Comparison of Undead's Building vs Resident Evil 8 Village:

Have you ever wished to live in a building filled with undead & where the zombies roam in the hallway? If you answer with No, then you are right because this game has very creepy zombies that are always hungry. However, Undead’s Building is a fun game & it is released on Nintendo Switch on 28 March 2019 so that you can enjoy the horror game anywhere.

Comparison Undead's Building vs Resident Evil 8 Village
Comparison Undead's Building vs Resident Evil 8 Village
Image Credit: Double Drive

Undead's Building Gameplay:

You can use security monitors to examine each floor of the apartment & then move b/w floors as quickly as possible to help the people & take them out before they are eaten by zombies so do not waste any time.

You need to make difficult choices because you can leave one survivor & reach another floor where three survivors need your help or rescue all of them, the decision is yours. The game will require quick thinking & quick controls to rescue as many survivors as possible.

Control a passenger lift in an undead infested apartment. If you want to take out the people alive then you must choose how many people to carry each time. If you fail to prioritize certain people, then they will become undead’s food by the time you go back to save them.

Key Features of Undead's Building:

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: Available
  • No. of Players: 1 player
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Publisher: Double Drive
  • Developer: DOUBLE DRIVE

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