Publisher: Daum
  • Game Mode: MMO
  • Release Date: 11 December 2019
  • Platforms: iOS & Android


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