Relicta top features, VR, improvements and internet  co-op online multiplayer:

Relicta is a puzzle-solving game based on science fiction. The game is designed by ‘Spanish development studio 'Mighty Polygon', & 'Ravenscourt' & 'Koch Media' are the worthy publishers.

Since the company’s launch in 2015, the Mighty Polygon have never stepped back from developing original games including titles that have strong stories & incredible mechanics. Now they have a new game in the line-up & no doubt it’s amazing. Before release of Relicta, we have a glimpse at game trailer which confirms that the latest game from Mighty Polygon is the one making a difference in the puzzle genre.

With the help of Koch Media, the creators are going higher with their latest puzzle game that launches in August on Stadia, PC, PS4 & Xbox One. The company is launching one of the first Spanish titles on Stadia. They are looking forward to making a big leap in puzzle genre.

The game is playable from first person perspective & the objective is to solve puzzles that are physics based. Relicta will put you in the shoes of a scientist & therefore the game mixes science with creativity like defying the physics based laws, using magnetism, polarity & gravity to reveal the coverts of research facility established on the moon. The game testifies your scientific abilities, as such skills are needed for the survival of your daughter. The Spanish company is popular for creating powerful stories & Relicta narrates many tales, with every step you will face a new dare. The game will let you discover your way around the mysterious, terraformed craters & discover diverse sites & ecosystems. Choose your pace of advancing in the game. There are many hints & challenging puzzles that may slow down your progress though.

Relicta Review
Relicta Review
(Image Credit: Mighty Polygon)

The protagonist scientist is alone on the Moon. She seems confident that her command over physics can save the life of her daughter.

The lady scientist has tough tasks ahead. She is deserted on the Moon and desperately trying to find her way out of the dismal situations. She is prepared to confront the eventual consequences of her research.

It is a first-person puzzle-game based on the scientific principles of ‘magnetism and gravity’.

The player has ‘special gloves’ empowering it to alter the ‘magnetic and gravitational’ values of ‘experimental-cubes’.

The player can move these cubes using the power of ‘magnetic gravity’ or teleport using mental powers.

The ‘cubes’ have potential to perform certain functions. After moving to the next stage, the player can come across other devices including ‘magnetic plates’, ‘elevators’ or ‘drones’ which can invalidate ‘magnetic and gravitational’ fields as well as committing theft of ‘cubes’.

Relicta top features, VR, improvements and internet multiplayer
Relicta top features, VR, improvements and internet multiplayer
(Image Credit: Mighty Polygon)

The player is advised to watch the demo to prepare for the eventual challenge.

The year is 2120.

The protagonist, Dr. Patel is expert in sciences. She was researching the gravitational abnormalities on the Moon when came across something very strange.

The scientist is confined on the Moon. Fortunately, she has her genius and the wonderful gloves. She is determined to unearth the mysteries surrounding the abnormalities noticed on the ‘Earth satellite named Relicta’.

The player is leading a scientific mission on the ‘Chandra Base’ which has witnessed tempestuous history.

Relicta Story:

It is the year 2120 when actions of Relicta took place on the surface of the Moon, ‘Chandra space base’ which was later discontinued after the disturbing battle.

Relicta Story
Relicta Story
(Image Credit: Mighty Polygon)

The prominent protagonist of the game is an experienced scientist named ‘Patel’. She is investigating the causes of abnormality noticed on the ‘Earth satellite named Relicta. According to the plot, the life of the protagonist’s daughter is in danger.

Relicta Gameplay:

It is a puzzle-solving game experienced from ‘first person perspective’ (FPP). The player must travel and solve puzzles using physics – ‘gravity and magnetic fields’.

Relicta Gameplay
(Image Credit: Mighty Polygon)

Game Modes:

The game can be played alone. It is a first-person physics-based puzzle - game in which the player must unite ‘magnetism and gravity’ to resolve the hidden mysteries regarding ‘Chandra Base’.

Why should I play Relicta?     

Relicta is one of the best first-person physics-based puzzle video game. The concepts in the video game are very creative. As a gamer, you need to combine magnetism and gravity in order to unravel the mysteries of Chandra Base. Not only the gameplay is fascinating but also the story is very lively. As a gamer, you have to deal with complex mechanics of altering the gravity and magnetism. Deal with difficult physic based puzzles by combining your skills in creative ways to crack challenges. The gameplay elements are elaborative, & there are also detailed environments in which each surrounding unlocks a story filled with challenges. What I really loved about the video game is its deep background story in which a gamer has to search for clues and has to piece together those clues to get the complete details in the Relicta's anomaly investigation. In simple words, it is a game of its kind in which a detailed story is told brilliantly along with deep gameplay settings. The video game also has a unique soundtrack that get you a feeling of a sci-fi psychological thriller. Therefore, there are many reasons why a gamer should play this game.

Relica Trailer:

Watch Relicta reveal trailer.

Relicta Trailer

Relicta Key Features:

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
  • Developer: Mighty Polygon
  • Publisher: Ravenscourt
  • Release Date: 4 August, 2020
  • Platforms: Google Stadia, PS4, Xbox One & PC Windows


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