Find One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows & Road to Hero review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

We have added everything we know about One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows & Road to Hero including its review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Review:

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is a 3D arena fighting video game which lets you make a squad of 3 fighters & fight against another squad of 3. The main hero Saitama is invincible to everybody & he is very powerful & he can beat enemy with only one punch. But whenever you choose him, he arrives late in battle, so he is never there for the first part of the battle, so you must endure with a 2 fighters squad until he arrives. There are certain moves that can reduce the time required until Saitama arrives. If 2 Saitamas face each other, they can hurt each other, but they will not flinch. When you beat Saitama in fight which is only possible if he is fighting against another Saitama, then he escapes to do something else instead of falling down.

One Punch Man: Road To Hero Review:

The creatures are growing & it is your chance to show some action against the deadliest monsters. It is up to you to protect the city. The game offers exciting battle. You will meet many characters & creatures in this game. It is time to build a squad of your favorite heroes.

One Punch Man: Road To Hero allows you to combine superpowers, with machines & weapons to make powerful fighting combo.

The maps of the game are based on story, which allow you to move b/w cities, battle creatures & become powerful.

Enjoy epic battles with favorite characters. Create a team & hire favorite heroes, challenge the strongest creatures, power up your squad with boosts, & enjoy the fabulous gameplay.

You will control a very powerful character who can defeat monstrous rivals with only a single blow & he is called One Punch Man.

One Punch Man: Road To Hero Story:

In the planet of creatures & strongest aliens, nothing is certain. Discover the planet of never ending possibility by controlling Saitama & his allies. Make super teams of powerful characters. Use unique & beneficial abilities to aid characters in winning their matches. Experience the fight against a larger community by playing online.

One Punch Man: Road To Hero Story

One Punch Man: Road To Hero Gameplay:

Begin a new journey in this game & you can engage in stunning events. The enemies have varied difficulty levels.

As you move through Saitama’s journey, you can also join other favorite heroes. Your squad can include your favorite heroes & villains from the series. This time you can recruit monsters in your team. Every character has its own powers & skills, which can let you make varied squad compositions. Hence you can unlock different approaches to the matches.

The combats in the game can be amazingly performed with exciting skills. New powers can be gained along with machines & weapons which will make your heroes stronger.

There are many amazing game modes. Using the campaign modes, you will be able to build your character & train them. Also you can join multiplayer mode.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Specifications:

  • Developer: Spike Chunsoft
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Platforms: PC Windows, PS4 & Xbox One
  • Release Date: Available
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Modes: Single-player, & Multiplayer

One Punch Man: Road To Hero Specifications:

  • Developer: Oasis Games
  • Publisher: Oasis Games
  • Release Date: Available
  • Platforms: iPhone & Android
  • Genre: RPG


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